Cuckold’s Wife story

Cuckold’s Wife story – We had been married for four years after graduating from Business School. We met in New York, New York City, with an international consulting firm specializing in marketing and business development in the Middle East. I have a master’s degree in international marketing and Ed has a master’s degree in international taxation. We had been working in the consulting firm for four years and although Ed spent most of his time in the back office evaluating various transactions, I was on the front line with our clients.

We had a particularly large volume of business with a wealthy merchant from Bahrain. His name is Faizi, and I had gotten to know him very well after taking over his account for the previous two years. He was forty-five years old and was a very handsome man six feet tall and weighing about one hundred and eighty pounds. He has a well-trimmed beard and a dark olive complexion. He always treated me with respect and he gave me very expensive gifts to show his appreciation for my service to his companies.

After getting to know me, Faizi would also flirt with me in subtle ways, even seemingly innocently touching me, and I knew he was dazzled by my appearance, like many men. I don’t want to brag, but I’m five feet seven inches tall, I weigh a hundred and twenty pounds, and I have shoulder-length blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. I have amazing D-cup tits and a very shapely ass. Many men of color seem to be attracted to me, and especially the Middle Eastern men I meet in our company.

I also have to admit that my boss encouraged me to dress as revealing as good taste allowed, and Ed didn’t seem embarrassed that I flaunted my cleavage and legs to satisfy our clients. Faizi arrived in New York about every two months, and he and I went to dinner alone one night to discuss marketing a new business he had just started. After discussing our business, he surprised me: “I really appreciate the service you have rendered me over the past two years, and I know your talents well enough now that I would like to offer you a position in my company in Bahrain. I can also use your husband’s talents in our accounting team, but I am particularly interested in you.

This will help me save a lot on consulting fees and frequent trips to New York. “. I was very flattered and said,” I appreciate the offer, but it would be somewhat difficult for Ed and I to live in a foreign country with no family or friends nearby.

And even though we both earn good salaries now, it’s still hard to live in the city with what we do. I understand that it is even more expensive to live in Bahrain as an expat. Faizi smiled and said, “I think you will find my offer quite generous. I offer you a two-year contract with a combined salary for you two of eight hundred thousand dollars a year, and a plane ticket to and from Bahrain. In addition, I will provide you with a free luxury apartment in my compound with a private chef to prepare your meals, also at no cost.

“. “But because of some problems I had with a former contract employee, there will be a stipulation. I will also insist that you complete a basic questionnaire, so that I can assess how you will acclimatize to the culture of Bahrain. I warn you that some of the questions are very personal, but you will have to answer them honestly to seal the offer.

“. I was stunned by his offer and said, “Oh my God, Faizi, this is a most generous offer and I can’t wait to go home and talk to Ed about it. But what is the stipulation?”.

He then said: “I had previously proposed a similar deal to a European couple, but after moving to Bahrain and several months of work, they decided to return to France. Let’s just say they had a problem with some cultural aspects living in Bahrain was a very expensive waste of time for me. So if you and Ed accept the offer, it will be a mandatory two-year contract. “.”Since I will pay all your living expenses, you will only receive a small expense allowance from your salary, and the rest will be kept in a secure escrow account for you.

If you want to leave early, you can do it, but you will lose the escrow account. “. I thought I already knew Arabic culture very well, so I didn’t need to ask Faizi about it.

I just assumed it had something to do with the strict prohibitions regarding sexual matters. But I later found out that I should have asked more questions about the problems that scared this other couple. I was looking forward to going home to discuss his offer with Ed, so I said, “Okay, Faizi, I’m excited about your offer and I’ll talk to Ed about it. Please give me the questionnaire and we will fill it out tonight. “.

Ed was also excited about the offer and the chance it gave us to make financial progress. We could return to New York after the mission with over a million dollars in savings. We started with the questionnaire and found that the questions were quite routine, at least until we got to the last section. It was titled “Sexual History and preferences,” and I thought it was designed to see how we would be able to adapt to the country’s strict religious rules.

We were not satisfied with the questions, but I knew Faizi well enough to know that he was serious about us answering them honestly. I will not bore you with all the questions, but we had to reveal that we had only had sex between us and that we had fucked on average about five times a week. The most embarrassing thing was that we had to admit that I periodically sucked Ed’s cock, but that he sucked my pussy every time, before and after the ted ejaculation in me. I know it doesn’t sound too risky, but I was a little worried about what Faizi would think of it given his culture. We also had to acknowledge that Ed’s dick is smaller than the average of four and a half inches long and thin and that I used to take birth control pills but stopped so we could try to start a family.

I was embarrassed when I handed the questionnaire to Faizi the next day at work. He read it again in my presence and I noticed that he was smiling while reading this last section. He had to be satisfied, because he confirmed the offer, and after giving notice to the company, Ed and I were on their way to Bahrain in two weeks. The Faizi complex is on the outskirts of the capital city of Manama, and our apartment suite is very luxurious.

Ed was given an office in the accounting section on the other side of the compound, but my office was right next to Faizi’s in his headquarters. His office is very spacious and luxurious, and he even has a bedroom connected to his office. It was interesting to see how differently Faizi acted in his element compared to his style in New York. He is sometimes quite brusque with the many domestic workers and other subordinates, but he is always pleasant with me. He always wore business suits when he was in the United States, but in Bahrain he wore the traditional men’s thobe, a long loose garment resembling a shirt.

It was then summer and his thobes are made of a thin and transparent fabric that can almost be seen through if the light is right. He encouraged me to wear short skirts and tight blouses, which the normal customs of modesty did not apply to expats, especially when we are in his concession. Faizi has two wives named Maali and Abia, and they live with their sons Mohd and Sinan in the main residential area on the other side of the compound.

I have seen that his women are overweight, even though they wear the traditional jellabiya, a long loose dress, in the enclosure. Mohd was sixteen years old, and Sinan was seventeen, and they were very similar to Faizi. Faizi usually sleeps in the room next to his office rather than in the main house with his family, which seemed a bit strange to me. Faizi and I normally work long days.

Ed initially complained about me coming home so late, but I let him know that Faizi had insisted that I stay with him and that I had no choice. It was our practice to relax in the evening with alcohol prepared by the Faizi staff from date palms, and I got high drinking it. After our first two weeks in Bahrain, and he could feel that I was becoming more comfortable with him, Faizi started flirting with me more aggressively. He usually waited for me to be drunk on alcohol to kiss my neck, rub my back or stroke my thigh.

I must admit I was sexually attracted to him, and I felt his Manhood and strength. These feelings scared me a little because Ed was the only man I had been sexually with. Another thing also impressed me. During our normal daily activities, Faizi would sometimes go out to the veranda outside his office. With the bright sun behind him, the sheer thobe allowed me to see the shadow of what must have been a very big cock and heavily hanging balls.

It was the first time I had anything to compare with Ed’s Dick, and I sometimes struggled not to look. I saw him swinging freely under his shirt and I knew he could not wear underwear. His sex also swung and rubbed against the thobe as he walked, and I became curious how tall he was. I wanted to be totally honest with Ed, and I told him that Faizi was openly flirting with me and touching me and that I felt sexually attracted to him. I also told him I saw his big cock under the thobe.

After mentioning this to Ed a few times, we were talking late one night when I was still a little drunk and wanted to know his feeling about it. I asked, “Tell Me, Ed, do you want me to do something to discourage Faizi from pursuing me? We know that in this culture, rich men are used to getting by with the help of expats, and I think he’s trying to fuck me . Some of the sexual prohibitions do not seem to apply to foreign women. Should I tell him to back off? “.

Ed really surprised me with his answer. I expected him to get angry and try to confront Faizi about his actions, but he seemed a little shy about it. He said, ” You just have to imagine all this, and his cock can’t be as big as you think. I can’t believe he would really try to fuck you; especially since he knows you’re not on birth control any longer.

And besides, I’d hate to upset him and ruin our chance to make that much money. Let’s see if he stops by himself. “.

Then I said, “OK, Ed, we can see how it goes, but don’t be surprised if I get too drunk one night and he rapes me. Then we’ll see if the money was worth it., just see his shadow and his balls swinging between his legs to know what I mean. “. Ed then asked me to describe Faizi’s cock in more detail, and I found it strange that a man would ask about another man’s cock. I told him: “his cock is very thick and seems to be about 20 cm long even though it is soft.

And his balls are huge, look the size of an egg and hang heavily and swing freely in his scrotum. the genitals look so big compared to yours that I also think it’s hard to believe. “. I was surprised that Ed was so interested in my description of that cock and balls, and he didn’t seem embarrassed when I compared without flattering his cock with Faizi’s.

He seemed almost shy and submissive after hearing more details about this big cock. The next evening after work, Faizi and I were drinking alcohol as usual, and he had given me much more than usual. At one point, I was leaning across my desk looking at marketing proposals, when I felt him coming up behind me and leaning over me while looking at the proposals. I felt his cock press against my butt as he reached out to rub the side of my tits, and the lust of the moment took over. I extended my hand back and held his cock through the thobe, and the heat, thickness and weight were amazing.

I started rubbing his cock in that position as he moved his hand under my short skirt and started rubbing my ass. I then turned around with my hand still on his cock, and he bent over to kiss me. He also moved his hand to my thong-covered pussy and started rubbing me. We stopped kissing for a while and I asked, ” Faizi, I love you to touch me, but isn’t it a terrible sin for a man in your culture to have sex with a woman who is not his wife? t do you worry about Ed’s reaction to this? Faizi smiled at me and continued to rub my pussy stroking his cock and saying, “it may be against our teachings, but it’s not that bad if we have sex with someone who is not of our faith.

We can save the chastity and honor of our women, and still enjoy our desire between the thighs of submissive married women. You are so beautiful and your skin is so clear, and I must raise you with my mighty seed. “.

“I know from your questionnaire that Ed sucks his own cum out of your pussy. In my experience, a man who would do such a disgusting thing will also suck the seed of a stronger man from his wife and happily and obediently watch another man with a big cock fuck her. We call a man who would allow his wife such indecency a dayyuth, or cuckold in English, and he will probably also suck the cock of his wife’s lover. His talk about the indecency, infidelity and submission of certain women and men made me even more envy of him. I felt his strength and masculinity and wanted to please him in every possible way.

In my state of drunkenness and lust, I liked the idea that he would reproduce me, even if I was not protected. I sat in the chair by my desk, leaned over to grab the hem of his thobe and slowly lifted it up to his waist. Faizi then helped him over his head. Then I was inches away from his big dark brown circumcised cock that has a huge head and thick veins. I saw that it was just beginning to harden and it was still about 20 cm long.

I looked at his medium hairy body and that big cock and I could hardly believe that I was sitting in front of such a man, who also has a manly, musky scent. I instinctively reached out to hold his cock and balls and was overwhelmed by the desire to suck him. But just when I started taking his meat in my mouth, he walked away and said, “My sweet, Jasmine, I can get my cock sucked by anyone at my job, and I want to keep you to fuck.

Oral sex is allowed in the intimacy of a house between a man and a woman. But I want to keep your sweet mouth for my mouth without getting dirty by my cock. And I do not like to suck a pussy where a woman pisses, menstruates and takes the sperm from my kidneys. “. We then went to his room and I quickly took off all my clothes.

Faizi smiled when he saw me totally naked, and he took my hand and pulled me to his bed. He was lying next to me and we kissed as he rubbed my big tits and I stroked his cock until I felt it Harden to his ten inches, and it was as thick as my wrist. He then placed a pillow under my butt and rolled himself over me and said, ” I’ll go slowly so you can get used to a big cock for the first time. I’ll touch places in you that Ed will never reach.”.