Husband crossdressing story

Husband crossdressing story 29-year-old Italian Karla was sexy. Short curly hair, luscious mouth, Apple chest and well-rounded buttocks. For this first date, the trans escort was dressed in leather: thong, bustier and black boots. Pretty Latin voice, very nice presentation and distinguished outfit. Perfect for me. I was on my third transsexual, it was 6 years ago. The first two had been nice, no more. So I expected a lot from this third date. Karla had been very funny and sweet on the phone when I told her I was a beginner.
“you’ll see baby, it’ll be fine »
Let’s go to the bedroom. I give him the agreed amount for an A/P session. I’m not going to deprive myself of breaking the ass of the pretty damsel.
She closes the door.
“undress, baby »
I’m running. Karla, she stays dressed. She is good, pretty curves, I can’t wait to see what’s under the corset and…. in the thong!
When I’m naked, Karla seems delighted. I am a well built guy, beautiful musculature, not too developed but toned. My dick is quite large, 18cm but wide at the root.
“let me see your little ass »
I’m turning on myself.
“mama mia, nice ass »
Glad you like it, beautiful ritale.
Karla’s coming to get in love with me. She kisses me in the mouth, something never experienced with a TS. It changes everything, I feel much more relaxed, closer, more excited. The beauty grabs my sex and my balls in full hand. She serves vigorously. It’s good, dominant but not too much. I’m already moaning, horny as hell.
Karla licks my torso, she goes down to my belly.
“let’s relax you, baby »
She starts a blowjob, DIVINE. It’s soft, sensual, she plays with the glans, with the balls. She jerks divinely too, my cock is stretched, lubricated by his saliva. Karla gently stops her blowjob, takes off the corset and goes to lie on the bed, legs wide apart.
“come on baby, I got a surprise for you »
I throw myself on her tits, suck them, then kiss her. I’m overexcited, I want to taste her whole body. I want to pump her, eat her ass, I want to jerk her, spank her, lick her, bite her.
“touch my thong »
The beating heart, a little trembling, I execute myself. The leather is soft but what’s underneath is taut. I caress, slide my fingers on the black leather. Karla smiles, moans softly again.
“put it down now, come see your surprise »
There, we can talk about real initiation. Not like my first two experiences. Here we are in another dimension, another league. Karla is beautiful, playful, she wants to have sex with me.
I lower the last rampart: wow, that’s something else. Karla told me on the phone that her tail was perfect for beginners. For me this is unprecedented. The dick is longer than anything I’ve seen, a little twenty centimeters. It is hard, veined, not too wide but beautifully solid. I caress, I discover this cock, I shift and then jerk gently.
“it’s good baby, have fun, with your new toy »
Karla’s lyrics are hyper sexy, hyper exciting and encouraging. I masturbate this sex, fascinated, I devour it with the look. My dick is tighter than ever, too. I approach the tail, it is at the height of my mouth. I smell it, it’s good, manly and fragrant.
“go ahead Baby, Don’t be afraid of her”, she laughs
I start sucking that beautiful cock. Small movements first. On the Acorn, then I try to take a little more in the mouth. Not easy. Because it’s great, and I’m really a beginner. It doesn’t seem to bother Karla who smiles and observes. She moans softly too, but I want to give her more pleasure. This pious, this body, this beautiful mouth deserves ecstasy. I start pumping with more speed and intensity, I get to take 3/4 of the beam in my mouth but when I go too far, I cough and choke a little. My saliva starts to flow on the erect cock and it’s damn exciting. It looks like porn, but now I’m the chick who swallows the cock. This vision, this position, it excites me too.
Karla stretches, comes to meet my throat, she gently fucks my mouth, not too hard but intensely enough. She puts her hands on my head to guide her pleasure. Damn, it’s good to be directed, to reverse roles. I’m ultra hot, I leave the beautiful toy to go kiss Karla, lick her tits, her belly. My cock rubs on his. Ultra erotic. Karla gets up and heads to a closet. Inside it is the cave of ali-baba. Dildos of all sizes including a monstrous one. Handcuffs, harnesses, gels and many other toys. I observe the lady, she takes a dildo of damn good size shows me smiling
“That’s not for right now” and she’s having fun.
She takes frost, covers and a dildo really small, 12 cm no more, and rather thin.
She comes back and asks me to lie on my back, I execute myself. She’s putting a pillow under my ass.
“lift your legs, darling »
Karla puts on a medical glove and starts touching my cock and puck. I drop a rattle of excitement and stretch my butt. It’s uncontrolled, instinctive, I want to give myself. She very gently caresses the hole, plays with it, tickles the perimeter. I want to squeal so much it’s exciting. She puts a finger on the hole and gently presses. She’s not trying to get home, she’s just pressing, and it’s divinely good. She keeps pressure on my ass and gently jerks my cock. I feel like I’m going to blow so much. The beautiful shemale gives up my ass and cock and goes from the frost on a finger. She comes and pushes the first phalanx in my ass. She slides straight, my anus swallows almost immediately all the finger:
“greedy ! »
She starts fucking me with her finger, it slips by itself. She turns slowly, then more vigorously and comes out of a dry blow. I feel like a dilated slut like in very severe anal porn, but it was just a tiny finger. She returns to the assault with two, there it passes less easily and Karla has to push a little hard, I feel pain so she does not move anymore. My hole gently gets used to the presence of two fingers and Karla starts her ride again: round trips and circles. It’s getting good, very good. A heat radiates my stomach and tail. She slips her fingers to the bottom and does not move anymore. My cock is in his other hands, divinely jerked.
“that’s how I’m gonna finish you and you’re gonna squirt all the way to your face »
These words, a little dominant, coupled with his caresses: I lose my head. Karla puts a hood on her cock and spreads my ass with frost. And pushes my legs far back, my ass is offered to his cock.
“let’s go easy baby, don’t worry »
The Acorn is laid on the pellet. Karla is not moving, I feel my heart beating in my ass and hers on his cock. The dick goes down and it hurts like a dog. The fucker comes out immediately.
“gotta push, baby, or I’ll hurt you »
I run myself, it’s quite inconvenient to do what she tells me, I feel the frost flowing from my ass.
“don’t be uncomfortable, it’s normal” she smiles and it completely relaxes the atmosphere.
She once again greases my ass and his cock and returns to the attack. It’s better, but it still hurts after a few inches. She stands still for a moment and then digs again.
“let’s relax with him.”
She puts a hood on the little dildo and shoves it in my ass. The fine diameter passes by itself and the toy accommodates without difficulty.
“now you grow while I prepare »
She fucks me with the dildo and I obey. It works, I feel my ass open and I start to get pleasure. The frost keeps escaping from my puck but I don’t care, I’m in the Angels.
“it’s okay, baby, let yourself be fucked »
And Karla is speeding up the va-ET-vients. I let the dildo out several times. She replaces the dildo with her cock at my entrance and pushes. This time it fits, and pretty good. I feel overwhelmed, inch by inch. She gets to do everything disparate in my ass. I just feel a slight pain when she taps into the bottom. She fucks now, good rhythm, neither too soft, nor fucks anal. Damn it good, I touch my hole, The Dick slides without difficulties. Feeling my ass that lets this handle pass makes me hard and I push my ass again and lift my legs. I am offered and open. Karla lies on me and kisses me. No way to escape her hug and fuck her.
“It’s good baby, it’s good »
She kisses my neck and asks me if I want to move on all fours.
Of course!
I sit on the bed, facing the mirror. I’ll see Karla take possession of my puck. She puts gel back on my ass and pushes his cock. Aie, the position is different and his cock goes deeper and harder, it really hurts when she bangs my deep. Then Karla goes slower and orders me to bend over and push again.
Magic: The Cock can go back from more beautiful to fuck me. Now I feel like I’m being plowed by the beautiful Karla. I look in the mirror, she applies, mate my ass taking me. She gently spreads my buttocks and brings out the veined cock 20 centimeter.
“voila! that’s a well-worked ass. you learn fast baby »
And she goes back to conquering my belly. She tries more powerful kidney strokes. It crashes, but it hurts a little. At the same time, I can learn how to cash in my turn, because I do not go there dead hands when I step on a pussy or an ass.