I want to date a transwoman

I want to date a transwoman – It was a few years ago, it was a weekend and I still had no idea about crossdressing and the desire that slumbers in me. I was allowed to stay with my best buddy Max and was very much looking forward to it. Especially since his parents were not there and we had the whole house to ourselves. We watched a movie, ate pizza and played video games-so a perfect evening. At a later hour we lay in our beds and were a bit bored. As boys of that age are, we wanted to scour the Internet for dirty pictures and videos. Of course, we quickly found what we were looking for and realized that we both had quite vivid fantasies and desires…

We just saw a video of a young teen girl lounging on a sofa in lingerie and suspenders when Max suddenly took his cock out of his pajama pants and massaged him. I was amazed: he was cropped, incomparably larger than mine, and I looked more into his crotch than at the screen of the laptop.

“I’m just on such horny clothes, if such a small one were in front of me, I would immediately fall over them,” he said.

“Yes, you’re right. These things are fucking awesome…”, I replied

Then a short pause arose and Max seemed to think about something: “We could see if my mom has something in the closet. What …
… you think?”

A sudden and never known lust came over me. Max’s mother was a very pretty woman in her mid-forties with a gorgeous body. I could well imagine that she had some such clothes in the closet. So we went to the parental bedroom. Our way leads us first past the laundry basket. I held Max back and asked him to take a look inside. On top was a black string with lace-a horny part. I was already hard at the sight. Max picked him up and held him under his nose. Then he held it out to me: “Look how it smells. Mega horny!”

I took him in hand and immediately saw that he was dripping with pussy juice. I smelled it and almost got into my pants. Max seemed to notice this: “What’s going on?he asked. “Nothing,” I said embarrassed ” it just makes me pretty horny….must also be cool to wear something. what looks.

I was a bit perplexed-my best friend wanted me to dress up as a woman for him – but I couldn’t help but enthusiastically agree. I told him to wait in his room and made me to the wardrobe. It was amazing what Max’s mother had for horny things. To make a long story short: I found a black corset, suspenders, beautiful shoes and even a collar that exerted a strange fascination on me. I put on everything and looked at myself in the mirror. I could have been mistaken for a girl. Somewhat shaky but surprisingly self-confident I ran into the room of Max. He got big eyes at the sight of me. I, however, no less, when I noticed that he was sitting completely naked on his sofa.

“Whoa, what’s going on here?”I asked.

“Nothing, just wanted to get out of my things. You look like a little teen slut!He said very directly. I don’t know why, but I liked it…

“Turn and show yourself a bit. Maybe I can imagine you were the little one from the video.”I no longer thought big, but just gave myself up. Max turns on some music and began to dance like I thought it was sexy. Judging by his looks, Max seemed to like it too. When I just turned my back on him and wiggled my ass, I suddenly felt him behind me. His hands on my shoulders and I noticed his hard penis on mine …
… Po. I turned and looked in amazement. However, before I could say anything, he kissed me. I returned the kiss and was now ready for anything.

He pulled me on sofa and I had to sit on his lap. He kissed me now even me tongue and grabbed me firmly on the butt. I felt completely as a woman and enjoyed the feeling. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me: “Blow my cock, please!”. I didn’t question that at all, as it was exactly what I wanted. I knelt in front of him and admired his best piece. What a huge part. I tried to remember how real sluts do this in porn. At first I stroked him a little, then I began to jerk him off and kissed his hard limb. Then I just took it in my mouth and started sucking. His cock tasted so horny that I even got a latte. It did not take long until he injected a mega load into my mouth. I was a little surprised,but swallowed everything. The taste was amazing. I knew immediately that I wanted this more often.

Max looked at me and you could tell right away that he didn’t know what to say. I asked him if we wanted to go to bed and if I could leave things on. He said yes and we laid and on our mattress camp and fell asleep quite soon. However, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that my best buddy was rubbing my ass. I turned around

Max looked at me very strangely: “Try it,” he said cheekily. Since I was quite keen to experiment, I did not think much about it at first. I stripped naked and got into the string. He just sat perfectly, snuggled against my little butt. I just felt comfortable and immediately got a hard when I realized how the juice moistened my ass. Max seemed to notice this and unobtrusively grabbed his crotch: “Wow, your ass looks like the one woman in the part. Why don’t you try some more? Would interest me like that and kissed him intensely. Then I looked him deep in the eyes “Do you like to fuck me baby?I said with all the courage I could muster. “YES! Please, ” he just said. “Nothing better than that!”.

I walked on all fours and Max knelt behind me. He kissed my ass and then took off his mother’s panties. Fortunately, he had some body lotion on hand. So he massaged my hole before he stuck his finger deep. I moaned. “I want to feel you,” I told him. He couldn’t say that twice. He took his rock hard limb and put it on my little “pussy”. At first it hurt, but when he was inside me, it was the most beautiful feeling in this world. He knew what he was doing and pushed me hard but soulfully. It was so deep inside me that I even cum myself after some hard bumps. It was amazing. Max wasn’t far away either. His shocks became slower and even harder. After 10-15 more thrusts, he pulled his cock out of me, told me to turn around and inject his juice in the middle of my face. I really felt like a slut, but licked everything away good. My best buddy had deflowered me…

After that, we both fell asleep exhausted. I was awake the next morning first, brought back the lingerie and we didn’t talk about last night either. But we made an appointment for next weekend for “overnight”. Already on the way home I was looking forward to it