Real ts encounters

Real ts encounters – I once again had time and opportunity to spend an evening as Cindy. It was midweek and a cool spring evening. My plan was once again outdoor what to experience. I was in the forum and finally I made out date in the Au. There were still two hours of time I also needed to style myself and took a bath and shave me.

It is always such a nice feeling to feel the stockings on the skin. To get me in the mood, I decided to push a butt plug into my mare hole. I screwed a nozzle on the shower hose and rinsed my mare hole a few times. The warm water poured into

my hole and I pushed it out weider. A few times I led the hose into my hole and let the water flow into me. When the pressure got too much I read it out of me. After a few times it was just more pure water and my anus and intestines were ready to be used as a vagina. When I slip into the role of Cindy I want to be completely woman and also my lovers tenderly used as a woman and hooker. I enjoy it when I have sex with a man and he penetrates me with his stiff limb. In the beginning it takes a little getting used to and can sometimes hurt a little, it’s a little more virginal – but with more practice it will certainly settle down. But the excitement through the penetrated limb is so intense that even the thoughts of it make me horny. A stiff link in me

to …
… feeling makes me almost come and for me as a tranny belongs to sex simply the sexual intercourse to make me feel right as a woman and hooker.

The warm water also softened the muscles and I creamed my hole and massaged it with my fingers. First one and then two. Due to the warm water, the rosette was already soft and I stretched it emotionally. Then gave lube on the plug so that he could be easily inserted and pushed into my hole. The thoughts in the evening like a woman to feel a cock in me made me very hot. Now it was time to dress me. I opted for black stockings and a black garter belt. Over it I put on a black lace panties. At the top I pulled a lace bodice with integrated pushup bra that made me a breast. Now I started to make up. First the makeup, and then the cheeks and eyes. Slowly I turned into a crossdresser girl. Now the mini dress, I chose a little black with lace and pvc inserts. The wig I put on and chose black high heels with about 12 cm but fit well and emphasized my slender legs even sexier. I went into the garage and drove the car into the Au, which is such a meeting place for homosexuals but as a tranny you are seen and used by most there, to the designated parking lot. I got out and since he was not there yet I leaned against the car. A bit like a hooker waiting for the suitors. There came some cars

passing by to just look there were then also two stopped I I saw how they examined me. Then one got out and came to

me and addressed me on the date. He gave me a kiss and was very polite. I asked him if it bothered him when we are being watched,

said no. Meanwhile, two more cars had come and indicated to those sitting in the car they should come. Slowly they got out.

I walked with my lover slowly up the stairs the others followed us. At the top we walked along a part of the way towards

a picnic table standing there. He grabbed my butt which I enjoyed and quided by a smile. Suddenly

he took me and kissed me on the mouth I answered the kiss and put ithe tongue in his mouth. I grabbed him in the

Step and felt a decent beating. Deftly I opened the belt and zipper and began to massage his piece.

The fingers wandered in the direction of his testicles which I massaged with the fingertips and rubbed his rod with the palm. He started a low moan and I whispered in his ear “let me be your hooker”.

I squatted and began to lick and blow him tenderly. His piece was getting stiffer which made me fully horny. I sucked on his testicles and my lips groped their way up his hill. The others …
… Men who had followed us stood at a distance of 3 to 5 meters and had opened their pants and their pieces in their hands. I began to suck on his cock and it flowed out of him already wet. When his cock was very stiff I stood on pushed my dress up and took off my lace panties. I lay down on the table and spread my legs willingly and pushed him my hole. My lover pulled me the plug out of the hole and briefly put his fingers in. I filed in the lubricant and he rubbed my hole and his piece. I was very hot and began to moan, then he put his cock on the rosette pushed slightly until it gave way and then penetrate me with a strong push. I felt a short pain but clenched my teeth. Then I spürete be cock in me. My excitement covered the pain quickly and I enkam a lustful moan which animated him to fuck me really. First he start slowly then stronger. I enjoyed it at the table with spread legs I stretched in the air and to be fucked. He grabbed my legs and kissed them while he fucked me with powerful thrusts. I indicated the bystanders with my fingers they should come closer. I was excited to be fucked so that I wanted more. They stood up left and right and I grabbed each a tail and confessed to supply diesn with the hand pulled her to me and began to blow the left and right alternately. I was like fucked by the senses below and the cocks in my mouth so horny I was. I was completely in the role of the hooker who is just used by several men for hot sex. I just had the right in his mouth when he stopped briefly and then injected the full load into my mouth. I was so horny and I also had no choice, so I swallowed everything and then licked him clean. As soon as I was finished I already had the next wet cock in my hand and mouth. Since I felt like my lover stopped and in several powerful pushes in my mare hole dehrte. I felt his juice warm emptied into my body. I moaned loudly with excitement and just wanted to continue to be used as a hooker. He stayed inside for a short time and then slowly pulled it out. He came to my head and I was allowed to lick cock tenderly clean. I was so hot and horny and moaned “fuck me, use me as your transenute”. that I did not need to say twice and already stood again a horny stallion between my legs and pushed me his Pürgel in the ass. I tuned the scary as a woman and hooker to have sex. My mare hole was now so stretched that I really enjoyed it to be used as a woman for sex. He pushed firmly into my anus more and more firmly and faster until he also poured into me. I knew now how cool it is for a woman when the cock penetrates into the vagina. I love …
… this feeling of being a woman and felt my mare hole as a vagina. I was penetrated by one after the other and how my intestine almost passed from sperm that was pumped into me. How much I had already swallowed, I do not know anymore I was like in a trance. Suddenly I felt a beating pushed into my anus, which was bigger and stronger than all before. I looked up briefly and saw a large powerful African, muscular and his tail was bigger and stronger than any previous. He was not alone there was still two who came to me with their huge cocks and put them in my mouth. The first fucked me without regard and penetrated into regions in my hole before where there was never a cock. But my intestine was so full of sperm that he slipped easily only the stretching I felt. The tail aroused me but so strong that I was almost unconscious and just let me use. I continued to suck on the other cocks when one suddenly came with intense shocks. It must have been 6 or 7 erections and the amounts of juice filled my entire throat and mouth. He ordered me swallow and I could not help but follow. Then came the African in me and filled my intestines completely. But it should still be nciht vorei the third stood between his legs and pushed his no less big beating into me. I moaned loudly I didn’t care. My lover who had come with me now bent over me and took my girl cock in her mouth and played around him tenderly. That was now too much for me I came with an orgasm as I had never experienced it. My whole body shook and I poured into his mouth. Without will I lay there satisfied as never before and the black fucked me just on. I enjoyed it we groaned full lsut us felt the excitement new in me rise. The group used me as their whore and continued to fuck me. With me, one orgasm after another turned on without my girl’s cock was stiff. I felt it more like a female, vaginal orgasm. I was drugged and kept reading about myself until they all couldn’t. I do not remember how many came into me at some point they read off and disappeared. Only my lover stay I now had to empty my intestines and squatted down. It was a huge amount of sperm that ran out of me. Then I cleansed myself and straightened myself. We went back to the car and my lover put his arm around me. We stopped and he kissed me intimately