Sissy crossdresser stories

Sissy crossdresser stories

For this dinner, me who usually dressed me simply, Paul had ordered from a famous Italian couturier, a dress in silk sheath of a sparkling red, with a drape under the chest and on the hips, split on one side just above the knee, pumps in the same fabric complementing the outfit.

Once dressed, he made me sit in the chair in front of my dressing table and asked me to close my eyes. I immediately felt that he was putting on me jewelry, necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings.

“You can open your eyes now my love »

I had on me the most beautiful adornment of my mother, in rubies and diamonds, whose neck was extended by a ruby pendant in cabochon set with diamonds, the matching tiara rested on the table, before my eyes.

Never once would I have thought of wearing my mother’s jewels, whose collection was impressive, totally from her American family, with as a master piece, the one I wore. I was a boy at the time, and even though I contemplated with boundless admiration these wonderful works of Goldsmith, I could not imagine, for a single moment, that one day his son would be both his daughter and his daughter-in-law and put on them, for the pleasure of his other son.

I refused the tiara, because even if the city of Görlitz knew that we were very rich, I did not want to show it in an ostentatious way.

By her will, my mother had refused to have her treasures separated and shared with each of her sons. It did stipulate that they would remain undivided, in free use, kept by the family notary who was required to record any exit and any return, with formal prohibition of sale. The jewels were to remain in usufruct only, the property remaining it, to a trust managed not his lawmen. Paul had gone to get it before we left, without my knowing it, I was wearing, for our civil wedding, only a simple pearl necklace that he had offered me for the occasion.

The day after this beautiful evening, Paul had asked the mayor of the city to join us at the castle at the end of the morning.

After the usual greetings, he entered directly into the hot topic, as the Germans know how to do so well.

  • Your Highness, it’s time for you to reclaim your domain. We have discussed this with the City Council, and unanimously, we are ready to return the property to you.
    -Of course, Marika and I wish to settle on our land, but not in the way you see it, Mr. Bourgmestre.
  • Can you give me more details ?
  • De Wintzt is fully owned to the city of Görlitz I believe
  • Yes, that is the case.
  • Then I’ll tell you what we want
  • I’m listening.
  • You will deliberate with the council, to grant us an emphyteotic lease of 30 years, renewable, with a rent as high as possible, the price will be drawn up by our lawmen so that it is undisputed by the German tax authorities.
  • But Why Your Highness … The domain is yours… !!!
  • Our family has enough personal possessions and we consider, Marika and I, that after all you’ve accomplished for a century to keep it, it’s in the city too.
  • Yes, of course, from that angle.
  • The lease will stipulate that all costs of maintenance, modernization or even expansion will be entirely borne by us, as well as the total rehabilitation of the West Side dependence, which will be granted to the Associations chaired by Dieter and whose subsidies we take care of.
  • Your highness, I don’t know what to say to you.…
    Our family has always protected our province in the past. Only wars and events have prevented us. So I want to restore this complicity, this trust, this mutual assistance between the Ducal family and the population.
  • Your Highness … you are truly … the Duke of Wintzt…
  • We are no longer in the monarchy, the title of Duke or Highness is no longer valid. At the time, it was often suffered, but even if our country is totally Republican, the titles of nobility are still recognized there, without any privileges of yesteryear.
  • I Know Your Highness, and we are so happy that you are back with us.
  • If my title comes from my birth, he didn’t mean much to me before. You and Görlitz gave it back to me, all of you gave it back to me. Even if at first I was very surprised or even shocked, I now take it as a mark of respect, but above all … above all… as a token of affection and pride. My title comes from all of you and I want it to be useful to all of you.

After he left, and despite the many glances that sought my approval during this dialogue, Paul took me in his arms, hugged me very tightly…

  • That’s what you wanted too, isn’t it ? I spoke alone, but on our behalf and I knew that what I was saying was also your will.
  • Do you think so ?

In a huge burst of laughter, he took me in his arms, flipping me over on the table and lifting my skirt, he plunged into me in the hussar, besognizing me like a madman, his sex seeking to go ever further, stronger. He completely tore me apart, massacring my chest, occupying with all his might, my two orifices, enjoying and starting again and again. It was on the fifth round that he finally sat down, his manly torso glued to me and my hands on his wonderful firm, hairy ass that we finally got our breath back.

It is with the negligence of the sated male, balls well emptied … or almost … with him we never know, that he asked me to bring him a coffee that we shared, me huddled in his powerful arms.

  • Paul darling, I’m so happy … I never thought that possible.…
  • You made so many sacrifices for it, My Love.…
  • Not really sacrifices … it all seemed so…. Logical … but still a big problem…
  • Yes ? Which one ?
  • I’m a woman now, your wife, but my belly is barren, I could never give you an heir.
  • I know, so what? Marc… if you didn’t get our father’s testosterone, Matthew didn’t inherit either his intelligence or our mother’s.
  • My faith, it doesn’t surprise me too much.
  • So, since he knows how to make kids, it seems that he is only used for that, he promised me to let me adopt his second son, the day he is born, which should perhaps happen soon, his wife is still pregnant.
  • How did you get that ?
  • Very simple … with Dad’s shares in the family trust, those that belong to me and those that came back to you from Mom’s inheritance, all three of us have, over 70%

It is true that prior to the marriage contract, a close-up had been integrated, where from the signing, I came into possession of the whole from Marc, in agreement with the two brothers, to the great detriment of my sister-in-law obviously, but Matthew could not refuse, he knew who I really was.

Holding me in his arms, he asked me what was the destination I wanted for our wedding trip. I was surprised that he had not already planned it and it was with a slightly mischievous look that I asked him the question :

  • Guess…
  • Venice ? Seychelles ? Japan ? United States ? And a whole host of countries…
  • No… !!!
  • Tell me … I’m drying.…
  • No idea ?
  • Oh yes…. That’s why I haven’t planned anything yet….
  • Görlitz…. Area…
  • I was sure …
  • We’ll have time to travel later, but we have so much to do here.

A few days later, I went to Berlin on business, but mostly to study for family notaries. She managed all our assets, mainly industrial and professional, but a special department had been created to take care of our personal wealth.

So I had an appointment with Mr. Altdorf, and where the few times I had met him as Marc, I had felt a total repugnance towards this man, even if I had to recognize his certain skills.

He received me very quickly, we do not keep a member of the family waiting, and it was from his eager and obsequious air that he drove me to his office… just to make him uncomfortable, I had made myself super beautiful and seductive, with a breathtaking outfit.

  • What is the pleasure of your visit, Madame de Wintzt ?
  • First of all, bring you the adornment of my M … Hummm of my mother-in-law.
  • It will be placed in a safe place immediately, Ma’am.
  • That’s the rule, I think.

I wore beautiful jewelry, but belonging to myself, offered by Paul

  • I will inform you in advance when I wish to use others
  • Of course, Madam, when Mr. Paul asks.
    “I do not think, Mr. Altdorf, that I need my husband’s permission for this, nor to be able to freely dispose of the inheritance vested in me by marriage.
  • Yes, ma’am, but he’s Mr. Paul de Wintzt.
    And I’m Mrs. Marika of Wintzt, and I don’t think Paul really appreciates your distrust of me.
  • But far from me such a thought Madam…
  • So, let me be very clear sir, I know that you strongly opposed our marriage, a simple Miss Schieller could not marry one of Wintzt.
  • I’m confused, Ma’am… but that’s the case in my eyes.…