Sissy boy in diapers stories

Sissy boy in diapers stories

My Parisian getaways,

During my many professional trips to Paris, I never miss to go to see my friend.

Sabrina is a Cuban transsexual that I have known for several months.
With her, I can let go with confidence by living my fantasies.
I am one of his transvestite friends who help him to live financially in the capital.

Today I am preparing to spend the evening and the night with her.

It is with an ever-renewed happiness that I now devote two good hours to my transformation.

I undress to smear my body with my Veet depilatory cream.
A few minutes later, I rinse in the shower, tracking with my razor the last hairs on my tail and the line of my buttocks.
I can not resist the urge to caress sex to feel the soft, satin skin of my purses.

I then sit in front of my mirror applying with a consummate art mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation finishing with the laying of my false eyelashes and nail polish.
Facing the ice, I accurately adjust a mid-short wig that returns me the image of a credible girl.

Continuing my preparation, I slip into my new Wasp by placing my voluminous silicone breasts in my 105/D cups.
I always buy my lingerie on the English websites as I find gorgeous split panties, babydolls, satin Sissy dresses, exciting 50s open jumpsuits and sheath dresses as well as glamorous eight and ten tie garters that make me crack.

Knowing what awaits me with Sabrina, I shove my anal jewel in my butt to loosen my eyelet.
Its brass base decorated with a SIAM blue sapphire always produces a lot of effect in my partners.(see my photos on my blog)
I love wearing this Julian Snelling rosebud that measures 5 cm in diameter.
It stimulates my prostate by keeping my pussy open.
I choose to climb up on my hips a slotted panties so that my toy can move freely in my belly while walking.

I then hang very high on my thighs my Matterhorn stockings with six pairs of suspenders to highlight my long legs.
I also think about putting on my chastity cage to forbid myself any erection and stay more focused on my anal pleasure.

Thus harnessed, I can not resist taking suggestive poses in front of the ice feeling the desire to climb into the hollow of my kidneys.

I pull up my tailor’s skirt on my hips that stops well above the knee by tightening my pelvis.
My top is wiser, it is a cream-colored jacket that brings out the light brown color with red reflections of my hair.
My black stockings and pumps complete my outfit by refining my figure.

Sabrina’s apartment being close to my hotel, I decided to reach her on foot.
Outside, the night begins to fall.
After years of training, I walk without any problems with my stilettos.
Like women, I take small steps crossing my legs while moving fluidly without swinging my shoulders.

During the journey, I feel my rosebud Live which gives me pleasant sensations in the lower abdomen.
But, its weight of 500gr tends to get it out of my butt.

So I have to regularly contract my intimate muscles to make it rise in me and my pleasure increases every time he comes to squeeze my prostate.
The fear that he slips out of my open panties while falling on the sidewalk greatly increases my excitement.

While walking, I also like to feel the friction of the nylon on my thighs and hear the clocking sound of my heels on the asphalt.

I meet a lot of people on Boulevard Rivoli and some passers-by look at me insistently wondering about my marital status.
I try to make illusion by arching the kidneys to bring out my breasts while slightly accentuating the swing of my hips initiated by my pumps.
Arriving at Sabrina’s building, I take the elevator that leads me to the third floor where I ring her door.

She opens me up, dressed in a beautiful undressed ivory that highlights her tanned skin.
Her fine features and Liana body leave no doubt about her femininity.
Alone, her transparent lingerie betrays the presence of her ebony cock.
It is massive more imposing by its diameter than by its length.
Its thick glans extends from a stem that widens to its root.
The door barely closed, she grabbed me by the waist sticking me against her.
As her lips grab mine, I feel her hand knead my breasts, while she kneads my buttocks with the other.

During an exchange of looks, I make her understand that I want her.

Taking Me by the hand, she immediately leads me to her room.

A purple veil covers the windows but a dim light gives me a glimpse of a large circular bed that sits in the center of the room.

Without wasting a moment, Sabrina undresses me by lowering the zipper of my skirt that falls at my feet.
In a few seconds, all I have left is my Wasp, my stockings and my pumps.
I am standing with my arms crossed on my chest as she turns around me carefully fixing my chastity cage and my anal jewel.

She in turn takes off her undressed.
I find her very beautiful and sensual perched on her high heels with her long brown hair cascading down her shoulders.

Her body is strapped into a corset of an immaculate white.
The contrast of her splendid breasts and her massive cock that swings heavily to the rhythm of her steps ignites my senses.
But, my early erection is quickly neutralized by my cage.

She lays me down on her bed while spending a long time kissing me while slowly lifting her hand to the edge of my stockings.
Then, she hugs me by fiercely plucking her belly and breasts against my body while rubbing her nylon gaunt thighs against mine.
She takes advantage of it to remove my anal jewel from my butt.
“You deserve better, my beautiful,” she said, pulling out an impressive dildo that she hid under her pillow and placed on my stomach.
He has everything from a real penis except his oversized size.
By detailing it from every angle, I think to myself that it will never fit because it is really very, very big…
I am impressed by the thickness of this massive tail whose ribbed stem reaches 9 cm in diameter at its base.
I can’t help but fantasize by looking with desire and apprehension at this huge suction cup dildo.
It spreads on my belly from the root of my thighs to the height of my navel.
I touch his large protruding veins feeling my carnation become wet with desire.
After lubricating it, Sabrina slides it into the line of my butt while masturbating.
Then she sticks to me.

  • I’ll fuck you, baby! she says to my ear pressing it against my anus.
    Little by little, I feel him opening up to this monstrous stake.
    The pressure exerted by Sabrina erases the folds of my rosette that eventually gives way.
    I have tears in my eyes as this gigantic pal keeps me away from my flesh.

Then the pain and pleasure turn into a wave of beneficial heat that invades my stomach.
Despite myself, I find myself going to meet this cock that smashes me by pushing so that it fits more easily into my kidneys.

Sabrina places my knees above my head to bring out my sphincter and have a better penetration angle.
Between my legs, I see this fabulous dildo sink deep into my bowels.
I feel like I’m stuck like a sheep.
I watch my rosette unfold on its STEM as it slowly comes out of my kidneys and wraps on it when it impales me again.

After many back and forth, my ass opens completely to the perversity of my friend who sodomizes me by snatching me now moans of pleasure.
Suddenly, I enjoy feeling my sap slowly and continuously flowing from my flabby cock trapped in his cage.

Lying on my back, legs apart, I remain for a long moment motionless to better savor the last contractions of my sphincter.
I look with fascination at this huge pal stuck in my belly to the navel thinking that I can no longer do without this anal enjoyment much stronger and prolonged than my penile orgasms.
“My turn now, because I want you,” said My friend, pulling the dildo out of my kidneys.
As sucked by my flesh, it comes out in a sucking sound.

Lying on her bed, Sabrina is really very beautiful with her legs wide open, her tits pointing to the ceiling and her cock erect to damn a saint.

My head between his thighs, I lift my tongue along his column of flesh.
I curl it and bite it, feeling it grow and braid with pleasure.
After titillating his brake for a long time, I swallow his tail that comes to butt against my throat by triggering a little high the heart.
I start sucking this Manly dick by massaging her desire-filled purses.
I collect on my tongue a few translucent drops coming out of her glans that announces the imminence of her orgasm.
Sabrina has only one idea in mind, to fuck me…
I’m the only one she’s willing to take without a condom.

Lying on my back, she presses her tail against my open rosette, gently pushing it into my kidneys.
Each one focuses on the part of the body that makes her most envious.
Me on his cock and she on my well of love.
When I hear him sigh with pleasure a strong excitement takes hold of me.