Sissy life story

Sissy life story

Caterina is the most amazing transvestite I know. I must have met him at least 15 years ago ! During one of these trips to the Bois de Boulogne on a summer evening where as often javais the cock on fire, and an irresistible desire to empty the liters of cum that swarmed in me ! This evening was especially hot ; I used to do as usual when I lived in Boulgne Billancourt a jog with nothing but white nylon shorts without anything underneath that let very clearly become my big turgescent sex and a very indented tee shirt that allowed to show off my nipples. I was then well tanned and fully waxed. To be even more horny, I smeared the corp with solar amber which gave a glowing softness to my body. I have to admit that I loved feeling so beautiful and sexy at 25 and that I spent a long time matting in front of the ice before going to have a blast in the woods.

That night I wanted to meet a super handsome guy who I had caught completely naked, muscular and tanned jerking off in the sun in a wood. We both fucked like crazy and I didn’t ask for her contact information. If he ever recognizes himself, he beckons me !

Alas, three times alas, that dale that night; the night began to fall and I only met girls of the sixteenth stuck and gogos in goguette in the aisles. Not very sexy. If there’s no extra, I’ll have to fall back on the dish of the day, the South American whore !

It starts to really get dark but I still distinguish the body of a South American very naked at the turn of a grove; ” Hey querido, you have fire ! “I stop to propose to her ; she is not very pretty but to a very nice pair of tits and a very nice semi hard cock that she proudly displays above her thigh-highs ; everything I love. She leans over me to light her cigarette, putting her hand to my ass ” Que culo ! You want me to take care of your pretty little ass ? “It was the first time I had been flirted directly to fuck me ! I must admit that I was very excited by this proposal, even though I had not yet been penetrated very often and I still had some apprehension about it. I feel irresistibly attracted by his cock that I allow myself to caress. She is very beautiful, not very fat but very quickly become very hard in my hand. She was one of those transvestites, Ultra minority in the Woods who rarely get fucked but who fuck guys. Her hand on my ass is now passed under the fabric of my shorts and she gently tickles with fingering my rosette. I feel the real professional and I’m under the spell; my cock is stretched to crack, without even a stimulation to help it ! “I don’t have a lot of money my beautiful (and it was true I rarely moved with a lot of cash on me for a jog), I only have 50 Francs unfortunately” I Lachi – I told myself that she was going to send me shit for this ridiculous amount ! “OK honey ! Come follow me ! “I could not believe that she accepted. I would understand later that she is also one of the workers who really take their foot in doing their job and that she constitutes a true clientele of regulars. So I was chosen by her to be part of the very closed circle of her lovers who only pay a symbolic sum but to whom she can ask what she wants !

I follow her feverishly in the dark trails of the woods. The smell of the forest combined with the softness of the temperature was delicious. The journey was long, very long. I also realized later that she was taking her favorite “queridos” as far as possible to be able to fuck quietly and for a long time without being disturbed ! I walk in front of her and she already gives me these first orders “right, left, straight” crazy with excitement, I start to fuck naked what seems to please her. Just lit by the full moon, my white ass stood out well to the contrast of my tanned skin. “What an ass my love ! “And she joins the gesture to the word by immediately putting her hand to the ass. I walk for a long time completely naked (apart from the shoes) in the middle of the night in a public wood, my heavy and turgid cock of pleasure making me almost hurt at every step, having to the ass a hand of labor in stockings tits and cock in the air ! It was already sublime, it did not take more to fill me !

And yet it was nothing in the face of what he expected me ! We arrive at the end of more than 5 minutes walk which seemed to me hours in its lair. Unlike the other Travers who hid between 3 or 4 tree trunks by a stretched canvas, Caterine always officiated outdoors, without hiding, certainly to satisfy her exhibitonnist side.

She asks me for my little gift and asks me to get on my knees on a small carpet and suck her. I appreciate the small detail of comfort and I begin to suck it with greed. As usual, I quickly get small Rales of satisfaction because I think I have a good mastery of the technique of blowjob, which I’m not sure to master as well for cunnilingus unfortunately ! While I love eating for hours a good pussy, I always feel like giving a man more pleasure than a woman with my mouth. I know that a woman is longer to have fun or an orgasm than a man but this contrast has always disturbed me, finally feeling less good straight lover than gay ! For now I am enjoying this beautiful perfect cock, neither too big, nor too small, well drawn, quite wide, very very hard and feeling super good despite all the mouths and asses that had to pass on it ! In fact his thing was an impeccable hygiene with a cleaning with anti-bacterial wipes after each report and a small blow of perfume ! Delicious ! And she seemed to appreciate it as much as I did ; she held my head firmly, guiding her rhythm. I sucked her a long very long time, 10 minutes maybe, while touching her very beautiful tits, her big ass very firm, her thighs so soft. I began to understand that she did not want slaughter but above all pleasure ” take your time querido, we have all our time ! “Extra ordinary for only 50 francs ! Even today I fuck her for 10 euros (sometimes even 5 when I’m stiff !) and it lasts half an hour to an hour. Better, I even spent several times a part of the night at her house for this rate. Even a wife asks for more !

Then suddenly she rests gently but firmly and asks me to lie naked in the foam. I find myself completely naked (this time I had taken off my shoes !), lying in the middle of the night under the full moon on a delicious foam mattress that smelled so good humus, thighs raised like a little whore who was going to get fucked. She takes each of my legs on her shoulders, hands me a noistte of gel for my ass before putting on a top. I am great but still a little feverish at the idea of getting fucked so by his big cock away from all.