She-male – And a drag queen dressed in white, equipped with a blond wig, with shoulder-length curls, and a very distinct push-up bra appeared. Our son… or what?

The registrar began his procedure and spoke about the importance of marriage, the importance of the marriage vow, the importance of fidelity and confidence in a relationship – and not least of all about the love that would make everything possible. And then he asked Berthold if he wanted to take his” wife “Jenny (and not his” husband “Jens, as we had expected) as his” wife”. And Berthold said, ” Yes, I will!”. Then he asked our son … or what? “Do you want to be faithful and love your husband Berthold?”- “Yes, I want”. And so it was decided and sealed, the two exchanged precious rings and Berthold was allowed to go ahead …
… our eyes kiss his “bride”.

For my wife, all this was still quite violent and she was pretty buttoned up for the rest of the day, but bravely continued her role as “bride-mother”, which I highly credit her today. Berthold’s parents also seemed to be completely in agreement with having a “daughter-in-law” now and addressed Jenny with her new name. We still had some problems with it, because Jens was just more familiar to us.

The day after, Jenny came back to us, accompanied by Berthold, and told us that she wanted to live as a woman in the future. She would have thought about it thoroughly and would soon undergo sex reassignment surgery. For my wife, that was too much. Two days later she had disappeared and reported via text message that she had now moved to a friend and had to think about everything first.

The months went into the country and Jenny had actually had surgery. She had had her breasts enlarged, cosmetic surgery performed, and had even had a vagina placed underneath her penis, where her scrotum used to be. And she was very proud of what I could understand. Because she looked really adorable.

Another month later I was invited by the two to a “gentlemen’s evening”. I couldn’t really imagine what it would be like, but I arrived at their place dressed as I wanted in the tuxedo I still had from Jenny’s wedding, after I had been picked up by a limousine. And Berthold received me as a perfect host. No sign of Jenny yet. She still had to get ready. For this, Berthold’s father Paul was also present. We were led into a small salon, where velvet-covered seating stood around a small, very low, but very expansive party table. And so we sat there, chatting inconsequentially inconsequential and unimportant. Until the door opened and Jenny appeared.

A wonderfully tanned, crisp naked body, a butt that could delight any man. Her breasts, simply stunning and beautifully shaped, her face and neck now completely feminine in appearance. And the “Jens cock”, the only thing that still reminded of the origin, hung over a barely shaved pubic triangle on her new pussy, which was also delightfully shaped. Around said: a feast for the eyes.

And then came the incredible: Berthold asked us to pull down our pants and asked, who will start? “With what?I asked uncertainly. “Well, let Jenny blow you one!”I stared at him in disbelief. From my son, should I let myself go to the tail now? Berthold’s father, on the other hand, had already stripped off his trousers and underpants. “Here you go,” he said to Jenny. Who, kneeling down between his thighs, began to kiss his cock. Then she started to him …
… licking, which made him become stiffer and steeper. At last she bent over his bared glans and let his cock, which was not even so small, disappear in her mouth and throat. I thought she was going to have to cough. But, I was wrong. Jenny performed a deep-throat with her father-in-law, which was simply picture-perfect! Paul groaned heavily and I saw that he enjoyed being pampered by his” daughter-in-law ” cock. I made it, alone from watching, also always horny and I had no choice but to take off my pants, but still sat with a strong bump in the underpants, and continued to watch.

Berthold enjoyed the sight! With his camera he captured all the heavenly scenes and repeatedly kissed Jenny’s forehead and stroked her over her, now real shoulder-length curls.

Then Paul had to cum. It was impressive to watch Paul pump his semen down Jenny’s throat and swallow it well. Since I was then so horny that I also took off my pants and waited for Jenny to go to me.

When Jenny released Paul’s cock, it was already in relaxation and sagged limply on his sack. So she had really taken the whole load off him. Her sucking technique alone was impressive.

Then Jenny knelt to me and stroked me over my rock-hard cock.

“That’s just wonderful Daddy. I’ve always wanted you to be horny for me”.

Not only was I flattered, I was also a little surprised.

“I’m going to blow you now, too. But I’m not gonna let you cum yet. That’ll come later. Let yourself be surprised”.

And then Jenny began to edit my cock. She worked her way along my rock-hard shaft to its root and it was such a heavenly feeling as she let me slide into her throat sucking. A picture book-Kehlenfick! And I felt how I was always horny and how I longed for the orgasm gradually. But Jenny got that and let my cock slide out of her neck again.

“Well, Dad. Relax. I will now get on top of you with my pussy and you can fuck your daughter!”

Pardon me? My heart throbbed, with excitement, with surprise … and Jenny climbed over my thighs to my lap, grabbed my cock and let it glide circling along her reshaped cunt lobe. …
… She was wonderfully velvety, moist, willing and greedy. Then my cock gradually slipped into her simulated vagina, which had been formed from her scrotum and she began to ride me. Harder and harder. She moaned and I felt her muscles of the pelvic floor massaging me and greedily whey at me to snatch my semen. She increased my lust further and further and with her skillful movements she still held me back for a good quarter of an hour until I literally exploded in her. I had never experienced such a magnificent orgasm in my life and …

Jenny bent over to me, kissed me on my lips, opened her mouth, overwhelmed me to a tongue kiss that did not want to end further, while my cock jerked deep inside her and still dripped sperm remnants from my piss hole into her heavenly pussy.