Ladyboy in Thai history

Ladyboy in Thai history
After our threesome, for lack of news of Julia and Louna I had unfortunately resumed my life as students on vacation. I punctuated my days between bodybuilding and football between friends with Of course some parts of legs in the air with conquests of one evening. I even had the opportunity to pluck one of my friends ‘ anus. So here we are in August, it has been three weeks since I was waiting for a sign from one of the two girls when I received a message from Julia

  • “Hi my beau, sorry for not giving you news for three weeks , I forgot to tell you that we were going to Brazil for three weeks with Louna »
  • “Hey, ah okay ! You’d have to tell me about your vacation. »
  • “It’s the weekend tomorrow come spend it at my house, my parents are on vacation »
    She gave me the name of her street and an hour later we stopped texting.
    The next day I took the train to go to his town , next to mine and arrived at Julia’s. I knocked and Julia greeted me by kissing me on the mouth and said :
  • “Back Louna just arrived »
    I went in, put down my bag and saw Louna sitting on the couch . I gave her a simple kiss on the cheek and she gave me a pressed kiss. Then came Julia from the kitchen with food and drink. I’m on the couch next to Louna and to my surprise Julia came to sit in profile on my knees. We then began to discuss their vacation in Brazil.
    Me: so how was Brazil ?
    Julia: it was great ! Hein Louna
    Louna: Oh yes too good !
    M: “what did you do ? »
    J: “tan and trans fuck »
    L : “we had a great time ! »
    M: “happy for you then »
    J: “but we missed you” and she kissed me on the cheek.
    L: “I hope you didn’t get too bored without us »
    M: “No it’s okay don’t worry »
    She told me about their Brazilian romances , group sex, threesomes etc . The evening took its course, alcohol helping, we became closer and closer with Julia and her hands began to pass under my T-shirt. While Louna was going to the toilet , Julia kissed me long on the mouth and made me lie down on the couch. She knelt on the floor and took off my pants while I took off my top. She took out my sex and started giving me a blowjob. Louna came back from the toilet and found us there, she then took off her dress and panties and came to sit on me inside me, laying her knees on both sides of my body.
  • “Suck me,” she says
    She presented her sex to me in front of my mouth and I started sucking her.
    “Huum it’s been a long time,” she moaned.
    After a few minutes like that, Julia put a condom on me and sits on my cock. Louna pulled out of my mouth and came to stand behind Julia, she put saliva on Julia’s anus and went into her, letting Julia loose a moan of pleasure. So we fucked Julia in double anal penetration with Louna while I kissed Julia. After a few minutes like that , Julia tells me :
  • “Get on all fours »
    I got there and she started to prepare me while Louna continued to fuck her. After a few minutes fingering my ass .Julia put on a condom while I put my legs apart on my back and she started taking my ass. She fucked me while Louna kept pounding her with no sign of weakness. By stuffing my ass , Julia was forced to follow the pace made by Louna and that Louna had understood and that is why she accelerated the pace of his kidney shots, which made us with Julia even more screaming with pleasure.
    After a long time in these positions , Louna withdrew from Julia and ejaculated on my face just like Julia who withdrew from me and did the same. But the two girls licked my face in order to taste their cum too.
    Then I was going to shower , Julia insisted to share it with me, so we went there together. In the shower we kissed then she knelt down to give me a blowjob while jerking off and after a few deep throats turned around and I started to fuck her . After a few minutes I ejaculated in her ass and we got out of the shower after having washed her anus.
    Julia: come sleep with me
    Me : I’m going to see Louna and I’m coming
    Julia went to bed and I went to see Louna who was on the couch still jerking off her already tense sex.
    Louna: it makes you want to, doesn’t it ?
    Me: why not (I winked at him )
    Louna: come on Naughty
    I got close to her, sucked her a little and sat back to her on her big sex. From the beginning she implemented a big cadence that obviously made me enjoy pleasure. His balls slamming against mine at the rate of his kidney blows. After a quarter of an hour of fucking me , Louna tells me to come down. I licked her balls and she ejaculated on my face, as she loves to do so much.
    I washed my face with wipes that I could find in Julia’s bathroom and then joined her in bed. She was still awake and told me :
    J: you got caught by Louna
    M: Yes why ?
    J: I heard you, you seemed to like the way you were screaming
    M: we must admit that she has a big one and that we feel past
    J: it’s true
    M: are you jealous ?
    J:(she got on me and whispered in my ear) I want you for me all alone so take my ass
    I stood on my back, she put saliva on her buttocks and came back to me. I then began to fuck her for a long time where she took care to scream and moan excessively so that Louna heard that they had slept together until I felt her anus tightening and where I ejaculated into her ass. Tired of all the frolics, she kissed me and fell asleep in my arms.
    I woke up the next morning , around 14: 00 , Julia was still sleeping, normal after everything we did that night, every time she was awake, she woke me up so I could take her ass , I looked at her anus and I saw him still dilated. I got up and went into the living room, Louna seemed to be absent. She had taken care to leave a message on Julia’s mobile before leaving ” I went home . I’ll be back tonight. Enjoy the day with your darling ” I was surprised that she said I was Julia’s darling , and I thought about everything Julia could have said to her during their vacation in Brazil. I smiled and went back to the room to see Julia.that I live emerging. I went back under the covers, she kissed me and put her head on my shoulder and we started to chat
    M: Louna is gone
    J: Already ?
    M: it’s already 14: 30
    J: I thought she would stay longer because of last night’s fatigue
    M: after what she put me on she was still in great shape , I don’t think she’s more tired than that
    J: it does not surprise me too much, already in Brazil she was tireless
    M: she’s coming back tonight, she texted you and so I read it
    J: you have the right my dear, it’s like home here
    M: Julia it bothers me a bit , I do not know yet the direction I would like to give our relationship
    She sighed , got up and said to me in a slightly quivering voice ” I’ll shower »
    I stayed a little in bed on my phone then joined Julia in the shower. When she saw me, she remained indifferent to my presence and continued as if I was not there. I had to take her in my arms and kiss her in the neck to make her smile. After this shower, she told me that she would like to go shopping with me , I agreed and we were preparing to leave. We went to town, she bought some clothes and then we went to a bar where she started talking to me about her past and her life , I took the initiative to do the same when Julia got a call from Louna
    L: Hey, Honey ! What’s up?
    J: yes, and you ?
    L: yes it is. I left early this morning I had things to do
    J: it’s okay
    L: What are you doing tonight ?
    J: we don’t know why yet ?
    L:do you remember the guy whose anus I stripped before I went to Brazil ?
    J: Tony ?
    L: he’d like to meet you. Is tonight okay ?
    J: does he mind if there’s a guy ?
    L: I don’t think we’ll see ! 20H ?
    J: it works ! See you tonight
    We finished talking a little , went shopping and then went back to Julia’s. Time passed quietly until the arrival time of Louna and Tony. Julia then put on a tank top and a skirt without underwear because she knew that the evening would derail at some point. We sat on the couch when a few minutes later we heard someone knocking at the door.
    J: can you open up please ?
    M: Yes of course !
    I opened the door and saw Louna and Tony
    M: Hi Louna
    L: Hi Jack. This Is Tony.
    T: Hello
    M: Hi. Go on in.
    They came in ,and said hello to Julia. She invited them to sit on the couch around the living room table