Ladyboy Fucks guy stories stories

Ladyboy Fucks guy stories stories
On the beach, a girl walks her ass, tight in a swimsuit, ultra tight. She knows she has a nice ass, and she shows it pretty well. She surprised my look. Ever since I got here, she keeps coming by and coming back in front of me, fidgeting. After a few minutes, she turns her head towards me, winks at me and sends me a kiss in the air.
At her next step, I get up and I follow her. She really has a fabulous ass. In the middle of the tents, it accelerates. She turns her head and sees me. Another wink, and she walks into a tent. I go in behind her, she’s there, on her back. When she sees me, she starts dropping her jersey, millimeter by millimeter. When I see the cord of a briefs, panties or a jersey slip on the super curved buttocks of a beautiful ass, it puts me in all my States. That’s why I hate thongs. With them everything is served, eroticism is dead. She must know, given the way she squirms to show off her ass.
She saw the change in my underwear. She smiles at me, puts her tongue on her lips. Greedy ! The jersey is so tight, that even at the bottom of the buttocks it fits the shape of his body. With a nod, she beckons me to approach.
I put my hands on his ass. What firmness, what shape. I’m going down to kiss them. When I get up, she throws her arms back and grabs my jersey by the hips, she lowers it, and grabs my dick. She draws me to her and sticks it on the line of her butt. Then she takes me by the hips, and sticks me to her back. I kiss her in the neck, and pass my hands under her breasts. They’re just my size. She rubs her gorgeous ass against my cock. His jersey went down, but remained close to his buttocks. I’m trying to get him down a little bit, but she’s holding him back. In his hand, my pine is impatient. It is stretched like the rope of a bow. I have to own it. His ass first, the mold, we’ll see later.
I’m bisexual, ass is my favorite accessory. As much as I like to own it, pierce it, force it, as much as I like to give mine. For now, I have a sublime one in front of me. I’ll delay the moment when I’ll take it. I don’t get tired of looking at him. My hands stroked him, inspected, searched. tasted even. I stuck a finger in it, and then I slipped it into my mouth. I step back a little, and grab my pine. I put it at the birth of his buttocks, and, with the help of my Acorn, I spread them to slide my tail into it. I’m going around his little hole. A drop of seminal fluid escapes from the meat and comes to moisten her anus. And then I decide to slide my fingers between his thighs. Oh ! Surprise.
A big mandrel, accompanied by a beautiful pair of balls. No hair, fully shaved. He’s a guy ! I turn him over, a woman, and beautiful, except that the woman in question, is a guy. The pile side is worth the reverse. Pear-shaped breasts, just about the size of my hands, a wasp waist I could go around, tapered, muscular thighs. a real woman ! Except that instead of the mold, a superb beautiful cock, which I can’t wait to eat and take in my ass. If only he or she were free, I would marry her well. We would make love every day, reversing roles, depending on our moods.
When I see him face-to-face, I want to knead his tits, suck them. I want to suck his dick, jerk it, ride it, so he-she shoves his big cock in my ass. On my back, I want to defend his ass, kiss him, lick him.
Damn it, let her-he be free !