The real history of transgender

The real history of transgender
I am registered in a mixed climbing club (men and women) where the activity is sometimes done in the gym, sometimes in the nature.

I appreciate that this club is mixed because I like to see these women put on their harness and harness. A harness is made up of a belt and straps coming close to the upper thighs, when I see a woman leaning forward, putting on the harness as if it were panties, strapping and then finally adjusting the straps around her thighs as if they were garter belts, I can not help but be moved and imagine tearing their top and shorts and making love to them.

One of the members of the club, arrived 2-3 months ago is peculiar, it is a transgender person, a transsexual. In this case, a man became a woman. Without it jumping to the eye, one still discerns masculine features on his face. But the rest seems very feminine : her line, her curves, her hair … even her skin seems as soft as that of a woman.

So naturally I started looking at her like other women when she was getting ready. Maybe she’s more observant or maybe I’ve been less discreet, but Karine (that’s her name) noticed it. Often behind her, often below her while climbing while I scrutinize her crotch molded into her little sports shorty. I take every opportunity to observe it under every seam.

At the end of the activity, I noticed that she was waiting for everyone to leave and that the next group left the locker room to go to shower (maybe to avoid the discomfort of others). Piqued by curiosity and desire, I voluntarily made the shower last with the hope of seeing her shower.

She finally arrived. When she saw me, she hesitated but I told her that there was no problem and she could shower (sports collective shower). She did it and undressed. I glanced a few times and I could see that her body was quite feminine. I hid my excitement to see this beautiful body, as well as to see her grab his penis to clean and rinse it.

Did she see me ? Maybe because it seemed to me to discern a small erection in her house. To avoid disturbing me more, I left the shower to dry and dress. She joined me in the common locker room shortly after. Taking my courage in two hands, I invited her to drink to get acquainted and she agreed. On the way back by car, we discussed but I also looked at his thighs and pubis. She talked a lot and smiled, she was pretty enough.

Arriving at my house, she came to me, passed her arms around my neck and kissed me. His gesture was delicate and his embrace soft. She was a woman I hugged and gave her kiss back. Kiss that became more and more passionate. I kissed her neck, nibbled her shoulder and felt her vibrate to the rhythm of my caresses.

I turned her over to have her against me : her bouncy buttocks were clad against my pubis, and I could caress her breasts through her blouse. She was bending between my arms and I felt her totally offered.

She was wearing tight yoga pants in which I slipped my hand to grab her penis, the erection was weak but she moaned as I kneaded her penis and her small purses. She didn’t wear anything under her yoga pants and it perfectly molded her buttocks and thighs,

She said she wanted me. I quickly took off the rest of her clothes while she took care of mine. The sexual passion was there and we were naked against each other. I pushed her on the bed and penetrated her as a missionary.

Once the first penetration passed, I felt her surrender to pleasure and her face became both more masculine by her surrender to pleasure and a return to natural and more feminine because her features, tense and Radiant were identical to those of a woman in front of her lover.

Her hands clutched me to kiss me, her nails stuck in my back with every penetration of my sex into her. I wanted to take her violently like a beast, but to see her under me, wiggle with pleasure and kiss me to feel my body against her Made Me More want to feel her warmth and respond to her fiery kisses.

In order not to cum right away, I changed my position. I lay on my back and she settled on me in the Amazon, facing me and thighs wide open. She waved from the pelvis to feel my sex in her. His closed eyes betrayed his pleasure.

I saw his penis semi-erect. I grabbed him with his purses and massaged them and kneaded them delicately but firmly with my hand. She moaned even more. His penis remained a real erogenous zone despite its transformation.

The more I massaged her sex, the more she waved. She grabbed my hand so I could squeeze it harder. She finally enjoyed screaming with pleasure. I myself cummed into her shortly after as she languidly descended and climbed up along my sex. She collapsed on me, her penis against mine, and we fell asleep like that.