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You must never have heard of cuckold white couples who love black cocks. White husbands with small cocks encourage and even encourage their wives to fuck black men. And shit, they even like to suck their women’s pussies afterwards, and suck black men’s cocks too. “. His comments turned me into one, but I couldn’t let him know.

So, I said, “that sounds like a lot of bullshit to me, Daniel. I have to admit you’re good enough at making stuff up, though. He openly rubbed his crotch, saying, ” You don’t need to believe me, Kendra. I can give you some websites where to go to read stories and watch video clips about cuckold dating.

Or, you can go down the hall and talk to our neighbor, Sally. She and her husband are aware of all this and my big cock. “.

After his last comments, he looked at me and his eyes suddenly widened. It was then that he smiled and said, ” Damn, white girl, I had not understood that you are breastfeeding until now. Your shirt is all wet.

I like to suck big white nipples, filled with milk. “. I was embarrassed when I looked down and saw wet spots in my breast milk on both sides. This made the thin cotton almost transparent and he saw my two dark areolas. I did not have time to tell him anything because I saw on my monitor that my son was waking up and I had to go back to my apartment.

I looked at Daniel and he was always rubbing his crotch giving me these website names. Then I say, “Okay, Daniel, I’m going to do some research on the cuckold this afternoon, but I still think you’re making this up. “.

After breastfeeding my son and folding the rest of the clothes, I had some free time to review the two websites Daniel had given me. The title banner on the first I tried to read ‘Black Cocks for Slutty White Wives’. The first five-minute video shocked me. clips. They showed white husbands sitting passively on the beds, stroking their small cocks, while their pretty and busty wives were sucking and fucking black men, without a condom.

Their cocks were huge and I watched in amazement as those thick black cocks pounded their wife’s hairy white pussies. Then I got up and read several stories that very explicitly described the sexual acts and some of the motivating factors that explained the cuckold lifestyle. These descriptions of white women and men submitting to the sexual whims of Black Stallions turned me on. A few of them even described scenarios in which black men fucked the wives of their white neighbors.

I was beginning to see black men in a new light. They took advantage of the submissive and decadent nature of white couples to offer extraordinary and perverse sexual pleasure to all concerned. Watching the videos and reading the stories, I couldn’t help but think about Ed’s hunger for my juicy pussy.

I watched these other husbands sucking Blacks ‘cum in their wives’ pussies, and easily visualized Ed and I in their place. These cocks seemed so huge and desirable to me, having only seen what I knew then, that is Ed’s small cock. I ended up reading stories all afternoon and headed for four orgasms. I felt so guilty, fantasizing about big black cocks.

At the same time, I thought Ed would probably like to suck my pussy after being fucked by black men this way. Ed didn’t know what happened to me that night. He came home late from work and was exhausted. But after I put our son to sleep, I pulled Ed into the bedroom to fuck me. It took him a little longer than usual to ejaculate, then I pulled his mouth against my pussy and held him there, imagining that he was eating a black man’s sperm.

At this point, I hadn’t decided to fuck a black man yet, but I knew that at least I had to see one of those big cocks. The next day I stayed in the apartment to read cuckold stories and watch some of these black cocks on video. I masturbated five times that day and fucked Ed again that night.

I was wondering if I should talk to Ed about my new perversion, but I was afraid he would be unhappy watching videos and reading stories about interracial sex. The next day I went to do the laundry, dressed in the same way as before, after putting the baby to sleep. Daniel had to listen to me to go because he only arrived a few minutes after my first load started. He stared at my breasts and stomach again as he said, “Good afternoon, Kendra. Have you had the opportunity to look at any of these websites?”.

I deliberately looked down at his crotch and tried to convince him: “yes, Daniel, I read dozens of stories and watched a few videos. I still can’t believe it. The big cocks in the videos do not I do not look real and some stories seem exaggerated to me. I find it hard to imagine a man with such a long and thick cock, especially after getting used to my husband’s four inch thin cock.

“. It was important to me that he made the first move, so I was happy when he started to pull down his athletic shorts saying, “Well, I don’t mind showing you my cock, and even though sweet, it’s much bigger than four inches.” He was not wearing underwear and I soon saw his kinky black pubic hair and the base of his big cock appear before my eyes. In just a few seconds, I was looking at his black, coal, black, uncircumcised cock, which hung heavily between his legs. It had to be eight inches long and almost as thick as my wrist.

He also has huge balls the size of an egg, and they hung and swung between his legs. Daniel looked at me looking at his cock with his mouth open, and then said in a deep, soothing voice: “go ahead, stroke me for me, white girl. You know you want to touch it, and I want to show you how big it gets. “. I leaned over his tail and grabbed the warmth, thickness and protruding veins.

I had never felt a foreskin before and loved the way it slid back and forth when I started stroking its thick meat. It only took a few seconds for his tail to lengthen to what looked like eleven inches, as it became even thicker. My hand didn’t even hold all around his sex as I started stroking him.

Before I realized what was happening, he tilted my head back with his hand and bent over to kiss me. His big lips were soft as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and began to kiss me passionately. I had been so sectarian for most of my life, and I was locked in a wet, wet kiss with a tall black man. We continued to kiss and I pushed him away as he effortlessly lifted me a few inches to sit on the laundry table. His precum flowed heavily on my caressing hand as he stroked and rubbed my big tits with both hands.

I knew I was letting things get out of hand but I didn’t care. His big cock felt so good in my hand and I loved the feeling of his strength and aggressiveness. The next thing I knew was that he pulled hard on my underwear to lift it over my dangling breasts. Then he walked away from our kiss and bent over to suck my tit, as I continued to stroke his black cock. Ed had sucked my milk-swollen breasts a few times and swallowed my milk, but never as aggressively as Daniel sucked me.

For the first time in my life, I was getting extremely excited to get my breasts sucked, and it was almost as if my mammary glands were directly connected to my vagina. His cock was rock hard, and he started pushing it into my hand and getting closer to my pussy. I was at the perfect height on the table to get fucked. What he was doing to my chest was so nice, but I wasn’t sure yet that I was ready to be fucked by another man for the first time.

I thought if I could get off the table, I would turn around and let him at least bump his cock against my ass until he got some relief and a cumshot. I pushed him away, jumped off the table and turned my back. He continued to caress my bare breasts, as I leaned slightly on the table.