Cuckold Chastity Belt history

Cuckold Chastity Belt history – We were sitting in our favorite restaurant after eating a nice meal, and I had just ordered a bottle of expensive wine when my wife broke it to me. “Jason asked us to go for a drink with him tonight.”. “What did you say?”. “I said We would.”.

“Good girl.”. “You know he’s going to grope me, right?”. “I hope it does more than grope you.”.

“I could just leave it.”. “Are you going?”I felt my dick stir in anticipation. She laughed softly and leaned forward on the table. Her heavy breasts seemed about to overflow from her boldly low dress.

“Yes, I think I will. Do you mind?”. “You know not,” I smiled.

“I would love to see you with another man.”. “What if he wants to fuck me?”. “You have to do what you want, my dear.”.

“You better buy me a double cognac then, right?”. “Go and take off your bra.”. We found ourselves at our table about two minutes later. His face was red, and his eyes betrayed his excitement.

“It’s in my bag,” she smiles. “Are you sure you agree with that?”. “Absolutely. I can’t wait.”.

“What if he wants me to faire you know, give him a blowjob?”. “I would love honey, I would love to see those beautiful lips slide on his cock.”. “I get pretty wet thinking about it. I bet you’re tough, aren’t you?”.

“Mmm yes,” I accept, ” but not as hard as I will be when I see you with him.” “As long as you stay like this,” she said, laughing and emptying her glass. “Shall we go?”.

He met us at the door with a big bright smile on his beautiful face – and dressed in a Santa costume! “Welcome John,” he growled and shook my hand in his big black paw. “And pretty Denise. You look exquisite, my dear.”. She went to bed and we entered his house where he made us sit in the living room and poured drinks. “I get mean if I have too much brandy, Jason. She smiled, but shot him in one and offered her glass for a refill.

He raised an eyebrow and I nodded. He continued to look at me interrogatively for a few seconds, then smiled with understanding. “I’m not Jason today, my dear, I’m Santa Claus. And I’m not sure naughty girls should get a gift from me, Am I, John? “She’s really adorable, Santa,” I smile, ” and I’m sure she deserves a gift.”. “As long as you say it, John., And he emptied his own glass before filling all three.”And you, John? Have you been good? “.” Very.

“I smiled, joining in the fun, and he handed me a package. I opened it immediately and found about ten hundred dollar bills. I was speechless.”What About Me, Santa? “Should I come and sit on your lap?Denise Asked.

“Oh yes, “he said,” but first you have to give Santa a big kiss.”. She sat on her lap and raised her face to hers for a kiss. My cock wagged again when I saw his tongue snaking between his teeth and heard his familiar moans of desire. She moved slightly and moaned again, wriggling on her knees.

“There is something hard in your pocket, Santa Claus.”. “This is part of your gift, Denise. He winked at me.

“Denise, Honey,” I said, ” You’re gonna crumple your new dress. Why don’t you let Santa take it away?”. “Yes, that’s a good idea, John,” he said as Denise eagerly stood up.

“I have nice new panties for Your Pretty Little Woman, so if I take off the dress, you can see what they look like on her, right?». As he reached out behind her to undo the dress, she greedily kissed him. My cock moved quickly from watching as she sucked his tongue into her hot mouth. The dress slid along her bare back and I had the pleasure of seeing her big black hands caress her flesh as she squirmed and moaned as she came out, her mouth remaining locked on hers. He passed a hand behind her back and in her lace panties.

She gasped and pressed herself even harder against him, crushing her breasts against her chest. “John,” she yelled, ” John, he’s got his hands in my panties.». “Tell him to take them off then,” I suggested helpfully. “Get naked for him; both become naked.”.

“Mmm, yes,” she mumbled, scribbling her red jacket. “Let’s get naked, Santa Claus.”. She pulled the jacket over her head, leaving her large torso bare, then fell to her knees to lower her red pants. He wore nothing under them and his big thick cock spurted like a formidable rod of iron.

“Oh my God, Santa,” she said with a laugh, ” it’s huge. Oh, my god.”. She said nothing else but lowered her head and took the Monster between her lips.

Jason threw his head back and gave a long, deep grunt as she used his cock. I loosened my pants and grabbed my four inch erection in my fist while Jason grabbed his panties. Without removing his mouth from his cock, she wiggled his sexy ass to help him remove his remaining garment and then straightened, releasing his stiff stick from between her lips. “Will you fuck me now, Santa?”. “Why don’t you sit on my lap and see what happens? He laughs.

Denise turned to me, a dreamy look in her eyes. “Should I sit on Santa’s lap again, John?”. “Of course, honey.”. “He could try to put this monster in me.”.

“I hope he will.”I smiled. “I really want to see it in you.”. She got up, her legs on either side of hers, and slowly lowered herself until the extremely swollen Dome of his cock pushed her pussy lips. Her mouth formed an O as if surprised, but her eyes wide open betrayed her excitement.

“John,” she gasped, ” it’s big. Oh fuck, John, This is huge John he’s gonna hurt me. But she continued down. “Ahh, oh my god. Tell him, John.

Tell him it’s too big for me. Oh fuck, oh fuck, it’s gonna split me in half.”. My fist was fuzzy as I masturbated watching his cock slowly force her pussy lips.

Her screams became wails of ecstasy as her vaginal muscles relaxed and she sat down as he licked and kissed her neck, her hands clenching her breasts. “Oh John, he’s in me, he fucks me, I took everything.”. Raising both feet, she looked down at his handle impaling him.

I could hardly believe that she had taken all of his massively long and thick penis into her delicate little pussy. “Come on, darling,” he said softly, ” I’ll take you to my room. There’s a standing mirror there so you can watch yourself getting fucked properly. On this, he stood up and Denise screamed in delicious agony as her movements sent shockwaves of pleasure from her pussy to her brain.

I followed them into the room, still shaking. When he sat on his bed in front of the mirror, she screamed that she was cumming, and seeing the full length of his cock in herself, she came back! “Now I’m really going to fuck that sweet little pussy,” he told her and he started going in and out like a train. Her hips were blurred and my wife screamed but did not attempt to get off a horse.

“Fill Me Up, Santa,” she shouted. “Fill me with cum. Not once did she leave the reflection of her eyes. She had both feet flat on her thick thighs and her whole body was shaking from her blows. I could see every vein in his tail, and as I looked, my wife’s eyes seemed to shine. At the exact moment he came, she fainted, falling back to his chest.

“Denise! I screamed, but Jason laughed. “She’ll be back in a second, John. It happens a lot when I fuck them.».

Lifting her from his still impressive tail, he laid her on the bed and kissed her on the forehead with surprising sweetness, “you see, she’s back,” he said, raising his hand and touching her face tenderly. “You fucked me into oblivion.”. “Of course. And this is not the first time, is it in love?”.

She grabbed his dangling tail. “Sorry, John,” she said softly, ” We’ve been in love for months now.”. She spent that night with him and came home the next morning, looking like she was a well-fucked woman! Her breasts were covered with love bites just like her neck. There were even tooth marks on her mound; ” Oh my God, “she chuckled,” It was an animal.”.

“How many times has he fucked you?”. “I lost count after five hours. He’s amazing.”. “Do you want to see him again?”. “Oh my god yes.

He wants to take me to a club tonight.”. “Oh.”. “But he’s taking me to a piercing studio this afternoon. I’m gonna get my clit pierced.”.

“What if I don’t want you to be pierced?”. “You have no say in this, John. That’s what Jason wants that matters… you gave me to him, remember?». “I thought you just wanted to try a black man.”.

“I did. And now I want it all the time. My pussy is really painful but if he comes in here now I will give it to him again.”. “What? You?”I sniffed,” the once-a-week Ms. is enough for anyone?”She looked at me with pity. “Once a week with you is more than enough, but last night I was fucked by a real man.

I want more and I intend to have more. You know, when I woke up this morning, he was licking my pussy?” . “I don’t want to know.”. “But you do fais you know. I came twice as high with his tongue higher than your cock ever was.”.

“I don’t want you to see him again.”. “Well, hard sir, because he comes here tomorrow for dinner and I want him to spend the night here with me.”. “And me, what do I do?”I was starting to look desperate. “Well, you can watch how a real man does it if you want. Or you can sleep in the guest room and listen to my screams when he shoves my ass.”.

“You don’t like anal sex.”. “I have never had anal sex before,” she retorted. “But I can’t wait for him to do it to me. You haven’t figured it out yet, have you? I’m in love with him, I think about him all the time. I’m thinking about what he’s doing to me .

Do you know that before I left him this morning, I licked his ass? He sat in the chair and held his legs so that I could put my tongue. She stopped to breathe. “And I loved it. I can’t wait to do it again.”I collapsed on the chair.

“I lost you, didn’t I?”. “No, you have not lost me, I am your wife, but only by name from now on. Jason wants me to be available to him twenty-eighty-seven. I want it too, so you’re gonna have to sleep in the spare room. You will no longer have access to my body, but you may be allowed to cleanse me after a session with him, if he feels generous.

“. “You mean that you are now the wife of a black man?”. “Absolutely, and I’m proud to be, I’m proud to be on his arm, I’m proud that he wants his friends to use me, and I’m doubly proud to have his cum where he wants to drop it . “.

I played my last shot in desperation. “He has other women, you know, right?”. “Of course, I know, Fool. That’s why we’re going to this club tonight.

Some of his other women are going to teach me how to eat pussy, black pussy, John, and I can’t fucking wait for that. I was told I would dance with one of her lesbian friends. She smiled when she added: “Jean naked, I will dance naked in the club.”. All this was more than six months ago, six months during which I heard her screaming in ecstasy almost every night.

I listened to her moan like other women used her and saw three of her friends fuck her for no reason. I saw her coming home at night with cum dripping on her legs, her pussy red and swollen. But she always came back for more! She’s definitely a black man’s wife.