Feminization of men history

Feminization of men history

Clara has just enjoyed, she feels the Tinder member always planted deep inside her throbbing, but at this moment she contemplates something else, she has another desire, that of feeling her lover in her ass, to know if she can welcome such a member, getting fucked by a monstrous machine of flesh, opportunity that may never be represented, so why not go to the end…
She then makes it clear to Tinder to retire, and even if it costs her a little to leave her pussy empty, she knows that in the following moments she will definitely live an unforgettable experience…
“Let Me Do It,” Clara said.
She gently takes the stake and applies the Acorn against her puck saying :

  • Here, go, take me this way !
    Clara firmly holds the stake whose cock is laid on her ring, she wants to get fucked by this big member, but all smoothly, she does not want to suffer, but just prove to herself that she is able to get fucked this device that is not for a woman stuck in the ass, she wants to be a slut, the Queen of the assholes.

Clara looks him in the eye to mount her acceptance and docility, but telling her just in a breath :

  • Take your time and be sweet…
    Given the size of the device that Clara is preparing to accept in her small pleated hole, she apprehends any desire of Tinder carried away by a drive that would make her sink in a dry blow and immediately give big blows of kidneys, she just wants to show him that tonight, she is his conquered female, ready for all her desires and that even her desires are stronger than her fears of having pain. Clara just wants to try…
    Clara, despite the excitement of the madness that she is about to undergo, tries to calm down and relax, but it is not counting on Tinder who, after grabbing her breasts, presses and twists the nipples sending electric discharges throughout the body of Clara, who squeals softly.

Clara still holds the Tinder member firmly with one hand, her fingers not joining around the gear make her realize the size of the stake, but it is already too late to shirk, Tinder begins to push and the intrusion begins….
First of all, the glans are so big, that Clara has the impression that he will never get into her anus… the dimensions are disproportionate between the glans of Tinder’s member and Clara’s tight anus, even if the passage is already made by the previous sodomy.
Clara, remembering her distant past, pushes on her sphincter to open up a little more and feels the warmth of the glans against her anal mucosa. Clara is so lubricated that the Acorn slides gently, slowly opening the door of Clara’s intimate garden, it slides into it slowly, making its way through this tight conduit, not so easily that but it progresses…
Finally the glans pass the sphincter, not without radiating small pains in the body of Clara who can not help but sigh by letting out a :

  • Ohhh !
    Astonishment or pain, Clara feels me expand more and more and notes that the stake of Tinder progresses in her intimate duct slowly finding as the only obstacle the narrowness of her intimacy.

She looks at him intensely, she is worried, she is afraid that he will hurt her…Tinder stops her progress and asks :

  • You okay ? I’m not hurting you too much ? Will you stop ?
  • No, no, Clara exclaims, go on, it’s just that you’re huge and I’m a little scared…
    “Jerk off your clit,” said Tinder, ” it will make you forget and give you pleasure !”
    Immediately, Clara’s right hand sits on and starts jerking him off, sending in her lower abdomen waves of pleasure that make her forget for a moment the stake she has in her ass.
    Clara feels her sphincter dilate a little more and invites Tinder with a blink of an eye to resume her long penetration…
    He begins to push, inexorably, but gently, watching at the same time Clara’s face to read a possible grimace of pain, she lets go, with the impression of being deliciously forced, almost raped but willing…

Clara gets impaled in a delight of supplications … the pain that twists her ass is more bearable than she could imagine, because taking such a stake she could never think of, beyond all her fantasies.
How can a small jig like her swallow a member this size ?
And it’s not over, she feels that there is still some left, and at this moment she can not help but say :

  • You’re huge !
    It is at this moment that with a stroke of kidneys he nails her like a vulgar butterfly…
    Clara, dry mouth exclaims :
  • Wow, shit, it’s big !
    Clara senses Diallo’s testicles in contact with her buttocks and concludes that he has fully entered her.
    She feels her monstrous presence deep inside her, she does not move and waits for the pleasure to manifest itself in her kidneys. At the mercy of her lover, she waits for his good will…

So Diallo engages, after they exchanged a steamy kiss, a slow retreat, and then almost out of Clara’s ass, he pushes his sex in one fell swoop deep in her ass.
He stays a few seconds deep in it and starts over and over again…
She moans.
He does not stop this sarabande making Clara rise, a stream of pleasure and when he accelerates the pace, the pleasure invaded Clara’s body, successive waves flow into her and finds herself caught in an orgasm of madness.
She screams as she bows under him to offer herself even more.
He comes in and out, comes out and in, she no longer knows, her consciousness is nothing but sensations and time has dissolved in the screams of pleasure, she no longer knows who she is, except that a woman who gets her ass stuffed by a monstrous member.
She always screams and distinguishes through the veil that embraces her eyes, her lover above her smiling at her, happy to possess her and waiting for her agreement to finally cum in her.

  • Come on ! Give me everything…
    After a few movements and he gets loose, she then feels his pleasure invading the bowels, deep inside her, in long jerks that do not end…
    Then he leans towards Clara, the member still stuck in her and starts kissing her from her big mouth that encompasses her lips, she gives him his kiss and at this moment they are only one…

Clara has a dry throat and struggles to regain her breath, marbling she says :
It was … Ohh … it was …
Yes … he says.
It was loud, very loud, I thought I was going to faint
You’re so tight. It’s so good a tight little ass.
Especially with a big black sex….
He slowly pulls out of his butt, leaving his little hole empty and sore, and then lies to his side.
Now out of possession of her anus by Tinder, Clara hears the screams pushed by Sonia near her, turning to the next layer, she discovers Sonia who, settled in califurchon on Diallo, ardently rides him. Her breasts dangle in front of the nose of it, the lovers give each other so intensely, that it feels like an impression of frenzy in this mating.

The small cries that grow Sonia, come from the fact that installed on Diallo she chooses at her will the hole that she wants to get caught. She alternates penetrations into her dripping pussy and her wide open anus that welcomes Diallo’s member without problem. It is when she descends plugged by the anus that Sonia pushes her little cries.
Clara also sees that a tube of gel lubricant lies on the bed and finds that Sonia’s anus has been copiously greased… Sonia gets Diallo’s stake completely inside her, hence her screams when she fucks Diallo.
Now, taking advantage that his member is in Sonia’s ass, takes her by the size of both of her hands and keeps her securely well screwed on him. Then he prints her a hell of a move making Sonia squeal even more. Then turning around without taking his gear out of Sonia’s ass, they find themselves in a doggy position, Diallo firmly holds Sonia by the hips to ensure her grip and copiously stuffs her anus with great blows of kidneys, making her scream of happiness under the penetrations.
It’s fascinating to see her friend fucked so, Sonia’s anus grabs Diallo’s member, she moans constantly, her breasts crushed on the bed and the head on the pillow that she bites moaning.
Diallo enjoys Sonia’s little ass, he keeps her ass wide to see his member get into Sonia’s ass while he assfuck her thoroughly.
The moans of Sonia are now getting louder and it is without a doubt towards an orgasm of anthology that she is heading, she bends as best she can to receive the assaults of her partner, she enjoys without restraint, ginning in a hoarse voice incomprehensible words. And it is a howl that escapes from her throat when Diallo after big shots of powerful kidneys, cums deep in the ass of Sonia, who Rales her face deformed by an intense orgasm and feeling her insides filled with the hot seed of her lover.

Then, while Sonia slowly recovers from Diallo’s sodomy, Tinder lies near her, the sex stiff, so Sonia without asking herself the slightest question passes over him to ride him too and immediately impales her pussy on the sex stiff and available.
She leans forward, thus releasing her butt, so Clara understands what Sonia is waiting for, double penetration is imminent…
Diallo positions himself above Sonia, while Tinder stuck deep in Sonia’s pussy waits without moving.