Singletransexuals – I am 27 years old, married and a passionate lingerie wearer. I like it very much elegant, silk linen or made of satin. Fine nylons, like with seam and a pair of beautiful shoes. But I also indulge in the latex, u.Lackfetisch. I have already bought various horny latex lingerie, which acquired from an Internet shop.

For years I have been buying new clothes again and again and feel like in another world when I am dressed hot and then jerk me like wild, often several times in a row. The desire to get to know like-minded people has been growing over the years. The uncertainty of being able to suck a cock, touch or even fuck a stranger other crossdresser or to be able to get infected with AIDS kept me from so far. In my mind, however, increasingly horny things are playing out, that I always thought of it to drive times with another.

Even when writing this story, I had a stiff one that I jerked me through again and again.

One summer day I drove to the city. I wanted to buy some new clothes, something elegant, maybe made of satin. Plus new shoes. From the internet I knew that in this city there would be a shop where you could buy women’s underwear as a man unabashedly.

I was of course very excited, not knowing how it will be there.

Once there, I entered the shop a little shy. I looked like a saleswoman …
… a more mature gentleman , around 60 years, quite handsome, very well-groomed appearance, relatively slim and obviously also married, served. She helped him put on silicone breasts that could be put on like a bra. These were quite large and suited his skin quite well in color. The saleswoman smiled at me and called a colleague who was now serving me.

She does not need to be embarrassed, we know why they are here and want to satisfy all their desires as far as possible, she said.

I see you’re married, she said. The wedding ring was hard to miss. How to serve very often married men who often have a desire for more, she said with a smile on her face.

Fortunately, I had enough money with me, because I got an irrepressible desire to buy more from the rich assortment than I had planned. My fear faded and we looked for clothes, breasts, wig together. I kept squinting over to the other two and my now slightly swollen cock was a bit embarrassing. The saleswoman politely overlooked this, which I found very pleasant.

The more mature gentleman had already left the store when I made my purchase and left the store. I now walked across the shopping street and saw this Mr. daussen sitting at a cafe. He smiled over and asked me to take a seat. i was a little scared at first but then I sat down with him. Well, he said that was the first time you bought there, wasn’t it? I buy there often and with pleasure, so you get everything you need to pursue your passion, he said. We had a stimulating conversation and my initial reluctance gave way to a certain desire. i got another, this time very hard cock. He noticed it and moved his chair closer to me. Then he stroked my right leg with his hand under the table and slid slowly and gently over my bump. I looked around embarrassed and felt his touches as immensely stimulating. My belt became even harder, this almost hurt me. Would you like to try out our newly acquired lingerie? he asked me. Do not be shy, I am very experienced, but not intrusive, you just need to say what you do not like, that’s fine, he just meant. i agreed and we went to a nearby hotel.

Arrived in the room, he said that I could undress quietly, he did not bite. We laughed and undressed. We stood naked and examined us. I am always shaved all over my body and fortunately he is too. It’s just a lot more feminine. His stiff belt was quite large his shaved intimate area looked cool. Now we put on our clothes. We helped each other. I put a blonde short hair wig over my head, a white bra and pressed me …
… Silicone breasts in there. He had meanwhile put on a bruenette wig, blue seam nylons, and a blue satin bodice. I just wanted to push a slip over my already stiff cock again, as he held my hand and said that he wanted to see my cock. Please read the slip, he said. He glided over the glans, as if accidentally. I could not hide that I found this touch very pleasant. Come on, I’ll help you put on the nylons, he said quietly and had the skin-colored nylons already in his hand. He put these over my foot and rolled them up proffessionally. Then the second nylon stocking. I had bought a skin-colored girdle, which he now put on me, kneeling in front of me. He attached the nylons to the suspenders and my hard beating was right in front of his face. he now grabbed my bag from below, stroking it gently, so that I began to moan. I got goosebumps and he slid his hand over the shaft of my cock. Stroking him by gliding up and down on him, as when jerking off. I do not know if I ever had such a thick and hard Fickprügel, in addition, I had not waxed for days due to lack of time. He stopped and pulled the white women’s shoes over my feet. This did not happen without him stroking my nylon leg. I now also took his scsanft over his legs. They felt wonderful, so desirable. Come my darling, rub your cock on my nylon legs, he asked me nicely. he sat on the bed and I knelt in front of his right leg and stroked my hard cock along his legs. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the voluptuous feeling that rose in me. The lust let me explode internally and already came a small drop of my sperm from the tail and wetted his nylon leg. He stroked my face while I rubbed against him and explored his leg with my hands. He held his head to my ear and whispered, “Los spritz me your hot hot juice over my nylons”. He put his tongue in my right ear and licked it around. I lost my senses and just pressed his nylon leg harder against my cock. I jerked me harder and harder on him. I jerked and ejaculated wildly. The hot juice shot out and I inject him everything on his nylon leg. My body flowed through a never-ending orgasm. He held me tight for a while and licked and kissed me on the neck. I was still twitching and after recovering a bit, we looked at what I had done. My horny juice ran down his leg into the shoe. Have you ever tasted your own juice, he asked. Yes, I had, already very often, I love this slimy, …
… sticky chestnut-tasting juice. I bent down to his shoe and began to lick it with my tongue. I sucked my own warm cum greedily with my mouth. It tasted even better than from my hand. The smell and taste of his nylons made me horny again. I sucked his leg like crazy. He enjoyed my touches and his hot, horny stand was now really thick. Please sit on the bed, he said, and he sat with his back to me on my right leg. He put his belt between leg and nylon, support himself on my knees and began with slow and then faster and faster fucking movements to inject his pleasure juice. Holding on to his hips, I spurred him to give me all his hot juice. He moaned loudly and under his moaning his sperm splashed violently from his stand. My thigh was now full of his white sauce. It was an unprecedented feeling to feel and smell foreign sperm. I took his belt in my hand and jerked his last drop out of him. He descended from me, took my left hand and pushed it under the nylon stocking over my wet, full of hot juice wetted leg. My hand was now soaking wet and he pulled it out and licked everything off. Unable to resist his wet cock, I put my right arm from behind between his legs and grabbed his black women’s shoes and put them on him. I also stroked it spanking again. While he licked his Fickschleim relish from my hand, I jerked his cock again. Just an incredible feeling to have another cock in your hand. Only in my thoughts I could imagine so far to be able to go so far. tired, he lay down next to me and we jerked us slightly the tails. Again my belt was so hard that it threatened to burst. He bent over my hard cock and licked with his tongue tip over the swollen glans. i enjoyed his loving touches and he was now sucking on the glans. I pushed my pelvis up and wanted to fuck him deeper into his mouth. The lust climbed my senses and he read my cock deep into his mouth poking. With one hand he played on my balls and I fucked him violently in his slimy greedy mouth cunt.