Husband Cuckold Stories

Husband Cuckold Stories – The beginning of my adultery adventure was not something I was proud of. In fact, I had been very reluctant to start it in the first place. But, God knows, I was so horny and hungry for affection and sex that I let myself be defeated. I enjoyed every moment. I had become involved with Jack Johnson shortly after he moved next to our townhouse.

My name is Beth and my husband is Tom. He’s almost completely absorbed in his IT activities, so I’ve been having an affair with Jack for months now. The first hint that Tom knew what was going on came one morning when I thought he was at his job. He wasn’t.

Jack and I were in my room on the bed fucking in the morning. This morning, he was shoving his 8 inches into my asshole. I had learned to love this form of sex. He would push and shove everything he could into my tight bung hole and I would creamed and flow on the bedspread like I always did. God, I loved being fucked as you can call it.

He crashed and I felt the beloved pain and joy as he fucked me over and over again. He finally couldn’t hold back, and knowing that I had already cum several times, he pulled his string of cum in my ass and I started to cum even harder. I was moaning and he was moaning, but I thought I heard something in the closet. Jack pulled back and I turned around and his cum flowed free from my ass.

I got up slowly and as the cum flowed from my ass, I headed to my closet, opened the door and found Tom crouching on the floor with his hand on his stiff sex. He had just shot his cum on the closet door. Jack was furious. He stepped forward, grabbed Tom by the collar of his shirt and dragged him to bed.

“Put your fat ass here, Beth. That asshole’s gonna give you a job.”I did what I was told. I bent over the bed and Jack forced Tom’s face into my ass and pussy. “Start eating you fucking asshole!”And Tom did what he was told. He was licking Jack’s cum while he was still escaping and he even started munching on my asshole and licking pussy.

It was wonderful! Tom never wanted to get close to my ass. He was cuckold and he was learning to love it. “From now on, your ass will be there to watch me use your wife pussy every fucking afternoon.

Got it, asshole? And Tom understood. The New Order of things began the next day in the afternoon when Tom did not work. When Jack arrived around two o’clock, Tom was sitting in the living room with me. He had an air of hope on his face.

I was looking forward to my usual sexual pleasure. I was always surprised. “Take off your fucking clothes Beth. You too, asshole. I want to watch your little cock harden while your slut wife sucks mine.”We followed orders.

Tom with his new belly and little cock was a sight to behold. I was my beautiful person. I knew I was fine.

I had eyes. I always had my wavy raven hair on my shoulders and my high perky breasts. My dancer’s legs were nice to look at.

Many men had told me before and Jack was enthusiastic about all my attributes. He especially liked my shaved pussy that started to cum so fast every time he approached me. “On your knees, asshole,” he ordered, and I did as I was told.

I was so excited the whole time now. Jack had brought out the whore in me and I was glad I found her. I got down on my knees and started having sex with Jack’s 8 inches of manhood. I liked that the pre-sperm began to ooze.

I loved the taste of his body and his cum. I licked under his head and made him shake. Then I turned my tongue around his rod, from the hair down to the bell-shaped head at the end. I licked it and the honey he always soaked it in was sticky and soft to my tongue. Tom, with his small 4 inch cock, was jerking off on the chair watching his wife being used by a neighbor.

He was cuckold and I was adulterous. We both enjoy our new roles. I started the serious business of sucking Jack’s cock now.

I jerked him off with my spit and pumped my mouth up and down on his cock until she banged my deep throat and gagged me with the vastness of it. My pussy was wet and there was juice all over my floor. My floor had started to smell pussy cum now. I cleaned every day, but I could not give off the smell. I had learned to love him.

I had my fingers crammed into my quim and I was fucking myself with my hand. I should remember to take a dildo and keep it close for times like this. But my little clit loved my thumb and the way I pinched it and got more juice flowing. Jack was fucking my face now that Tom was jerking off. The cock on my face would soon shoot.

Jack grabbed my hair and rammed my face as hard as I could. Inside and out he fucked him and suddenly he moaned and started injecting his seed into my mouth. He turned his head and watched my mouth fill. He loved it when I kept my mouth wide open so he could see it filling up. It almost overflowed.

I began to swallow and swallow all his sperm. I loved being forced to suck cocks. I loved being forced to perform any sexual act now. As usual, Jack was done when he was done.

He stuffed his cock in his pants and walked out. Not a word of thanks. I was used to it now. I didn’t mind.

I just wanted cock and sex. I looked and Tom had created a little puddle of cum on the edge of the chair. I laughed at him and went to take a shower. While I was taking my shower, I dreamed of Jack. I took the shower head and placed it against my pussy.

I was insatiable when it came to sex. When Jack was here, I took everything he gave me. When he disappeared, I made love to each other.

The shower jet bounced against my clit and pussy making me cum again. I could cum all day. I still wanted to try it.

One day I would. Then I took the back scrubber handle and started reaming my pussy with it. It wasn’t a rooster but it did the trick. I started squirting with the shower. I moaned and moaned with pleasure.

I looked up and saw Tom looking around the shower curtain. He was certainly getting his Cookies today, the poor sap. I had lost all respect for him months ago, but he was still my husband, so I let him watch and jerk his little cock until he pulled a little string in the shower stall.

We went to bed in separate rooms as usual. I slept well. I was full of all the sex I was getting. I slept the sleep of the happy. The next day, Jack didn’t come by.

It did not pass for days. I needed her sex. I needed him or someone like him. After a week, I had become frantic.

I went to his house and knocked on the door. He came to the door in a dress. “What do you want Beth? He asked.

“I want you, Jack. I want to be fucked. Why didn’t you come to see me?”So I saw her.

The blonde sitting on the couch without any clothes. Her breasts were bigger than mine, but sagging a little. She was voluptuous and she looked disheveled. It had just been used as I had been several times before. A broad smile spread across Jack’s face.

His bad face was coming out. He had thought of something bad and I was going to be a part of it. He grabbed my arm, dragged me to the blonde and said, ” You’re both going to be good friends. And he laughs at his laugh Jack. He was really evil but, God, I loved kissing him. “Undress, pussy.

Naked and let Debby eat your pussy. Do it now, I’m still excited.”So I took everything off and lay on the couch. Debby did her job. She was enthusiastic.

She had a well-trained tongue. She lapped my whole pussy and licked all the juices I had started to produce. She swallowed and smiled and dived for more pussy.

She spread my lips wide to get into the good things inside. She sucked as hard. Lick and suck. She obviously loved her job.

At the same time, Jack had undressed and his 8 inches were standing. He got behind Debby and shoved his cock into her pussy at once. I felt it myself when her face was crammed into my pussy.

He began to fuck and fuck with a steady rhythm. He was pushing and she was licking. They were synchronized. They had done it before.

I didn’t do it, but I loved it. I had not stopped cumming since the first time she had drunk my juice. And I knew she was also enjoying because of the moans she kept all the time. When Jack was ready and like before, he pulled his stuff in her pussy.

Then he threw it away. He turned her away from me and grabbed my arm. “Now you eat my cum from her pussy.”I was happy to oblige. I started licking and sucking Jack’s cum from Debby’s pussy.

It tasted like whiskey. It tasted like his kisses when he felt particularly cuddly after using me hard and long. I ate like I was starving, and I always felt hungry for Jack’s sperm.

And I also enjoyed the pussy. That was my first pussy. I was hoping it wouldn’t be the last.

I was sorry I missed a female pussy. Jack sits back in an armchair watching and playing lazily with his cock. He had already shot twice today.

He didn’t really want to cum anymore. But he liked to watch people at his Auctions. So we continued to make love to each other. After eating Debby for a while, she grabbed me and pulled me over so she could taste his cum on my lips. We chatted and passed his cum back and forth between us.

Our hands were fondling each other’s breasts and touching our pussies. Finally Jack said, ” enough, Beth. Get out of here and don’t come back unless you’re asked.

Got it, bitch?”Yes, it was understood. I left but I knew Jack would want my pussy again soon. Jack stayed away for several days and I was starving for sex. I went to the local sex shop and got some toys.

huge vibrator that looked almost exactly like Jack’s cock. I bought a Sybian. I had read about it online using Tom’s computer one morning when he was at work.

It was used as soon as I got home. I threw out all the clothing stitches and opened all the curtains on the first floor. I sat down and started using the Sybian and had a huge orgasm almost immediately.

I kept cumming and cumming for almost an hour hoping someone would come by and watch and see me being a complete whore. I felt like one. When I got enough cum using the device and squeezing and mauling my own breasts, I got up weakly and went to shower and make myself cum again. I was getting insatiable. It was the new way of life for me.

Finally Jack came when Tom and I were waiting for him one afternoon and he said, “Let’s play a new little game. I want to see something that I think hasn’t happened in months. I want to see Tom fuck his wife.

Beth, you’re gonna get fucked by your husband until I say stop. “We were already naked. We were always waiting for Jack naked, even when he hadn’t come. We were always naked in the afternoon.

Tom was playing with his cock looking at me and I would finger my pussy and lick my pussy juice we looked at each other but we didn’t touch each other since Jack had made Tom eat my butt weeks earlier. Now Tom got up to follow orders and I knelt down to take his little cock in my pussy from behind, doggy – it had been several months since he had done that. At one time, I really enjoyed it.

I had forgotten how much I once loved my husband. His sex slowly and shyly penetrated my pussy as if trying to remember how to fuck again. Then he picked up the pace and started pumping and humming and moaning with sexual desire. I was even beginning to enjoy it myself. I always loved being fucked by Tom.

gone so long. He had a small dick but he knew how to use it. I was cumming while my husband and fucked me and, of course, Jack had to do his own thing. I looked behind while Tom grunted and fucked my pussy. I saw Jack’s huge cock going towards Tom’s ass and I knew what was going to happen.

All of a sudden Tom pushed his sex deeper into me and screamed at the same time. He had just had an 8 inch cock stuck in his unprepared asshole. It must have hurt like hell. But it continued and I could feel the aggression as Tom pushed against me as he got his ass fucked harder and harder.

He pulled his stuff almost immediately. He had got what he needed for a long time. Jack continued to fuck him even as Tom emptied his cum in my pussy. Then Jack pulled his seed up my husband’s ass, pulled out and did his Jack thing. He walked into the kitchen, wiped his cock with a wet dishcloth and stuffed his cock in his pants and walked out.

I was surprised at my answer. But I shouldn’t have been. I had lived with Tom for ten years.

We had a good marriage for years. I may have forgotten this for a few months, but my wife desires came back to me. I comforted my husband. I held him and made him feel loved once more.

When Jack came the next day, he found out that Tom was not there. Tom had decided that being cuckold did not mean he had to watch or participate. Jack caught me.

I was naked as always. He threw me on the couch, pulled his cock out of his pants, spread my legs and rammed me as hard as he could. I would have liked it a few days before, but today was not the same. I had regained my love for Tom.

I always liked sex. I always loved the fucking I got from Jack. It was good and I started to cum hard and fast. But I knew it would never be the same again.

Jack fucked me for thirty minutes. I enjoyed everything. I dripped juice on my couch and Jack shot pints of cum in my cunny. I Felt It overflowing from my pussy. I knew he made a cream pie.

He came down and ate it. I liked it. But it was not the same. And Jack could tell.

He finished what he was doing. He shoved his cock into his pants and began to come out as usual. But this time he turned around.

He smiled at Jack and said, “You’re done with me. I’m not what you want anymore. We can live next to each other, but this is over. It was good.

You were a great whore Beth. See you soon. “I saw Jack from time to time. We lived side by side until he moved in a year.

Sex never happened again between us. I did with my husband and my Sybian. It was not a bad life..