Stories of boy-to-girl feminization

Stories of boy-to-girl feminization

Marie, that’s the girl I was seeing at the time. A beautiful brunette with medium hair. Typical Mediterranean. A beautiful small chest, a wasp waist and a dream ass, bulging, round, but ultra firm. Marie, this is a girl who loves to fuck, morning, noon, evening. Without taboos, she likes to suck Deep Throat, it makes her wet a max. She likes to get spanked, it makes her wet too. But what I like about Marie is her penchant for fisting, vaginal only, and especially for her love of sodomy. Not a fuck without a visit through the small door. A small door all smooth, beautifully dewy like her beautiful pussy. With Mary, sodomy, it can be done without preparation if she is well fucked before, by mouth and pussy. And if we go along with it with a good slap on the ass, Mr. asshole opens himself up.
On the phone, I ask her to get ready to go out, sexy, and that she will get fucked like a whore.
My plan is to take Marie to Katie, the 24-centimetre trans. Everything was agreed with the Anaconda. The date, the rates and especially the session: Marie has to take it so much in the ass that she can no longer walk. That makes Katie laugh.
Marie knows my penchant for trans. A penchant she accepts with a little pain. How does her guy who loves to blow her holes so much also like to get ass fucked and sucked??
My beautiful companion does not know anything about what will happen this Saturday at the end of the day. I’m taking him to Katie’s neighborhood. She is in black skirt, white shirt, very beautiful stockings. I dare to imagine suspenders and a thong that will make her well in the line.
We get in front of the trans building, I ring, the door opens. Katie’s here. Still so imposing and sexy. Sex and manhood emanates from her voluptuous body.
Mary is all.. lost … she looks at me interrogating. I agree: yes, she’s a trans I date.

Katie wears a floral dress, her gigantic chest and beautiful ass are molded to perfection. One can almost guess his beautiful tail under the end fabrics.

The curtains are open, the atmosphere is much more “light” than usual.

I push Mary to meet Katie, when she faces the trans, I Press her shoulders, I want to put her at the stake, so that she can enjoy, observe, scrutinize what she will have to cash in.

“lift the dress” orders Katie
she obeys, nose-to-nose with the beast still covered in a thong, Marie seems hypnotized.
“Look What You’re going to take in your holes,” I slip into my beautiful ear.
My pretty partner spreads the thong and it’s a giant cock coming out of it. Marie sniffs that powerful cock like she loves to do with mine. Katie’s tail is at least as long as my sweetheart’s face.
« taste »
She obeys, licks, blows, Marie does not dare yet swallow the monster half hard.
“don’t be shy, you little bitch »
Marie loves being talked to crudely, so she wakes up and tries to suck the monster. My tail is a little less than 20 cm and Marie swallows it without any worries now. But there’s something else, longer, wider, she can’t get her way down my whore’s throat.
We decide to go to bed. I take off my Mary, I take off my clothes, and Katie does the same. We’re naked, it’s beautiful. Marie with her gorgeous pear ass, me with my erect cock and Katie with her shells and endless hose.
Marie gets on all fours on the bed, cambre like a huge whore. She wants to suck and get fucked. Fuck what she’s gonna take with Katie and me. For me, it is 100% active for this meeting, I will fuck as many holes as I can. I’d love to take revenge on Katie’s anus.
We stretch our cocks in front of Marie’s mouth, she sucks in turn, swallowing my cock without worries, struggling a little with the anaconda. I go behind my sweetheart, push her little drag mouth to meet Katie.
“suck it now, take it all down your little whore throat »
And I start slapping him in the ass.
“I told you you’d be taken apart, Marie »
The slut’s buttocks blush, I dip my nose and tongue in her sublime rondelle, slightly dilated by so many anal bangs. Pinkish, supple, deliciously fragrant.
My crazy tongue plunges into my beautiful ass, she moans and swallows Katie’s cock. Assfucked by a tongue, throat banged by a monstrous cock, I feel Marie let go of her pussy juice. It is not a fountain in its own right but it is very wet. A sweet, full-bodied wet. A real treat. When the valves are open, Marie loves to jerk the G-spot with two fingers, very hard. I masturbate her by slamming her ass. There she begins to cum, loudly, even with the mouth clogged by Katie’s tail.
I can’t take it anymore, I gotta fuck Mary. I point my tail on the ring and push gently, it fits all by itself, to the balls. When it gets to the bottom, Marie moans with pleasure. I begin a gentle movement of V-and-vients.
“I will prepare you before the destruction you will pick up »
During this beautiful assfuck, Katie pushes his cock as much as possible into the mouth of sweetheart. Make-up flows, so does saliva. The sound of the cock ramming my throat makes me hard to burst my cock.
Sandwiched like this, Marie loses her head, she cums, screams, contracts her puck. My cock is divinely crushed by the bowels of the moaning bitch.
I go louder and louder, my tail deculses then quibbles, the anal wet flows afloat, the sounds of ejection of liquid and air are divinely perverse.
“Let go my darling, push, Make Way for Katie’s cock »
Marie has no worries with anal dilation, nor with creampie, she loves to get my cum out after a good sodomy. It was necessary to convince her, however, not easy to ask a partner to push your juice out of her ass. But since this discovery, it is madame who takes a wicked pleasure to eject the seed. And sometimes collect it to enjoy it.
But back to our session with the sublime trans.
Katie wants to fuck Mary, that’s clear. She sits on the bed and invites my companion to sit on the cock. Marie swallows the cock with her beautiful shaved pussy for the occasion. Surprisingly, it passes by itself, in any case the first 20 centimeters. The rest is a little stuck. But with small jumps, everything ended up in the pussy. It’s divine to look at, this little pink vulva burst by an ultra powerful sex. Marie bends over Katie, butt tight.
“Shall we try the double, honey? »
I’m standing behind my beautiful.
In general, Marie loves double, with plug for her ass when I take her pussy or with a dildo when I smash her ass. So it should pass by itself.
The Acorn points at the pellet and I push my cock into its pretty narrow hole. Dilated, open and wet, its cavern swallows the centimeters without any worries. Katie’s giant cock almost blocks the way of my cock. Mary seems embarrassed by so much meat in the holes. We decide to stop the double. But I want to see Katie bang my little sweetheart’s ass. Marie gets on her back, big cushion under her ass. Katie sprinkles the gel rosette and gently, very gently puts on his cock. Mary holds her breath and it is the entire length of the Anaconda that she takes in the anus. WONDERFUL. Its so beautiful little pink hole is spread out, spread out by the dark mandrel. It’s beautiful, sublime contrast. The wrecker starts slow and extremely deep movements. Mary’s eyes are wide. It’s 24 centimeters that drain his bowel. My anal bitch, always OK to give her hole, is in another world. The dick moves forward, recedes, tirelessly. Mary takes the sodomy of her life. She does not enjoy loudly, she focuses on animal, bestial pleasure. The legs rise gently, and Katie can go harder. The anus is stoned, the gel flows from the duct. I’m gonna kiss my sweetheart, rub her tits. You have to give her some sweetness because her asshole gets expensive. It stinks, it stumbles, it hits the bottom of the ass.
I ask Katie to show me the puck of my beautiful: burst, reddened, spread, slimy. His ass is a cave.
“how do you like to see your beautiful ass so much wrecked? »
“oh yes! »
“you want the same? »
“not today! »
In fact, I’m dying for it, the memories of our sessions come back to me…. MMMHHHH…
Pass me Marie’s ass, I’ll squirt!