Cuckold Treason of history

Cuckold Treason of history – I hope you enjoy! Finally, Friday comes and I do not have to work, so I go to a friend’s house for dinner. It is a couple that invites me from time to time because we have known each other for many years. I’ve been single for a while now but I enjoy the freedom it provides. I have a choice of different girls when I like them and I have no commitment to worry about.

I have always loved Anne, the wife of this couple, and I am sure that I caught her watching me several times. I can’t help but flirt with her a lot and her husband reacts normally to this, his eyes and reflexes. Her body is perfect, it is all curvy and her big tits and good cleavage are always visible. The way she bends over to wiggle her big ass against me just makes me want to delight her.

Richard, Anne’s husband, can be a dick to her sometimes and I often find myself calling him right. Dick is a dick. The three of us have a nice dinner, which as usual is an Indian takeaway and a bottle of wine.

Red wine always seems to go down well, which means that one bottle usually brings two, and then more. As we sit at the table chatting, my inhibitions are released by alcohol and I suggest a game. I brazenly suggest trying strip poker and then watching for the reactions to come. Anne’s eyes light up a bit and she exclaims that it’s a good idea while trying not to sound too excited. Richard is not so enthusiastic and his face shows it, but he gives in after a slight persuasion and he disappears to get the playing cards.

So very quickly, we sit at a round dining table, Me With Anne in front and Richard between us. After half a dozen hands, it is obvious that Anne, by accident or design, has no idea how to play because she loses again. This means that she has to take off her skirt so that she can now settle for her bra and panties.

I feel my dick twitching in my jeans as I look at it. The pink lace set will delight her. Dick and I are shirtless and I’m sure he’s hard as if I’m watching his wife feed and get horny. As I deal the cards for the next round, I begin to draw up a plan. I’m sure Anne won’t take off any more clothes and yet I don’t think I can pass up this opportunity.

Anne, as expected, loses yet another hand and as I sit down and smile at her with my increasingly difficult cock, my thoughts crystallize in my mind. “I can’t possibly take anything else !!”she says very privacy and loud. I respond quickly before Dick can say anything and spoil my idea.

“It’s fine Anne, but I think you should make a waiver instead then!”Anne looks a little shocked but I can see in her eyes that she is already ready to accept. Dick looks like someone who slapped him in the face. He turns to me as I reveal the last part of my plan. “Anne should give me a blowjob,” I said, trying to sound like it was an ordinary everyday thing she does for me.

Anne gasps, exclaiming: “I could not do this!”but I think her brain is saying something different as I catch her looking at my crotch. We are both sitting looking at Dick but he has very little expression on his face. After a few minutes of swagger that I think is all designed to waste time, he feigns a look of false shock and surprise and ends up saying, “she can do whatever she wants”. He rises in an authoritarian manner but simply clears cards and wine glasses from the table and leaves the room.

I look at Anne and she looks at me. No words are said between us. After a few minutes of silence, Anne approaches me and kneels next to me. His hands caress my legs until his right hand holds my cock in my pants. I am already tough and she admits that she has been thinking about doing this for years.

Slowly lowering the zip of my pants, she slides her hand inside to stroke the sticky tip of my cock, which sparkles with pre-ejaculatory fluid. I moan and relax on the chair watching her lick her lips. Anne slides my hard cock out of my boxer shorts so she can lick the butt and taste my juice. I hear a moan escaping from her lips as she tastes the slightly salty liquid.

Then I feel his tongue licking up and down the underside of my barrel, stopping at the sensitive spot and it’s my turn to moan. Anne goes up and puts her mouth on my cock and swallows as much as she can. She succeeds well and does almost everyone before I feel the bottom of her throat. Upside down, I tell myself that she is good, very good and I really enjoy working on my cock. From the corner of my eye, I notice that Dick is standing on the threshold of the door and watching Anne’s head move up and down on me.

His face is a mixture of fascination and pain but he does not try to stop it. I put my hand on the back of her head, slightly gripping her hair as she slides her mouth down and I take the opportunity to push her head lower on me. I feel her panicking a bit and moving while she struggles but I keep pushing until she relaxes. This pushes her to take me even deeper in the throat and she can then manage to lead me to the bottom of my cock. Anne starts gagging but I tell her it’s perfect and I like her.

This encouragement makes her work harder for me until I stutter “I cum”. She pushes her head as far as possible on me and I project my hot, sticky load down her throat. She gagged more and more on me as my cock throbbed and my balls emptied and she struggled to swallow my load, but she didn’t drop a drop of water. Raising the head of my cock, she drops it and, as it begins to soften, I look at it. I can see that her eyes are watering and her hair is disheveled but she smiles.

I tell her she did very well and as my eyes rise, looking towards the door, Anne looks too. Dick is watching and he can see his wife kneeling at his feet with her makeup, a mess of having choked on my cock and licking her lips, while enjoying my taste. However, it still looks rather empty. Anne gets up and heads to the bathroom to clean herself and wash her face.

Getting up, I can see a wet spot on the crotch of her panties. It is clear that she likes to give me the head and this thought makes me tingle my cock again. Dick comes into the room and sits at the table as I put my cock away but nothing is said. We sit in silence and yet the words that circulate in my head tell me: “yes Dick, she sucked my dick, you dick.”Anne comes back and I notice that she has not only groomed her face and hair, but she is putting on a little more makeup and looks great. We still play a few hands and even Dick joins us.

Soon I’m facing my boxer and losing another hand, but of course, this is all part of my plan. This time, it’s up to me to say that I’m really not sure I’m getting any, and of course, Anne suggests a package! “Since mine had to suck you, then yours should lick me!”Anne says and I doubt she even thinks about Dick sitting while she talks. I look at him but he shrugs. I explain that eating pussy is not particularly easy for me on a dining chair and maybe we should go to the bedroom. Without even having to give an answer, Anne accepts because she takes my hand and opens the way.

I’m a little surprised that Dick gets up and follows us as we go. We arrive in the bedroom and Anne climbs onto the bed while Dick removes the chair near the dressing table. He turns it in front of us to get the best view. I get on the marital bed and pull and pinch Anne’s beautiful nipples sticking out under her bra. I keep playing with them until she reminds me that the package was to lick her so I have to go upside down.

I smile as I slide her panties down her thighs and then peel her. I then throw them in Dick’s direction and notice that he grabs them and holds them to his nose while feeling how wet they are. I can see Anne’s puffy lips and smell her musky smell, so I move between her legs.

Licking all the way down her wet slit, I quickly get a sip of her flavor. She’s as good as I thought. I go further into her body to kiss her hard on the mouth and so she can taste herself to me.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she pulls me towards me for a long kiss filled with passionate tongue and I love the feeling of her bare breasts on my chest. As I return between his legs, I glance at Dick and his face is a mixture of excitement and pain. Maybe the kisses were a little too fucked up. I lick and suck her lips and clit, never spending too long in one place and moving in all her sensitive areas.

I hear her moaning and feel her trying to rub her pussy against my face but I walk away and tease her a little more. As I feel her frustration grow, I slide my fingers deep into her pussy, two fingers straight into her waiting juicy hole. I move to her side, sitting near her hips so I can open it wide.

I gently turn her around so that Dick can see his wife’s pussy dripping and glistening with juice. Everything is on my fingers, and I can see that he is studying her pussy. I settle in and nibble and lick her clit while my hooked fingers work deep inside her against her spot.

Suddenly, she shouts, arches, and spits loudly, throwing a stream of clear liquid that flies towards the edge of the bed. I don’t want to let it down again, so I keep working it with my fingers, lips and tongue. She quickly enjoys, again and again, each orgasm accompanied by a stream of hot juice from her pussy.

Finally, she is exhausted and can not stand it anymore and she begs me to stop. I am tempted to continue but I think that for the first time I should not push too much and I rest on the bed. “I never thought you were a squirter, Anne,” I said, smiling. “No one has ever made me squirt before not even Dick! Thank you very much, ” she replies in a satisfied voice. I look at Dick and he has his eyes down looking at the wet stain on the sheets where his cum had landed.

I then realize that he probably never really satisfied her properly and now he knows it. I turn to Anne and tell her that I think we need to celebrate to mark the occasion. I order her to get on all fours, which she does without questions and with her head turned to the top of the bed. I decide it’s not quite where I want her to be, so I tell her to turn around and face her husband asking him to look him in the eye as I position myself behind her. She is the perfect size for me to slide my now hard cock into her pussy but I put my hand on her lower back and push it lower.

Anne moves about an inch but it’s not enough, so I push her harder. She then achieves what I want and lowers herself another six inches. I explain to him that there is no point in letting all that slippery cum get lost. I rub my cock on her pussy hole making her nice and wet of her juice.

I then place the head of my cock at the tight entrance to her ass and push it gently. Dick gets up and says, “she doesn’t do that!””She will do what I want!”I simply answer, Dick looks into his wife’s eyes, can see how she is laid on the bed with her buttocks spread out ready for my cock and realizes that I am right. He sits down with his eyes down. I must admit that I feel no guilt, only pure pleasure and thirst to take another man’s wife right in front of him. I push harder but this must be the first time someone has really tried to fuck Anne in the ass.

It’s so tight and I absolutely can’t go there now, so I really have to turn it on. I raise my hand and bring it back to his left cheek. She screams a little scream and Dick starts getting up from his chair but one look at me and he sits down.

I tell Anne to relax her ass and help me claim my prize. I take a drop of spit and Mass on his tight sphincter. Gently pushing one, then two fingers into her back door, moving them, I begin to feel her hole relax.

I position my cock against it pushing harder and this time I feel it starting to stretch. As I push my length, she suddenly goes through her last virgin hole. All the time I look at Dicks ‘ face and his eyes go from mine to his. I don’t care and I keep pushing my cock completely home in her ass. I fuck her hard and a little rough for the first time.

Yes, I know this is Anne’s first anal fuck but I’m sure she can handle it. I know I’m right when she starts rubbing her clit and I feel her tight in another orgasm. I pat her violently on the right cheek of the glute and that’s enough to bring me to the climax. I growl loudly as I shoot my second load of the night deep in her ass, feeling her squirt. I take a few breaths and put my hands on her back while I let my cock soften slightly so it’s easier to slide out of her pussy hole.

Lying on the bed, my head is now against the pillow and I tell Anne to turn around and lick me. I make sure his cum-filled ass points to Dick because I know that in a few minutes my hot cum will start flowing and I want him to see it flowing. She cleans me like the waiting cocksucker and I can see Dick watching her. Judging by the look he has on his face, he is torn between wanting to see more and wanting to stop everything. Once Anne is done, I tell her to get into bed and snuggle up while telling Dick hugging his wife that I will spend the night in their bed as I have one more hole to fill with cum.

The coup de grace is when I tell him that he can sleep on the couch and listen to his wife’s moans. Dick gets up, his mouth opens but he can’t talk, so he slowly walks to the door looking back once before disappearing into the next room. Anne and I lie in bed recuperating from the nastiness we just had before we start the next round.