Feminization of the history guy

Feminization of the history guy

A few days ago I received a comment followed by an email from a reader who has just finished my story “my first orgy, the possibilities increase”. She tells me that she loves all my stories and that she would like us to meet. I reply with pleasure even though I know that HDS does not deviate from the rule, very often I get messages from people who would like to meet but between distance and true motivation I have managed to see only a few of you.

There follows a small series of messages in which I learn that her name is Cathy, she has a small ten years less than me, a beautiful 95d (she even sends me the proof in image), she has beautiful and long legs (for this too I get a photo) but especially that she lives 15 minutes walk from my home.

Then one day I get an email from him who tells me:
“Hello My Roman, I just read” my secretary, the old girl ” again I did not manage to hold back my caresses. I would very much like you to come and read me your next story while I take care, with my lips, of your sex that I imagine very appetizing.
I hope to see you very, very soon.
Cathy »
Of course I feel my sex that begins to stretch in my boxer and even more so when I open the photo that accompanies it and I discover in close-up of fleshy lips tinged with bright red but attenuated by several white traces of sperm.

If you have read many of my stories, you know me well enough to know that I never refuse such a proposal. So I answer him that I already have 3 stories written and I look forward to reading them face to face (well not quite). I also send him a photo of my stiff cock following reading his email and the view of his steamy photo then another while I cum. Too eager to make my first “public” reading of one of my stories, I check my messages almost every hour.

The same evening I still did not get answers, I tell myself that I again came across a tease and nothing else so I calm down on my own. Even though I no longer have so much hope of meeting her every time I check my emails I positive but nothing. It is only a week after I see Cathy’s email address appear in my messages and in addition I see the paper clip indicating the presence of a photo. This is the first message I open.

I was expecting a long speech about his silence or something but it’s quite the opposite. There is only written:
“I hope you understood….
Cathy »
I hurry to open the photo to try to understand and I see a blonde standing completely naked, without any hair, with the same chest as the one I have already received but between the legs she has a man’s sex.

As my stories prove I have already had a lot of sexual experiences with women, men, transvestites but never with a ladyboy. I zoom in on the photo I recognize Cathy’s breasts and her luscious mouth then I make a close up on her sex, she has balls rather small and raised and a sex of a few centimeters with a long foreskin. I do not dare to answer her that I thought she was a “real” woman and now I understand her long silence better, but this situation excites me so much that I simply answer her:
“No, but I can’t wait to meet you! »

Our exchanges of messages and photos resume more beautiful and we plan to see each other on the first Monday of my holiday at the end of the day since she will have already resumed work. I look at all her pictures very carefully and now that I know I notice that her face and body have masculine forms but if I hadn’t seen her cock I would never have believed she doesn’t have a pussy.

Finally arrives on Monday, I have a bottle of champagne fresh since the day before and at 19: 30 I take the road to Cathy’s house with the bubbles in one hand and a rose in the other. When I ring her door, I have a little apprehension but when the door opens I find myself nose to nose with a large (she is a little taller than me with her heels) blonde with hazel eyes, beautiful red lips in a long red dress split on the left side up to mid thigh and a very plunging neckline on her 95D that immediately makes my rod react.

We kiss and she makes me come home, I give her the flower and the bottle and we go to her living room where a small aperitif awaits us. She puts the champagne on the coffee table and goes to put the flower in a vase, she comes back with 2 flutes. While we drink, we discuss each of our lives a little I learn that she runs her own clothing store (I have passed hundreds of times in front of her store without even imagining that she was reading my stories let alone that the saleswoman is transgender).

Once the alcohol starts to take effect, she dares to ask me if I have lived all the stories I publish. I tell her yes apart from those of Albert and Michel, as she is curious I explain that they contacted me by email after reading my stories and told me their lives so that I put them in writing so that they share them with the readers of HDS. She doesn’t seem to believe me.

As I am very excited by the situation and even from the beginning of the afternoon I grab my bag and pull out my computer telling him:
“You asked me to read one of my stories, do you want a particular style? »
She asks me if I really experienced “a strange client”, I tell her yes. She explains to me that this story has excited her very much and that reading it she imagined herself kneeling in front of me sucking and stroking. She wants to hear the one from my mouth I start reading as she comes to stick against me on the couch.

After a while I put the computer on the armrest and with my left hand I caress his thigh, first above the red fabric and then I pass my hand into the slit of his dress to caress directly his skin which is very soft. I go up slowly and more and more because I am very curious about her panties and get that she hides. Cathy sticks a little closer to me and caresses my back as I continue reading taking all my time to make the pleasure last.

When my hand finally lands on his crotch I am very surprised not to feel a bump, even if his cock is not huge I should feel it! I go a little more in the exploration having more and more trouble reading my own words especially since she caresses me the bump that does not stop swelling in my pants. Cathy grabs my face, turns it to me and sticks her lips to mine, her tongue forces the passage and comes dancing with mine.

After a few minutes of this beautiful torrid shovel, she puts my computer on the coffee table in front of us and once standing in front of me she lifts the bottom of her red dress up to mid-thigh(I try but can’t see her panties). She spreads her legs that she places around mine and comes to sit on me, she places her imposing chest against mine and kisses me once again to the full mouth.

I put my hands on his back as I travel through the fabric, while our lips are still welded and then I gently lower them to his buttocks and thighs until my hands are against his skin. Cathy sticks even more to me, I feel her tits crashing against me as my hands go up her bare ass (she wears a thong) and caresses her buttocks a little too flat for my taste.

Our mouths peel off but his lips remain on my skin and beard, they go down my neck while his hands open one by one the buttons of my shirt. Cathy passes her hands through the hair of my torso and caresses the skin of the tips of my nails, it electrifies me. She titillates my nipples, pulls them and clamps them as her face is now at the level of my crotch and rubs against my fly which is ready to explode.

His fingers give up my chest but I grab his wrist to put them back on me and I quickly open my pants. Without letting go of my nipples she gets up from my legs so that I take off my jeans but I keep my boxer and I spread the thighs so that she kneels in front of me. Her fingers and fingernails keep pinching me as she passes her lips and tongue over the bump of my underwear.

She excites me so much with her hands and mouth that my glans protrude, as soon as Cathy notices it she starts licking me and tries to get down my boxer with her teeth although I hold her fingers against my torso. I let her do it and once my underwear is stuck under my balls, she lays her tongue on the base of my cock and gently lifts it up insisting on my veins. She stops for a moment on my brake that she also titillates with her lips before reaching the level of my glans.

When Cathy holds my fungus in her mouth I hold it by the head to stop it. I make her get up with me to undress her and leave her only in black lace thong. Her crotch is flat as in all girls, I almost forget that she has a dick. I lie her down on the couch and lie down on her to lick her left breast then the right. I linger for a while on her nipples but she does seem to be very sensitive from this area so I descend along her flat stomach until I find myself nose to nose with her little triangle of black fabric.