Trannydate – Phew, that had been sitting. So Becky had noticed it when I secretly put on her panties and pantyhose from time to time, when she is not there and makes me horny again and again. I smiled embarrassed and wanted to somehow talk myself out of this situation but there was no chance. Both girls grinned when they saw my insecurity and embarrassment and so I agreed that I would go to the carnival as a little cock girl.

Kenisha and Dorothea had everything with them. Thigh high socks, suspender tights, bras, lip gloss, kajal, wigs in different lengths, high heels, ballerina shoes and much more. As always, Kenisha took the initiative and said: “As a real girl, you also have to leave all the body hair behind you. Let’s go to the bathroom, it’s all gone now.”

In the bathroom I had to take off my shirt and she started to shave my chest and legs. After she finished, she pointed to my boxer shorts and grinned: “Complete is complete, that under the pants must also be gone”. Before I could say anything, she had already pulled my boxi down and my cock dangled happily around the area. Kenisha soaped everything well and began to shave my cock and my balls carefully. I always thought Kenisha was very sexy anyway but today she just looked stunning. She had on a blue and white checkered bBuse that she had knotted together above her belly button and the top four buttons were open so that her plump breasts could be seen more than well in a white bra. In addition, she wore light gray thigh-high stockings, which beautifully emphasized her massive thighs and butt. In addition, a black hot-pant, in which her big ass just fit in and let her hip bacon look out a bit. My cock was every second a bit harder while she shaved and my bag was totally bulging after 2 minutes. Kenisha enjoyed how he grew up and when she finished shaving she said, ” So now of course we still have to get the foam off.”Shortly after she said that, her thick full lips enclosed my glans and she sucked my cock up and down. When I began to moan, she began to circle her tongue around my glans and lightly nibbled on my glans. I almost came when she stopped and said: “I forgot something!”She turned me, instructed me to spread my butt, soaped my rosette with shaving foam, and began to carefully remove every tickle around my hole. When she was done …
… she grinned and slowly put her index finger in my rosette. I gasped and became even hornier. While playing in my asshole, she took off her hot pant and panties and then her blouse as well. After gröffnet her bra, her two wonderfully big tits jumped out and baunmelten back and forth. They hung a bit but that I found even hotter than if they had been quite plump. She took some shaving foam in her hands and started soaping her breasts and playing with her nipples, which were soon at least 3-4cm pointed forward. Then she wrapped her hands around me and slowly moved down until my stiff spanking was right between her two magnificent cans. She started to rub him and let the nipples slide over my glans. It was awesome. She looked at me with her almond brown eyes and whispered: “I’m so horny that you fuck me now really doll from behind”. She went on all fours on the bathroom carpet and stretched her massive ass towards me. Then she pulled her black – brown labia apart with her index and middle fingers and I saw her pale pink, already wet pussy with lust, spitting out. With my bone-hard cock I almost slipped into her warm and wonderfully slippery cave. I started slowly but realized that she moaned more and more as I got faster and faster. My balls clapped vigorously against her butt and pussy and she moaned and looked lasciviously over her shoulder to me. Just before I wanted to shoot it jumped up, pushed me over, so that I lay on the bath mat and sat in riding position on my hard stem. I massaged her insane breasts while she rode me faster and faster. She contracted her cunt more extreme and extreme and I realized that it would come to her soon. She fucked me so hard that I could no longer and unloaded my hot cum in her pussy while I pulled her huge ass tight to me