Feminization of history

Feminization of history

The castle was large, even immense.

Laid like a giant cream pie in the middle of a large lawn, it was completely girded with walls and no one could enter it without triggering an audible alarm. It was close to the capital of this small Central European country and easy to reach for those who knew where to look.

On that day, a bus loaded with servicemen in commandos outfit deposited twenty-four men at its entrance. None of them bore a rank badge, or even a nationality.
One of them opened his smartphone and tapped a code, resulting in the opening of the vast portal.The men fell into it and the gate closed behind the last of them. After a short walk, they arrived at the foot of the few steps that allowed to enter the castle. A woman dressed in leather waited for them calmly. Once they had stopped at the bottom of the steps, she went there from her little lay they listened religiously.

  • Gentlemen, Hello! You are here now in your warrior’s rest. You rented this place for a week, staff included. You have all the rights over this staff and can demand what you want. Our staff is at your complete and total disposal. Two obligations however: one, you will all use protections for your relationships and two, if the person who is with you does not want to, you do not have the right to be violent: assault is prohibited.
    The twenty-four men accepted this deal.
    Then the French doors opened and a multitude of young women went out and came to mingle with them. Among these girls, there were also four young ephebes for the two men in the group with this penchant.

Immediately each man found shoe at his foot and they found themselves dragged inside the castle…
One of the men had remained alone and watched the couples get together and very quickly the men get comfortable.
He smiled: It was the best solution he had found to release the pressure on all these guys after three months in the Malian desert chasing the terrorists. The patroness of the place approached him.

  • Well, very dear, aren’t you going to enjoy it too? You’re good with us for the week, aren’t you?
    She passed a hand on the sex of the man who then responded to this stimulus.
  • You smell good hot sand, you know…
    The man laughs
  • After so many showers taken, I hope not!
    He took the woman by the waist and greedily kissed her.
  • well, you kiss well. Suck on me now.
    The woman knelt down and began to open her fly. She took his member in her hand and shoved it in her mouth while a young black girl and a redhead came to rub against the officer who immediately took advantage of it to remove the few pins they were wearing
    He was happy: his men with big breasts and small asses were going to have a good week in this place…
    Once his sex well trained, he removed it from the mouth of the jailer and turned the young blackette. Once the redhead had put a hood on his cock, he fucked the young blackette with The Hussar. He quickly enjoys and blesses the sky.

The chief, since it was him then went to check that everything was fine for his men. He took the jail, now naked by the waist, and together they toured the parts of the Castle. The officer knew his men perfectly, and his men knew him perfectly. In such a small unit, accustomed to fighting together, to living together twenty – four hours a day, it was inevitably inevitable. So they knew that there were among his men two homosexuals, seven bisexuals and the rest completely and perfectly heterosexual but with sometimes quite special deviations, even quite disgusting…

In the first room they entered they found themselves in the middle of an orgy. In fact, all the men were there in the room: none had succeeded or wanted to isolate themselves. Of course, the leader and madame immediately joined the general movement. One of his men jumped a young woman with long blonde hair on the carpet, had a second, naked, who oiled her back and a third of whom he generously licked her pussy. Quite sporty Position nevertheless appreciated the officer. The jailer approached the young woman standing and kissed her in the neck while the officer grabbed a hood before directly and without frills embroider the masseuse who made a small cry of pleasure during the penetration.. another of his men was next door, banging the ass of a young black girl who, equipped with a big cock, so a tranny, in turn ass fucked one of his guys… a small train of five participants had thus formed and was advancing as each of the participants shot down.
Two other of his men shared a beautiful redhead with generous tits who moved indecently at each of their cock shots.
Finally several of his guys were just getting sucked, comfortably settled, a beer in his hand. They passed the girls close to each other and appreciated each other’s performances…
The oldest of his soldiers, a man in his thirties, had isolated himself on an armchair with a young brunette with hair raised in bun: they exchanged caresses and thus gave to see a highly erotic show by this softness of their gestures. The officer guarded for him his amazement: the specialty of this man was mortar fire, a weapon that does not do in detail…
The orgy continued and increased in intensity when about ten young women arrived with the meal. One of them, a gorgeous black with huge breasts served as a tray: she was lying on the table and the products were laid out on her body.
Every man and woman pecked on this offered body. Finally, one of her men, unable to restrain himself, began to eat her pussy while she sucked a second. Another young woman was knocked over on the table and each man took his turn to test the width of her little asshole. She suffers this with philosophy, laughing even sometimes when the tail of the next soldier was a little different. Especially when private Carlos penetrated her, she changed color, feeling this unusual member by its shape penetrate her.
In fact, Carlos ‘ Rod was inclined and deflected about thirty degrees to the right. All the women he penetrated were always at first surprised, and then delighted…
When the champagne arrived, the men placed several women on top of each other so that the liquid poured into the woman’s vagina at the top of the pyramid passed through all the other’s vaginas before filling a champagne flute immediately enjoyed by one of the men.
After several hours of this diet, the abandoned and satisfied bodies plunged into a restful sleep, intertwined and happy…