Our cuckold wedding

Our cuckold wedding – I had been dating Jen for just over a year when we decided to get married and get married. Jen was twenty-eight years old and a broken marriage behind her. She married when she was only eighteen years old and against the advice of her parents, she married the guy who turned out to be an abusive drunkard. The marriage ended two years later, and her previous experience discouraged her from trying to find the right guy. she didn’t think he was out there.

Jen is slim, she has thirty-four cups and a firm and well-groomed body. Her hair is always well cut and she takes good care of herself. She is five feet five inches tall and has a brown shoulder.

hair; her green eyes complete this ideal female. She trains regularly and it took me a long time before she finally agreed to go out with me. I was persistent and finally, my efforts paid off and we agreed, I never pushed sex on her because I decided that it would happen at the right time and that when we discussed getting married almost six months after the beginning of our relationship, decided that we should save the sexual side of our relationship until we got married. We decided to splash out for our wedding; Jen had always wanted to go to the south of France. We decided that this should be where we should tie the knot.

Of course, this would mean that many of our friends would not be able to make the trip but close family and a few friends would definitely come. The date has been set and the place reserved. We decided to spend our honeymoon in a beautiful French cottage twenty minutes from Nice, where we were going to get married; of course, the first night we had to spend at the hotel where we booked reception.

The hotel was a huge high-end hotel and there were three banquet rooms for special events like our wedding and we learned that there was to be another wedding ceremony later in the afternoon in the same hotel and although it would not interfere with ours it would mean that the hotel would be very busy. We arrived three days before the wedding and booked in our separate rooms and finalized the wedding preparations. Everything looked great and the hotel really put on a good show.

One by one, the guests arrived the next two days and everything went according to plan. I was looking forward to getting Jen between the sheets and finally making love to her; until then we had only had light caresses, but I had never touched her breasts or pussy. The time had finally come for us to get married and everything was going perfectly, not a single thing went wrong and, although there were only about thirty-five friends and family members present, the result was positive. The reception also went very well and the banquet room was full of white lilies and decorations; it looked perfect.

The reception began to relax around ten o’clock; the wedding was at noon, and people had already had a long day. On top of that, I wanted to put my new wife to bed. Jen and I said goodbye to our guests and went to the fifth floor of the luxury hotel in our room.

We got completely lost and ended up on the fourth floor and in the middle of the other wedding party. We recognized the minister; he was the guy who married us ten hours earlier. He asked us if we were going to join the other wedding and we told him that we were trying to find our room.

“Come and join us,” smiled the minister. “You may find this ceremony exciting.” “Exciting? Jen asked, still in a wedding dress.

“Yes, it’s a cuckold marriage.”My ears rose. “A cuckold wedding?”I asked. I had heard of cuckold before but never imagined that there were wedding ceremonies like this.

“Yes, Marc and Liz have been married for five years and now want to change their vows to allow them to live the cuckold lifestyle; come and watch.”I looked at Jen whose eyes lit up; she obviously wanted to watch this couple change their wedding vows. “I’m up for it,” yelled Jen, ” maybe it’s fun.””Okay, let’s go by and watch,” I replied. “Excellent, you never know, you may want to change your wishes after attending this ceremony,” said the minister. Jen shook my hand very hard and I could tell she was more than intrigued by it all. We walked with the minister and upon entering a large banquet hall; we were greeted by enthusiastic applause.

Jen and I were slightly embarrassed and a middle-aged woman came to tell us that she would take care of us. “Will you renew your vows too? Monique asked. “No, we just got married this morning,” I replied quickly. “Cuckold? Monique asked.

Jen smiles, ” No, not yet anyway.”Her comment shook me and I looked at her, she raised her eyebrow to let me know that she was more interested in it than I thought. Jen and I were in the back of the room with Monique and the music started playing. A middle-aged couple came in, she in a wedding dress and him in an elegant suit. Behind them, two blacks, just as well dressed as by their appearance, walked behind them. We watched the minister deliver a speech on the solemn vows of marriage before claiming that today infidelity breaks more marriages than domestic violence.

He went on to say that cuckold marriage is a great way to preserve a happy marital existence without fear of infidelity. “Marc and Liz agreed that their wedding vows be changed to initiate the cuckold side of their relationship, thereby preserving their marriage,” the minister said. Jen and I would be holding hands against each other as the minister began to read their new vows. He continued the ceremony by reading various things and a few that remained in my head were as follows. “Marc, does he solemnly swear to give Liz the sexual freedom to explore other lovers until death, do you part?”.

“I do.”. “Do you agree to be deceived by Liz, to accept her terms of sexual denial and humiliation?”. “I do.”. Jen’s grip on my hand increased to the point that my hand became numb. “Do you agree that if Liz becomes pregnant with one of her sexual partners, you will raise the child or children as you will love them, cherish them and provide them?”.

“I do.”. “these vows, you give up all the sexual rights that your marriage has, do you agree with that?”. “I do.”.

He turned to Liz. “Liz, do you agree to change your vows into a cuckold marriage?”. “I do!”.

“Would you like to explore your sexual side with different partners?”. “I do!”. “You enter this cuckold lifestyle with cuckold Marc’s intention to be your cuckold husband, deny him your body and humiliate him as you please, do you agree with that?”. “I do!”. He then turned to them both.

“Marc, is there a sexual partner for your wife to consume your new marriage?”. “Yes.”. The two black men moved forward. “Marc, you give Liz to Jason and Gabe to satisfy his sexual desires on this day of your marriage, to consummate this marriage and have sex without regrets?”. “I do.”.

“Liz, are you taking Jason and Gabe to be your sexual partners that night to consummate your new marriage to your cuckold husband, Marc?”. “I do!”. “Marc and Liz, would you like to place your wedding rings on the table.”They both removed their wedding rings and placed them on the table.

The minister took Marc’s hand and placed it in Liz’s. “Marc, would you like to place Liz’s hand in the hands of her sexual partners, please?”. Mark moved his hand and placed it in the hands of the blacks.

“From that moment on, Marc and Liz will continue their cuckold lifestyle and will not fear reprisals from Liz’s sexual exploration of her partners.”. I looked at Jen and she had tears in her eyes. “I Now Pronounce You husband and wife cuckold. Jason and Gabe, you can kiss the bride. Jason and Gabe took turns kissing deeply, Liz and the guests cheered. The two black men walked hand in hand with Liz while Marc followed, they went to the bar and the guests followed them.

Monique asked us what we thought about the ceremony and Liz said it shocked her. “I never knew there was this type of ceremony,” Jen said, wiping away tears. “It is becoming very popular, especially in France,” Monique replied. “It was definitely different,” I smiled, ” interesting, so this guy gave his wife the freedom to have sex with whoever she wants?”. “Yes, he did and it will make their marriage stronger, don’t you agree? Monique asked.

Jen quickly replied, ” Yes, I want it!”. “You do?”I asked. “Yes, as the guy said, infidelity is the biggest destroyer of marriages, it will end infidelity in their marriage,” smiles Jen.

“She obviously wants to fuck the other guys; it will protect their marriage. “I was shocked to see my new wife’s reaction to what we have just witnessed. We walked with Monique to the bar and since it wasn’t our wedding, we decided to sit in a small kiosk in a corner of the room.

Monique brought us a waiter and we ordered a drink. Monique sat down with us and we discussed the ceremony we just attended and we agreed that it was a revelation and that we could see the benefits of this type of wedding. Suddenly Monique saw someone at the bar and called him to our table; he was about 20 meters high and he was black. He approached us and I could see Jen’s eyes opening as she saw him.

“Martin, This Is Jennifer and Trevor, they just got married,” Monique introduced us. “Hello Jennifer, “Martin said with a big smile,”I’m Martin.” Jen got up and shook his hand. “Hello Trevor, congratulations on marrying this beautiful girl,” Martin said, shaking my hand.

“Please join us and have a drink,” Jen smiled and Martin accepted her invitation and sat to her left. “You did the cuckold ceremony? Martin asked. Jen smiled, ” No, we did the conventional wedding.”You can always change that into a cuckold marriage,” Martin quickly replied.

Jen’s eyes opened even more when Martin brought his chair closer to her. Monique was talking to me and Martin was talking to my wife while the drinks flowed. I could see that Jen had an appeal to Martin by the fact that she was looking at him and more than once I saw him put his hand on his knee; she didn’t frown, they just kept chatting and laughing together. It was just after midnight that Monique left us and I went to get us another three-way drink.

When I returned, I realized that Martin had changed his position and was now sitting next to Jen in the cabin. They chatted very softly and laughed a lot, and I knew she had a great fantasy for him and, in view of everything that was going on, the appeal went both ways. I repeatedly noticed that his hand rested above his knee and also on his hand. I was starting to get an erection as I watched them chat and laugh together and wanted more! Jen got up to go to the bathroom and her long wedding dress was caught as she tried to pass by Martin. I almost shot myself seeing her hand on her ass as they were trying to unravel her wedding dress and I swear she deliberately took longer to unravel than necessary, she liked what was going on and her hand on her ass.

Eventually, she got out of the cabin and rushed into the bathroom, leaving Martin and I alone. “She’s beautiful, man,” Martin said with a big smile. “I know she is.”And she tells me you’ve never done it with her yet?”.

“You mean you slept with her? No, never, I didn’t even see her in her lingerie; we wanted to keep that for our wedding night.””Dude, I couldn’t have waited, she’s gorgeous.”Thank You, Martin.”So, you think you’d like the cuckold wedding? Martin asked. “Jen wouldn’t,” I replied, “She’s a bit prude if you see what I mean.” “She would want Trevor, believe me, she would”. “You seem sure of that,” Martin replied.

“Believe me, man, she wants to do it!”. “Living as a cuckold couple? How do you know?”. “Trust me just man, she would do the ceremony and all.”I wondered how it was so safe. “You asked him then?”.

“We talked about it and she wants to do it,” Martin smiles. “Ask her when she will return, she will also participate in the ceremony.””Really?”. “Yeah, man, she wants cuckold marriage.””She does? She wants to sleep with other guys?”I questioned. “Every woman makes a man, they just do not admit it.”My cock was about to explode! Every guy fantasizes about his wife fucking another guy and this stranger talking to my new bride about getting me caught as a cuckold! On our wedding day! I could not wait for his return, would my new wife cuckold me? What about our wedding day? Jen returned to the cabin and again Martin’s hands touched her buttocks as she pressed him to sit down. “I’m going to go get us another drink,” Martin smiled and grabbed Jen’s hand and squeezed it.

She looked him straight in the eye and smiled at him before getting up and going to the bar. As soon as Martin was out of range, I went to sit in his seat and took his hand to kiss him. My heart beat to break everything at my chest and I trembled like crazy. “He’s a nice guy,” I tried to let Jen know that I had approved his new friend.

“It is superb! Jen Replied. “So what were you two talking about?”I asked my new wife. Jen smiled.

“Actually, we were talking about the cuckold marriage,” Jen replied softly. “And?”. “It intrigues me, doesn’t it?””Intrigued, how?”I asked. “It kind of sounds like a great way to live, “Jen smiles as she shakes my hand,” I mean, there’s no problem flirting or things like that.”. “Or fuck another guy!”I quickly answered.

“Oh yes and that! Jen said with a smile. My whole body was shaking; my new bride seemed really excited about it. “So what do you think?”Jen asked me softly. “About which baby?”. “About cuckold marriage,” smiles Jen.

“What about it? Are you seriously thinking about it?”. “In fact, I would do it and try if you want.”I almost pulled my load into my tuxedo at that point. “You want to live a cuckold life? With the wedding ceremony too?”I asked.

“I’m up for it if you are,” smiles Jen, ” What do you think?”. “You want us to have the same ceremony as the other couple,” I asked, “in front of all these people.””It can be fun,” Jen replied,” Would you live like my cuckold husband?””You mean, allow yourself to fuck other guys? I could live with that! “.”Martin says it’s not just about the wife sucking and fucking with other guys, “Jen replied,” It’s also about the denial and humiliation of her cuckold husband. “I think the humiliation of the husband and denial is just as important as the wife can fuck as she wants. “”Humiliation? “I asked.”Yes, the cuckold husband is used by the wife and her lover, as a servant. “”I see,” I smile, ” would you like me to be your servant and allow you to fuck the other guys? “.”Now you understand,” Jen smiles, ” so, do we? “”If you want, baby,” I smiled, ” you want to do it tonight? Now yes!”.

She kissed me and looked for Martin. he was on his way home with another drink. He came back to the table and smiled at Jen.

“Martin, we want to do the ceremony!”Yelled Jen. “Really? Great, I’ll let the minister know and Monique will take care of everything. It will take about half an hour to settle down,” Martin said, shaking my hand and kissing my wife on the cheek. He went to get the minister and Monique while I drank the big whiskey down my throat in the blink of an eye.

“Are you sure about that, baby?”I asked Jen. She gritted her teeth and smiled, ” No! But I want it!”. The bar was full of people rushing around while Jen and I thought about what we had just agreed to.

Not long passed, and Martin returned to us. “Okay, everyone’s ready,” Martin smiles. “The ceremony will begin in five minutes and I will wait for you at the door. Martin smiled as he walked away and Jen and I looked at each other.

“Are you sure?”I asked. Jen gritted her teeth again and smiled, ” No! But I want it!”. “You know he’s gonna fuck you, right?”I said softly as my mouth moved toward hers.

“Yes, I do. Oh, my god.””And you want it?”I asked softly. “God yes I do! Jen said in a trembling voice. “He’s going to fuck you before me, and on our wedding night,” I said with a smile.

“I know, oh my God, and you will not be able to fuck me on the night of our wedding!”Jen smiled. “I’m not going to fuck you at all?”I asked. “No, I will probably spend the whole night with him!”. “Oh.”.

“Welcome to be a cuckold husband, baby!”Jen smiled as we walked to the ceremony. Martin was waiting for us at the door and he followed us into the room to the applause of all the people waiting for us. We went to the minister and he gave the same speech we heard earlier.

Then he asked Jen to remove her wedding ring that I had put on her finger a few hours before. He took his wedding ring and put it on the table before reading me the vows and, like the other boy, I repeated what he had said. Jen did the same, then he turned to me and asked if there was a person present who would consummate this marriage with Jen. Martin stepped forward and smiled at Jen.

she gave back the smile. “Trevor, are you giving Jennifer to Martin to consummate this marriage?”. “I do.”. “Trevor, do you give Jennifer to Martin so that they can explore each other’s bodies and enjoy a sexual relationship together for as long as they want?”.

“I do.”. He told me to take Jen’s hand and put it in Martin’s, which I did. “Jennifer, are you taking Martin to consummate this marriage? Do you give him your body and openly agree to have sex with him for as long as you want?”.

“I do!”. “And do you agree to cuckold Trevor in this marriage, to deny him your body and humiliate him?”. “I do!”. “Martin, are you taking Jennifer to consummate this marriage and have sex with her for as long as you want?”.

“I do.”. The minister handed Martin his wedding ring and asked him to put it on his finger. “The ring on her finger, I now pronounce Jennifer and Martin as sex partners for tonight and as long as they want and Trevor as Jennifer’s cuckold husband. Jen looked at Martin’s eyes and smiled as she placed the wedding ring on her finger. “You can now kiss your wife,” the minister tells Martin.

Martin got closer to Jen and their mouth was locked in a deep passionate kiss. All I could do was watch my wife marry him deeply for more than a minute and the guests clapping and clapping. Jen and Martin then walked to the door, hand in hand and smiling. I followed them and we returned to the cabin we had previously vacated. This time however, Martin kissed Jen before sitting down and they held hands openly in front of everyone.

Many people came to congratulate us on our cuckold marriage and told us all how happy we would be. We had another drink and Martin kissed Jen again. “Are you ready for your wedding night my bride?”Martin asked softly. “Yes sir! Jen Replied.

“What am I doing?”I asked. “You can come with us for now,” Martin smiles. Jen and Martin walked hand in hand with me and into the elevator. they kissed and kissed each other while I watched.

We went down to our floor and walked to our suite and he kissed her again as I opened the door. “You should carry it over the threshold,” Martin tells me. “Thank you,” I replied, taking Jen and taking her over the threshold of our suite. We got into the suite and I put Jen on the floor and she kissed me before I turned to Martin and kissed him.

“When I make love to Jen, you’ll have to go to the bathroom, okay?”Martin told me. “I understand,” I replied. He positioned Jen at the foot of the bed.

“Since you’ve never seen her undressed before and it’s your big day,” Martin continued, ” You can take off her wedding dress for me.” Jen looked at me and I approached her, my hands shaking as I began to pull on her zipper. “I’m wearing something sexy under that dress for you baby,” Jen whispered, ” but now it’s going to be for Martin.”. I cleared her dress off her shoulders and exposed a very sexy white bra and my cock almost exploded. I lifted up her dress and, when she passed close to her waist, I saw a tiny white thong and white stockings held by a garter.

She looked so sexy and I tried to look behind her to see her ass covered in a thong, but Martin stopped me. “I allowed you to take off her dress, her body is mine.””I’m sorry,” I moaned. As I removed his wedding dress, Martin had started wearing his shorts and he was indeed a very muscular man and, at the size of the bulge of his shorts, he was also very well endowed. “Go and stay there,” Martin ordered, pointing to a point about four feet from the bed, and I complied with his order.

I saw him kiss Jen and feel her bra cover her tits before her hands cut her ass. Her hands stroked her ass and my cock was about to explode as they explored each other’s bodies. He pushed Jen to sit on the edge of the bed and her hands grabbed the bulge from her shorts. She kissed her firm belly as she rubbed her bulge. She loosened her shorts a bit and gasped as she exposed the tip of his huge black cock.

I saw her tongue kissing the tip of her tool before she pulled her shorts gently and erotically. Gradually, his manhood became visible and soon his shorts fell to the ankle; he came out of it and she began to kiss his eight-inch erection. Kissing turned to licking and she was enjoying her monster; she opened her mouth and I watched her lips close around that black erect cock.

She got about four inches in her mouth and began to suck feverishly and her tool grew even bigger. She had been sucking his cock for about five minutes when he pulled out his mouth and looked at me. “Okay, go to the bathroom while I fuck Jen and consume this marriage,” Martin ordered. I walked slowly to the bathroom and Jen told me she would text me when I could get out. For the next 90 minutes, I listened to my new wife get fucked by a black guy we met just a few hours ago and I trained twice listening to her screams of ecstasy.

Finally, I got a text from Jen. “Ok, my cuckold husband, our marriage was consummated by Martin and your new bride was fucked hard, you can go out now.”I quickly pulled up my pants and opened the bathroom door. I saw Jen in bed with Martin; the sheets were pulled up on her chest but I saw her bare shoulders and she was beautiful.

I saw her little thong, bra and stockings on the floor and Jen and Martin smiled at me. “Everything okay?”I asked. “Oh, everything is just perfect! Jen replied with a smile. “You still have your room from yesterday? Martin asked. “Yes, I have it until tomorrow.”Cool, you can sleep there tonight, we don’t expect you to sleep in the bathroom while we have sex all night,” Martin replied.

I went to kiss my wife and she put her hand on my lips. “I’m Martin Tonight,” Jen whispered. I told them a good night and left them alone in our bed to have sex over and over again while I slept alone on my wedding night! I got a text from Jen around eight: 15 the next day. “Hello Baby, we just get dressed and we will meet you in the dining room for breakfast. I said, “Ok Jen, I’ll see you there in fifteen minutes.” I was the first one there and I was drinking orange juice when I saw Jen and Martin come in.

He had his arm around her waist and she looked very happy. “Hello, baby,” Jen said, kissing me. “Hey Trevor,” Martin smiled, shaking my hand. “Did you have a good time last night?”I asked as we all sat down.