Ladyboy sex story

Ladyboy sex story
During my adolescence, my father, a senior official, was stationed for several years in a distant country where only my mother was able to follow him.
My two brothers who were about ten years old were still studying in the United States, so my parents entrusted me to an uncle, my mother’s brother, and his wife for almost four years.
I grew up in this family and I only saw my parents during the short stays they made in Paris where my father’s duties reminded him from time to time. I was in the middle of three cousins, two of whom were a little older than me. I got along well with them and we were very complicit, always ready for various pranks. My school studies normally took place until my bachelor’s degree.

One weekend when the four of us were alone, Astrid, the eldest of my cousins, decided to dress me up as a girl. Drawing from each other’s wardrobe, she dressed me, made up and combed my half-length hair. My two other cousins, who were watching my transformation, concluded that if they did not know, my appearance could deceive who did not know me. To give me a semblance of a breast, Astrid had put socks in the cups of the bra. When I saw myself in a mirror, I was surprised and delighted with my transformation. I’ve been like this all night.

A few weeks later, I asked Astrid to dress up again. I had consciously let my hair grow and my daughter look was even more striking. But that day we did not remain confined in the House. All four of us went to dinner in a fast restaurant and then to the movies. To everyone we were four girls in goguette. Even the cashier at the restaurant gave me a “good evening miss” when I presented my tray. I answered him with as high a voice as possible so as not to expose myself.

Every time we had the opportunity, the four of us went out like this and no one ever discovered our deception. Several times, I got hit on by friends of my cousins who thought they had something to do with a girl. I was flattered and Astrid was flattered by her success. The latter, to perfect my transformation had even taught me to walk in shoes with heels.
Shortly after I was 18, I went to a clothing store where, with her complicity, I bought a complete outfit of a wise girl ( ! ), pleated skirt, blouse, blaser, all complemented by cheap costume jewelry and a pair of shoes to my size. The same day she showed me how to make up. Again, when all four of us went to a birthday party, no one guessed anything. During the dances, so that I wouldn’t be unmasked, it was Ingrid who stuck to it saying that I had to learn to dance … that I was a little too left…

When my parents returned from their stay abroad, I hid in a suitcase my suit and my girl’s things. My mother was not curious but you never know what can happen.

At the end of the summer holidays I am not far from the family home for my studies at the Faculty of Montpellier. I’ve resumed my cross-dressing habits. During the first year, during a trip to Spain, a doctor whose address I had been given, prescribed me drugs based on hormones to promote the growth of my breasts and gradually reduce my hairiness fortunately not too important.
After a year of this treatment, I no longer needed to stuff the cups of my bra and shave. This year was difficult for me because high-dose hormones caused unpleasant side effects. It was the price to pay to make me feel good in the shoes of a girl. In my head, the sex change was already done.

I had never slept with a girl because my libido was not very active and I was rather effeminate to the point of seeking contact from the boys but I had never skipped a sexual relationship. On the advice of Astrid, who had offered me a rosebud for my 19th birthday, I had prepared my anus using mail-order dildos to open the way.

One weekend she came to see me in Montpellier. As I had mentioned this attraction to boys, she led me to a bar which she knew had a reputation for welcoming homosexuals of both sexes without distinction.
Alone, I would never have walked through the door of that bar. But I understood when Astrid went to a couple of young men to whom she introduced me. She obviously knew them. We spent the evening together and finally we found ourselves all four in my student studio. On the way Astrid had explained to me that the time had come for me to assume my femininity and that I was going to have to have sex with a man. She then explained to me how she knew these two boys : she had met them in a group of students when they lived in Paris !
Our two companions were bisexual, I just had to let things happen because they were warned of my transformation. Serge undertook me as soon as we arrived at my house while Lucas began to flirt with Astrid.

He stripped me very tactfully, taking off my light dress, my bra and a thong that hid a sex of reduced size. He kissed me and stroked my small breasts. I was riddled with chills so good. For their part Astrid and Lucas were naked and looked at us with an air of complicity.

Quickly Serge undressed in turn and hugged me again stroking my buttocks. His dick was standing between us. We lay down on my bed, glued to each other in the position of the spoon. I could feel his sex between my buttocks but he wasn’t trying to penetrate me yet. Astrid came to join us on the bed. She spread my buttocks and injected lubricant gel into my sphincter to facilitate the passage of Serge’s cock. The latter placed his acorn on my pleated eyelet, pushed slowly and his sex entered me.

To say that this first sodomy did not hurt me would be lying but after a few minutes I got used to this presence in my ass. He undertook slow and deep back and forth, frequently coming out of my narrow sheath to better penetrate me afterwards. From now on, I felt like I was really becoming a girl. I was fine and suddenly I felt the jets of sperm in the condom. That was extra. My pleasure, still uncertain, broke out.

Since then I have seen Serge and Lucas several times. They both fucked me. To them, I was a girl who preferred sodomy … as my pleasure grew stronger and stronger. When I feel lacking, I sometimes sodomize myself with a large dildo that Astrid bought me in order, she said, to maintain the flexibility of my sphincter muscles.

I am now a woman in my head and in my body.
In Montpellier, I am constantly transvestite and my name Claude, facilitates contacts and my daily life. To those who are close to me, I am a young woman.
I still hesitate to travel from Morocco to have surgery to remove my penis and testicles that are becoming more and more atrophied with the mild hormone-based treatment I take. I know that this operation will be irreversible and that all my life I will have to take hormones to stabilize my femininity.