Сrossdresser sex stories

Сrossdresser sex stories

A month ago I went on a business trip to the North. Given the long journey I flew there. Arriving at the airport I collect my suitcase(large format, I had to stay a week). I arrive at the hotel and as usual, I open my suitcase to store my suits and shirts and here surprise, the suitcase is full of women’s fringue. Some sexy dress, full of stockings, two wigs, pumps of different colors… the poor thing, I call the airport, they tell me that they have no information and that I had to call back in 24 or 48 hours. I’m out for dinner, I’ll be home around 22: 00. I do not zap a little anything interesting to look at. I come across a movie ” a new friend” I watch it for a while and it tells the story of a man who lost his wife and disguises himself as a woman. And then I thought why this desire to dress like a woman, how do they walk in pumps ? Full of questions that come to mind. Since I had nothing to do I put a wild idea in my head to try on the women’s clothes in this suitcase and see what it feels like. I undressed entirely, and I put on black underpants, black self-fixing stockings a burgundy bodycon dress, black pumps of 9 or 10 cm (it was the least high) and I finish with a black half-long wig. When I got out of bed I almost fell with the pumps. I’m moving towards the mirror and the big disappointment. It’s true the dresses are women’s dresses but me with my legs and face not shaved it was not beautiful to see. I walked with the heels to see the effect it does, the rubbing of the stockings between my legs excited me a little. This feeling of softness on the legs. Anyway I end up taking all this off and I go to bed, tomorrow long day of work. I had to see several companies in the area to sign agreements ….arrived at my first appointment, the most important (if I signed this contract I would have made my year), I already apologized for my outfit and I explained the problem of valise….et when I mentioned the list of clothes from the Rachid suitcase, the boss of the company strangely wanted to know plus…la morning is coming to an end and Rachid invites me for lunch. I decline his offer because I had another appointment this afternoon… Then he offers me dinner. The dinner date is set at 19: 30.

I was back at the hotel around 18: 00. I had called the airport and still no news of my suitcase. Before Rachid arrived, I had put on black nylon tights under my jeans, I loved the feeling of softness the day before. We were in a nice restaurant and we were discussing everything and nothing, when Rachid apologized to go to the toilet. On his return he began to ask me questions about my private life :

Rachid: are you married ?

Me: No

Rachid: so you have a girlfriend ?

Me: not single for a few months, with the pace of work it’s not easy

Rachid: ah I see, I understand now

Me: you understand what ?

Rachid: excuse my indiscretion, are you a transvestite?

Me: how ? Not at all, what makes you say that ?

Rachid: well when I came back from the bathroom I saw that you wear pantyhose, that’s why , I thought that you may be transvestite, but there is no harm in that everyone does what he pleases.

Me: No No, you are not there at all, you remember the story of the suitcase, well last night I was bored a little and there was a movie with a transvestite and I thought What do they like to dress like a woman and as I had this suitcase I thought I’ll try, that’s all.

Rachid : and you liked that’s it

Me: not at all, a man dressed as a woman, without makeup not shaved it was not beautiful to see.

Rachid : but you liked it you just need help.

Me: not at all

Rachid: so why are you wearing tights today ?

There I was stuck, I could not even pretend the cold, it was very good, I turned all red and I confess to him

Me: actually I loved the softness of nylon on my legs voila

Rachid hands me a card and says :

Rachid: this is the coordinates of my hairdresser, she is also a make-up artist, masseuse…. she can help you, and I’m sure you’ll make a beautiful woman.

Me: but no I

Rachid: take it there and free to call him or not.

The finished dinner he walks me back in front of the hotel, I get out of the car the salute and tells him :

Good night my beautiful

And it starts. I kept thinking about what he told me. I undress to go to bed and before removing the tights, I again put on a dress, and the pumps the day before. I look at myself in the mirror and imagine myself shaved and made up.. He’s right. I have a girl’s figure. Anyway I take it off and I go to bed. The next day I finished my appointments around 16: 00. I go back to the hotel, take a shower and on the nightstand I see the map of the hairdresser. I tell myself and if I called him just to kill time, it’s only 16: 00 I’ll be bored. After a few minutes of hesitation I call him. A soft voice answers my phone :

Hello Nadine to your attention

Me: Hey Hello, My Name Is Karim, J’ap..

Nadine: Ah yes you are Rachid’s friend he told me about you.

Me: Ah good

Nadine : yes he was sure you would call. When do you want me to come ? Now?

Me: hee yes it is possible ?

Nadine : yes I’ll be home in 10 minutes

My heart is low fast and strong. 10 minutes after she knock at the door. I’m still in bathrobes, she comes in and says :

It’s good you took a shower. Undress and lie on the bed. Relax you close your eyes and relax you’ll be fine.

She shaves my whole body, then massages my body with a fragrant milk. She prepares me an outfit : black bodycon dress with lace at the top, black suspender stockings, matching black bottoms, black suede 10 cm pumps and tops the mid-length wig. There she beckons me to get up and she helps me put the whole thing on. Once finished, she goes to make-up, laying false eyelashes, false nails, she adjusts and fixes the wig and ends up putting women’s perfume everywhere. And there she says :

Okay, close your eyes.

I close my eyes, she guides me up in front of the mirror and she says :

Go ahead and open them.

And this surprise, nothing to do with the day before, I had before me the reflection of a bomb. Wow I was speechless. She makes me walk for a while showing me how to walk and stand with heels.

Nadine: well I have to drop you off at the restaurant, Mr Rachid is waiting for you

Me: what no no no I’m not going out like this I can’t

Nadine: let’s breathe a good shot, it’s weekdays, the restaurant is empty, no one will see you. Besides, no one will guess that you are not a woman. And I imagine you want to sign your contract.

Me : I look at myself in the mirror and she was right, no one can suspect that I am a man.

Nadine: let’s go plus the car is in front of the door.

I ended up giving up because I needed to sign this contract and because I found myself a woman…

Twenty minutes separated the hotel from the restaurant. It was located on a quiet street and indeed there were few people. Nadine comes home with me and tells me :

Mr Rachid is at the top in the VIP corner, you will be sheltered from the eyes and for you to be comfortable

I go up, he was sitting at a table, alone with a small dim light. As soon as I get close, he gets up, reaches out to me. I hold mine out to him with my fake red nails, he takes it, makes me a hand fuck while looking me in the eyes and says :

Good Evening, Ma’am…… What do I call you, Karima?

Me: yes said timidly

I had to play the game to secure the contract. But how far would I go for this contract? He passes behind me pulls my chair and makes me sit and says :

Rachid: I told you, you are sublime Karima, magnificent.

Seeing that I was uptight he said to me :

Relax, no one’s coming up here, it’s just the two of us and the waiter. You look great you just have to relax a little and act like the woman you are

He ordered wine, very good wine and during dinner we talked about tour and nothing and he confessed to me that he was not really gay or gay but he preferred transvestite because they are women who take care of them more than real women and they had a little more between the legs.

Rachid : and you have already had experiences with other men

Me: never

Rachid : but you’re rather open-minded or closed

He was talking to me in the ladies ‘ room and it made me weird.

Me : I do not know I would say rather open-minded, I replied lowering my eyes

Rachid : there is no harm in trying new things in life, remaining of course within the limits of the reasonable.

Me : that is to say?