How to become a crossdresser stories

How to become a crossdresser stories

The following week I had been studying, finishing my last revisions for the baccalaureate, the tests of which took place fifteen days later.
My second orientation had been the source of a hyper violent conflict with my mother, demanding that I go to ” C ” at the time, with innumerable fits of hysteria, leaving me mired in her behavior. She wanted a son doctor, lawyer, magistrate … in short, everything that could flatter her and describe, in detail, the brilliant situation of her son.

After two days without speaking to her, my father finally returned on Friday night and noting the animosity between her and me, we went to the market both the next day. I explained to him that even though I was good at math, I was excellent in languages, English and German, that I loved it, that I wanted to learn Russian, and that only a literary orientation would allow me.

“What about your mother ? »
“I’m sorry to tell you this, but she got into a mad rage, threatening me with all the ills if I didn’t go to C »
“That is ? »
“I’m ashamed to repeat her words and gestures, not being able to confess that she had spit on me in the face, we no longer talk about it, but I would go literary, whether she likes it or not »

Back home, after emptying and storing the contents of our bins, we settled in the living room, my father served us an aperitif and he looked my mother right in the eyes, meanly.

“It is out of the question that you brutalize my son Juliet, he is free to choose his orientation »
“Yes … but he has to be a scientist.!
“Why is that ? To satisfy you ? Your excessive and misplaced pride is starting to piss me off Juliette, me, Marc and the whole family … you understand ? »
“Me, proud ??? “And she’s back in the loop…
“Either you accept it and shut your mouth, or you break and I put your bags on the landing … is that clear ? »

Thanks to the intervention of my father, I was able to integrate the section of my choice, and I got the Bac mention well, with 18 in English, 17 in German and 16 in Russian. The trials had been hard, especially learning the Cyrillic alphabet in seconds, but I was so passionate. My father greeted my success with extreme joy, and as expected, my mother a simple nod, shitty tray for her.

To get back to that famous week, I was working like a madman, but my pussy was itching, and I couldn’t help but take a home tour on Wednesday. Ahmed was there, Nordine and Youssouf joined us shortly after, dismounting all three of me like a real whore, what I had come for.
I had become addicted to the huge cock of Youssouf, who too happy to have been able to find, in France, a cavity that could bear it in full, would smack me every time I came, as often as possible, satisfying my other “friends” too.
Fucked a max, and, privilege of youth, my vagina remaining always as firm and deep, despite the many intrusions that it received, I finally blossomed in my life, forcing myself, however, to put aside the passion that devoured me for Francis.

In my pocket, I enrolled in the Faculty of languages (in equivalent of LEA today) and by special exception in view of my grades, the authorization to keep the three languages, with the main choice German, for which I devoted a real passion.

After all my steps, François came to pick me up at home to take me to the cinema and the restaurant afterwards. He had a lot of new things to tell me. Finally, I found him after several months.
He had found a job in a risk prevention box, he had been a volunteer firefighter since he was 17, and he had to start a few days later. But he had to find an apartment in the city, and that’s why he was there. As agreed with my parents, he would stay at our house in the evening, after we left.

Sitting at the back of the cinema, laughing at the projected comic film, his hands laid on my thigh, rising up, and after a stealthy look at the room, his lips approached mine, in a discreet kiss, then, much less then.

“I keep thinking about you, Marc… »
“Me Too Francois … you haunt my thoughts… »
“I’ve never had the slightest homosexual urge, but you … you I’ve always loved you, and because … how to say, your particularity … I made love to a “girl” not my cousin »
“I too Francis, and since we made love together, the desire for you has added to the feelings that I have always carried you. »

I laid my head on her shoulders, her hand spread my thighs, stroking my pussy through my shorts, her sex showing an indecent bump in her pants. I then leaned to take the object of my desires in my mouth, Francis was watching around us, and the streams of his divine liquor invaded my palace.
After the session, we enjoyed a super pizza by throwing loaded glances, bright with desire.

Back home, my parents were asleep and feverishly, we joined my room, fortunately opposite our apartment, François always slept with me when he was at home. It is impossible for me to describe this night, so beautiful it was, full of Love, lack of each other, but also of sexual power, Francis possessing my body in any way, weaned from me and me from him, since our Weekend in the countryside.

He had a car, and the next day at breakfast he just announced that he was taking me for a ride, on the pretext that I needed to decompress.
A wonderful Sunday, in the arms of my man, giving me to him every time he felt the urge, frequent … his sex hammered my pussy with a power of woodpecker, with gestures of love, tenderness that filled me.
I walked him back to his car, and it was in tears that I took leave of him, our emotion being at paroxysm, but finding neither, nor the other, the words for this situation … inextricable…

Within the week, I went back to see Dr. Bertrand, who prescribed me testosterone-enhanced hormone therapy, so that I would preserve my male appearance, or even strengthen it. Then, came on the table, the question of this famous surgery, indispensable in the opinion of the urologist, I risked, at any time, a blockage of the bladder and urethra… I had no choice… but how to tell my parents, it took several days of hospitalization.

“That’s enough Marc, you’ve been taking this on your own for years, and who else knows ? »
“Only my best friend and my cousin now »
“Did you sleep with them two ? »
“Let’s say I fucked Julien but I made love with my cousin »
“I will summon your parents…!!! »
“No… !!! »
“You have to Marc… you can’t go on like this… !!! »

He prepared a mail for them, asking them to contact them for an appointment every three and as soon as possible.
It was with great anguish that I handed the letter to my father, who, very anxious, asked me whether I was sick. I reassured him that this was not really the case, but that it was imperative to consult him together.

François had found a nice apartment in the meantime, arranged with the help of my aunt and my uncle and when I informed him of the situation, of the revelation that Dr. Bertrand was going to make to my parents, he immediately reassured me. He knew my mother, he suspected a violent reaction from her and that if she kicked me out, her door would be open to me.

As I thought, the interview was more than Stormy … my father had remained silent and stunned in the face of such news, my mother, meanwhile, had returned in a mad rage, screaming, throwing insults in my face. Dr. Bertrand let it go, and after she calmed down a little, he took the floor :

“Because you think Marc had a choice, Ma’am ? “in a frosty tone…
“He’s a pervert… »
“Oh yes ??? Who designed it ? Who wore it ? You, right ? »
« Ego…. But I’m normal … me … and not him…!!! »
“Whose fault is it ? »
“Not to me anyway…!!! »
“Of course not Ma’am, but here, the anomalies of Nature exist, they are very rare fortunately, and it fell on Marc, he is not responsible. You’re gonna reject him for that ? »
“I don’t want this at home… we are a normal family US…!!! “And she started mumbling incoherent words, such as Operation, stings, internment…
“All right, Marc needs your help, and you reject it … I prefer not to qualify your behavior, Madam … Marc ? “His eyes turned to me…
“I will leave the house tonight… »
“Go to hell… »

My father, helpless in the face of his distress, did not intervene. He just held me in his arms and said, once my mother went out in fury :

“I’m here Marc, I’ll always be with you »
“I know Dad, but I better go, I can’t live at home anymore »
“Where Are you going ? »
“I have planned This, Dad, you have no doubt, and François will welcome me to his house while everything goes away. »
“Does he know ? »
“Yes, only Julien and he know it »
“I love you my son »
“I love you Dad »