How I became a sissy husband

How I became a sissy husband – It all started when I was 18. I was hanging out with my boyfriend next door and his sister, Sue. One day I sneaked into her sister’s room and looked and then tried on Sue’s panties, garter belt and stockings. I then kept them and went home. I remember one hot summer day, when I was dressed in her panties, garter belt, stockings and some high heels I had bought.

I heard a car door slam, so I grabbed my clothes and went down to the basement bathroom. I barely had the door closed when I heard Jim, who rented the apartment in our basement, walking down the stairs. But before I could lock the door, he opened it abruptly. Jim was a tall 25-year-old man who was 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 185 pounds.

I had fantasies about him and always wondered what he looked like. I was masturbating thinking about him. Jim watched me wear my clothes but also always wear women’s clothes.

He laughed, then said, ” I’ll tell everyone I can find, what you do.”I was mortified. Jim said, ” but if you suck my dick, I won’t say it, it will be our little secret. I know you want to, so get on your knees.”I was so embarrassed and humiliated but also instantly excited. My cock was rock hard and was sticking out of the panties I was wearing. He grabbed my head and forced me to kneel.

He noticed that my cock was hard and took this as a sure sign that I was up to him to order it. I knelt as he asked me. He pulled down his pants and pulled down his underwear, and pulled out his huge cock.

My God, I thought, it was so big. I guessed it was twice as big as my little 4 inches. His balls were huge and dangling. He told me to hurry, so I opened my mouth and took his soft cock in my mouth. I sucked and soon it was hard as steel.

It was the first cock I had sucked. I guessed I was doing a good job because in just a minute he stiffened, grabbed me by the back of the head and unleashed a torrent of cum. The explosion hit the back of my throat and the force silenced me.

But he held me firmly to his tail and I was forced to swallow or choke. He finished and then released my head. I backed away; his beautiful cock slipped out of my mouth.

That’s when his friend Tom came in. “Fucking shit, what’s going on here?”He saw everything. From that day until I left for college, I was their bitch.

Several times Jim made me watch him fuck his girlfriend. When they finished, I was ordered to clean her messy pussy and dripping cock of any trace of their love juice. His girlfriend, too, would dress me up in her feminine Affairs.

Then she would put me on her lap and spank me for being such a wet girl. But what they didn’t understand was that I loved everything. My only regret was that his girlfriend never let me fuck her and Jim never fucked me. Many years later, after being married to Ann for a year, we were at a meeting.

Privately, Tom’s now wife, Pat, asked Ann if she had ever seen me carry her things. Ann said she suspected I was a dresser but she didn’t catch me. That night, Ann confronted me about my past. She said she wanted to know if I still wanted to do everything Pat told her I did in his youth. I confessed that I always had these desires.

I told Ann I had my own girly stuff in the garage. I also told her that I dress and masturbate when she goes out with her friends. Ann told me to take all my sissy stuff and dress for her.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my luck. I remember going to the garage quickly and getting my stuff. Ann told me to undress and put on what I had.

I put on my thigh black stockings, black panties, black bra and black wig and stood in front of her. She ordered me to lie on her lap as she sat in the corner of our bed. She then pulled down my panties and spanked me severely. Then she got angry because the spanking hurt her hand. She told me to get her slipper.

She kept spanking me again until I cried and begged her to stop. She then ordered me to stand. My penis was sticking out, just asking to be released.

She said I could masturbate on her leg. It took only a minute before I squirted my pent-up cum. I pulled six long strings of my juice on her legs.

She then told me to lick everything. I did greedily what she ordered. She said spanking was to keep my desires from her. Ann told me never to lie or hide anything from her again. I was also ordered never to masturbate unless she gives me her approval.

From that day on, I was his sissy. She introduced me to a lifestyle of humiliation. She gradually took lovers and made me serve all their needs.

I became her cuckold, bisexual, cock sucking, cum loving, Sissy transvestite. I couldn’t be happier