Houston shemales

Houston shemales – Beard stubble was gone. After I dried myself, I reached for the underwear, which I had already chosen before. It was a white set, decorated with a little black lace. First, I got into the thong with both legs and gently brushed it up over my legs. I enjoyed the moment when the little material sank between my buttocks. I also routinely put on the bra and pushed it back and forth until I was happy with its position. I let my fingers stroke several times over the soft fabric and noticed how I was hot. When leaving the bathroom, I grabbed my short kimono, which hung on the bathroom door and quickly slipped it in.

Arriving in the bedroom, I sat down at my dressing table and immediately turned on the lights. When I picked out the first pens, the thought came over me that it would actually be time to leave the apartment as a woman. And even more so after such a busy day. So I took more time to make up for an impeccable …
… Appearance. Even if no one would see me on my night walk, I still wanted to play it safe.

It was a very hot day and so it was still very warm at night. I decided to wear something more daring for this night: A short white summer dress with thin straps. It was double-layered but the fabrics were wafer-thin. In addition, there was a thin belt in green. Matching this, I chose my green peeptoe heels. A little jewelry around the neck and wrists and two earrings made the image complete.

In front of the big mirror I looked at the result and was more than satisfied. You could see the black lace of the bra a little through the dress and I really liked this. I got two more silicone breast prostheses and pushed them into my bra to get a little more cup size. From the side I liked the sight of how the dress lay around my body.

In the meantime it was already 2 o’clock in the night. According to my observations in recent weeks, I was very sure that I would not meet anyone in the stairwell during the week and at this late hour. No matter how many times I’ve done it, it was always a test of courage. I packed some male clothes in my big handbag for the emergency and was ready for the adventure.

For minutes I watched the stairway through the peephole. It was pitch dark, no movement and no sign that it would change soon. The lift is right next to my apartment door. I slowly opened my door, took 2 steps to the lift and pressed the button. Then I withdrew, packed my 7 things and got ready. When the elevator door opened, it lit up the entire corridor. A last look if no one was there and with momentum I pulled the front door behind me and balanced in the elevator. I pressed frantically on Keller and with the other button I forced the quick closing of the doors.

Arriving in the basement, I was relieved that it was also dark there. So there was no one here who could have surprised me. I went to the door that led to the garage and looked through the door window first. The garage was lit, which made me a little nervous. Motion sensors were installed, which automatically regulated the light. But these were often defective and did not switch off properly. My hope was that no one was in the garage. So I waited a few seconds. I was still able to quickly retreat to the elevator and get back to the safe apartment. However, I did not see any movement through the window pane, so I took note of the defect.

With full determination, I tore open the heavy garage door and took my first two steps into the garage. I …
… made sure that no one was to be seen and then slowly took step by step towards my car. Left and right of me the cars were parked and so I followed the road to my car. It echoed loudly from the clacking of my high heels on the hard asphalt. Even my heart was throbbing loudly – only a few steps left-I thought.

Finally I arrived at my car and quickly pressed the remote control, which I have long held in my hand. I heard the door locks snap open and immediately tore open the driver’s door. Ladylike, I first sat down with my butt on the seat and then pulled the legs in. I pulled the door shut and immediately grabbed the seat belt.

And at that very moment, I heard someone slam a car door shut. I froze with fright – still holding the belt in my hand, I searched for movements in my mirrors. Right behind me on the other side of the road I could now see my neighbor as he moved away from his white Audi.

Oh my God – he must have been sitting in his car, and could see me without further ado. And the bad thing was that he knew exactly who the car belonged to which I got into. You meet occasionally in the garage-and so you know each other.