Gay sissy sex stories

Gay sissy sex stories It had been two days since Katia had taken care of me and I was already missing. My excitement didn’t fall back. I became attached to her sex, her ass but especially to her. This way of humiliating me, almost dressing me, made me feel like a woman and my god I loved it !

Fortunately I think I satisfied her since I received a text the same evening :

“As soon as you know that your parents will be barred but with the little one you keep me informed !”.

It was both long and short but I knew my parents would visit friends of theirs for the whole weekend. So I called him immediately and his response was quick.

“The minute your parents left, you let me know. When I get here, I want you to be completely shaved and waiting for me naked in the entrance, kneeling, you little whore. Understood ?”

I said, ” Yes, ma’am.”

I got the answer: “if there’s any thing you don’t respect in there you’re gonna regret it bitch, and don’t answer I don’t want to hear about you unless it’s to empty my balls otherwise you’re no use to me”

I found myself alone in my room making out. It was pathetic but so truthful about the effect it gave me.

Later in the week I really realized how she had transformed me. I had received a text from my girlfriend telling me the end of our relationship. It has to be noted that it had not touched me at all; I replied by the way a simple “Ok it’s better this way”.

In response I got the right “I see that you really cared about our relationship, when I think I almost had feelings for you, you’re just a big asshole”.

I chose not to answer, at least I was calm. The following days seemed endless to me, I was only in a hurry for my parents to leave.

The big day had finally arrived. The SMS was already written I just clicked the Send button. I was rushing in the shower to get one last shave all over my body and to be perfectly clean for Katia.

I washed, dried as quickly as possible to wait behind the door on my knees as she asked me.

Five minutes later, without knocking, she returned, closing the door behind her very quickly. Without a word, she opened the fly of her jeans, to shove his cock in my mouth. She would then position her foot so that are talon would crush my cock, put both her hands behind my head and start fucking my mouth.

What a relief to find her, her cock, that taste in my mouth without her heel to crush my cock I’m sure I’d band it right now. I was frustrated not to feel his balls but I was already happy with it. After a few minutes she ended up dropping everything to the bottom of my mouth forcing me to swallow. I had to clean her tail before she put it away.

“You excuse me huh I do not undress but good it was just to empty my balls, when you go to the toilet you fuck naked no ? Good brief in your parents ‘ room magne you”

I wondered what she had in mind, fucked me in my parents ‘ bed ? the thing is, I was on all fours all the way to their room.

“Well fuck you standing bitch”

She would then inspect my body to see if I was shaved properly. She ended her inspection with a big slap to congratulate me. I felt so happy to have satisfied him, it was shameful I knew it deep down but I loved it.

“Good that I explain quickly I organized a kind of evening at home, I invited some friends, men and women about ten. For starters, we’re not gonna charge too much either. Obviously I chose them knowing their sexual tastes and guess what ? The highlight of the evening is that I bring a small shovel to smash, humiliate and mistreat. So tonight you’re gonna be a little whore in charge and you’re gonna get high, Are you happy ?

  • Oh, yes, ma’am. An instant slap
  • Mistress Katia for you dirty bitch
  • Yes pardon mistress Katia
  • Well, let’s see if your mother has anything to turn you into a hot whore.”

The advantage is that my mother was the same size as me a few inches away so these clothes had a high chance to fit me. And it was the case which allows Katia to make me a full fitting.

Except that at one point my sex started to get hard while I was trying on a panties, which was by the way not sexy at all. Which amused Katia a lot.

“Well, then you’re such a slut that you’re going to put Mom’s clothes on ? You’re a piece of shit. Jerk off in it until you cum.”

I was running it only took me a few seconds to come, of course I had to swallow all my cum while licking my panties. Katia’s bullying during this time, they did not stop.

In the end she choose pantyhose arriving at the top of the thigh, a boxer in red lace. A flying skirt, bra and a tank top. But it wasn’t over. She brought back a blonde wig and makeup.

She applied herself to make me look like a vulgar whore, red lipstick screaming among other things. Foundation, eyeshadow everything passed there.

I knew, looking at myself in the mirror at that moment, that I had crossed a point of no return. What I was about to do would transform me forever. I wanted it so much that the hesitation did not have time to settle down.

Last surprise that Katia had reserved for me, she had hidden my size and bought a pair of high heel that finished completing her work. I felt like some kind of ready-made inflatable doll. Especially since she taped my balls and my sex so that it was as flat as possible. It was so tight that I could not even if I wanted to bandage it.

I was clearly having a hard time walking but whatever, I don’t think I was going to have to do much tonight. I’d get in the front of her car and we’d get to her house pretty quickly. Climbing the two floors with heels, caused two falls, without gravity, but I ended up getting up. It was about 5: 30 p.m. Thirty minutes before the guests arrive.

Katia set me up like a trophy. Hands tied to a beam in the air, both feet tied and spread by a bar, all with a gag.

“Here’s the time all the guests arrive you’ll stay like that so he can see the merchandise. Once everyone’s settled I’ll untie you you’re gonna turn into a good little whore and you’re gonna strip us and you better be horny believe me ! You’ll keep your tights, your shoes and your boxer shorts and then you won’t have to think about just obeying.”