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Cuckold sexwife stories – Floods in Colorado in the fall resulted in devastating losses estimated at more than two billion dollars. It rained for several days and the water accumulated in the foothills of the mountain and ended up roaring out of the valleys and canyons into swollen and historically destructive streams and streams. Roads have been completely cleared in many places and the landscape has been altered by sand, rocks and debris displaced by floodwaters.

My husband and I live in one of these valleys but were spared the worst of the floods. We live in a modern log house built in a secluded canyon. Our property is about one hundred meters from the nearest creek and at an altitude of fifty feet above normal high water level. We have no close neighbors and are almost self-contained with a well-stocked food cellar, lots of firewood and a backup diesel generator for electricity. We also have well and satellite water service for TV and Internet access.

We were well-stocked and comfortable during the emergency, even though all access roads to the canyon were washed away. My name is Leah and my husband, Ed, and I have a five-month-old daughter at the time of this story. I was always feeding our daughter and we were trying to get pregnant again.

Ed was twenty-eight and I was twenty-six. He is a mechanical engineer and was fortunate to be able to convince his employer to allow him to work at home most of the time, having to go to his office only two or three days a month. I am a registered nurse who works in a small clinic in the nearest town. I was on extended maternity leave at the time of the floods.

We own our free and clear house and enjoy our isolated life in the mountains. Our frugal lifestyle allows us to live very comfortably on Ed’s salary. This story is primarily about our experiences with a man we rescued from the flood-swollen creek. But it is important for the narrative that I first digest and explain my story. Then you will be able to understand how our somewhat unusual sexual habits contributed to the situation.

My childhood was normal, and I only realized last summer when I was in high school that my genitals were exceptionally large. My mother certainly told me about the ills of premarital sex, but she was also realistic about teenage sexual practices. This was especially true since I was lucky enough to have a pretty face and pretty D-cup tits on my body of five feet and three inches and weighing 100 pounds. Mom took me to her gynecologist just after my sixteenth birthday for a checkup and a prescription for the birth control pill. It was embarrassing to have the doctor between my legs probing my pussy, and it was as if she had spent more time than it took to push her instrument very deep into my vagina.

After it was over, she made me dress up so we could talk. She said, “Everything is fine and I don’t see a problem. But I need to inform you of something.

There are naturally many variations in the depth of women’s vaginas. When not excited, their length can vary from about 3 to 5 inches. But most are less than four inches. And vaginal diameters can range from about an inch to maybe two inches, with most just over an inch. But the vaginas are very elastic.

When they are sexually aroused, they can extend from five to eight inches deep and from two to three inches at most in diameter. “. I began to panic a bit as she continued: “according to my measurements, your vagina is about seven inches deep and two inches in diameter.

When it is aroused, it will probably expand to at least twelve inches deep and three inches or more the size of a vagina is not necessarily proportional to the size of a woman, although it is a bit extraordinary for a little girl like you to have such a big one. Your vulva is also about fifty percent longer than average and your labia majora, your outer labia, are prominent and protrude even when not aroused. Tears flowed down my face as I asked, ” What does that make me, some kind of monster or something? “.

She put her hand on my shoulder to comfort me and said,” No, Leah, you’re definitely not a monster. It turns out that your genitals are larger than average. When you become sexually active, and I certainly do not encourage you to do so anytime soon, it is simply that it will be more enjoyable for you if you are with a boy or man who is well endowed.

“. In high school, it was attended by a lot of friends, but it still took me a long time for me to be too aware of my larger vulva. Some of the girls were staring at my lips in the shower after gym class, but none I didn’t let any boys get in my pants until my senior year, but I was finally fucked by a boy with a six inch cock. It was not so nice for me, but was happy to get into a wet pussy, even if it was a bit loose.

Then I understood what the doctor said about the search for well-endowed boys. After high school, I attended a Community College nursing student, so I would be qualified to take the exam to be a registered nurse.I was able to date a few boys who had seven and eight inch thick rage cocks. It was nicer to fuck them than the high school boy, but I always wanted to find boys with bigger cocks. At the end of my studies, I realized that big cocks were rare. Jobs were difficult to find in the city at that time.

I ended up working as a nurse in a small clinic in the mountain town near us. That’s when I met my husband Ed. He lived in a city apartment and went to the high-tech company where he worked as an engineer.

He entered the clinic on a Saturday after getting a bad cut on his hand while working on his car. We got along right away. He showed me a lot of respect and only tried to fuck me after several months of dating. At that time, we were desperately in love. So, I didn’t mind it having an average five-and-a-half-inch tail that’s also medium thick.

Ed always catches up with his short cock, my pussy, before and after fucking, and shoots a big load of cum. He loves pressing his face against my big and swollen vulva and will suck me as long as I allow him. We both know that his cock does not satisfy me.

Over time, he started bringing home dildos that he used on me and I also masturbated with them when he was not at home. We moved into her apartment together three months after we started dating and got married six months later. We stayed there for four years saving every penny to buy our property and connect to home in the canyon. I have always been sexually satisfied, either by dildos or by Ed my pussy.

Sometimes I didn’t think too much about his satisfaction. But one evening I went home earlier than usual to the clinic and found out that I had neglected her needs. Ed didn’t hear me when I walked in because he was in the room with the TV playing loud. We were both surprised when I walked into the room and caught him watching a porn video and stroking his cock with one of these transparent silicone masturbation sleeves about six inches long.

The video showed a white man fucking a small white woman, and his cock had to be eleven or twelve inches long and nearly seven inches in circumference. Ed’s face turned red and he was visibly embarrassed to be caught masturbating. He looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry you found me like this, honey. I didn’t want you to know that I was using this sleeve to masturbate. Sometimes I just need to feel a little tight around my cock.

“. I remained silent for a few moments as he continued to slowly caress himself. I wasn’t really angry or upset and just wanted to figure out what was going on, so I said, “no problem, honey, since God knows I use my dildos a lot. But why are you watching this video? Do you imagine that you are the man in the video fucking the woman? Or do you imagine another man fucking me? “.

His face turned red again as he said,” I have to admit that I fantasize about another man with a big cock fucking you. I know we would never do that. I’ve been thinking about it so much since I know my little dick doesn’t satisfy you.

“I was surprised that he fantasized that I was fucking another man. I wanted to find a way to stimulate it even more and so I started taking off my nurse uniform and lying a little bit saying, “Damn, Honey, I also fantasized about a big cock man fucking me with my dildos. Maybe we could both improve our desires.

I’ve never seen one of these sleeves before. But it looks like it might be just the right size to push into my pussy. Let’s see if it suits me and if you can fuck me while wearing it.

Ed smiled and moved into bed to make room for me. I lay down next to him and spread my legs as wide as possible. I leaned over. I leaned over to hold my big fleshy lips open as he began to squeeze his cock and sleeve against me. The outer surface of the sleeve is not made for this purpose, but I was amazed at the quality of its felt squeeze me.

Then Ed began to stroke the sleeve. It was tight for him but still well lubricated. From his look, I could tell it was the first time he was able to feel what it’s like to fuck a tight pussy since we started dating. The fullness in my vagina was wonderful.

But the sleeve didn’t move enough in me to make me feel like I was fucked, and it’s too short to fill me completely. It was a delicate balance for Ed to have enough lubrication to ass-fuck the sleeve, but to provide enough friction for the sleeve to slide back and forth into my pussy. The thickness stimulated me, however and I had just had my orgasm when Ed’s cock exploded and he flooded my pussy with his cum. He immediately got out of me and came down to suck his cum out of my pussy.

Then he said, ” it was so good to fuck you like that. I have to admit, I imagined myself being the guy in that video fucking you. I wish we could keep doing this, honey. We need to experiment with different muff and dildos in order to find a better muff fuck for both of us. “.

Ed is very skilled with tools and his engineering background has allowed him to better understand the materials used in dildos. We started online to see if anyone was already making a product that would work as both a dildo and a masturbation sleeve. None were available.

So we ordered elastomer butt plugs that look and feel like real cockskin, yet are firm and heavy. The one I liked the most is twelve inches long, about seven inches in circumference and happens to be mocha colored. Then Ed ordered a variety of silicone masturbation sleeves and tried to dig the dildo to allow him to stick the sleeves inside.

He even dug the dildo to the end so that his cum could spread in my pussy through the dildo. After finding a dildo of the right size and shape on the outside, while leaving a sleeve on the inside, he added a ball to the base to hold it loosely in place while we fucked her. We then experimented with the proper type and amount of lubrication to use to give her cock the most realistic feeling possible in the sleeve, while still allowing the external dildo to move properly into my very wet and oversized vagina.

The final design allows the dildo to slide from the ring elasticity of the ball when it pulls out. Then he pushes the dildo back into me as he pushes his cock back up the sleeve. It’s like using a strapon, except that it also allows his cock to slide inside and be stimulated.

This new twelve inch dildo and masturbation sleeve Combination has been an incredible improvement for our sex life. It has become customary for us to fantasize that he is a stranger who fucks me, and that he eats the sperm of another man and the sperm of my pussy. I didn’t really understand Ed’s appeal to the fantasy of eating cum, but he really took advantage of it. For the first time in my life, my large vagina was almost completely filled with the fake cock.

And Ed was starting to feel almost realistic about fucking me like I had a full size vagina. Now back to the more recent episodes of history. We had been in our new home for only about six months at the time of the floods. Our family was home at the time of the heavy rains. We were not so worried that the previous heavy rains had not caused severe flooding.

We were confident that our preparation and supplies were sufficient to support us for at least six months. The rains started in the evening and we stayed indoors until the afternoon of the second full day of rain. We heard the roar of the creek and decided to regroup our daughter and go down the trail to see it.

We were surprised to find that the creek, which normally has a width of about 15 feet and a depth of three feet, was inflated to a width of one hundred feet and higher by twelve feet above the normal high water level. There were trees and parts of huts rushing into the creek and many of the trees adjacent to the creek were bent or totally swept away. We walked into the creek a bit, and Ed spotted what appeared to be a man lying in the rocks and partially submerged in the water. We approached and realized that it was a tall black man dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt torn and torn by the debris of the creek. He was moaning and barely breathing.

He had scratches and bruises all over his body, at least the visible parts. Ed looked at him carefully and said, ” it looks like Black Mountain Jack. This is a local legend in this area and he has, or at least had, a cabin about 800 meters upstream from here.”.

I knew we had to get him out of the cold water, but I took a moment to ask Ed, “what’s the fact that he’s a local legend? I’ve never heard of him.”. Ed smiles and says, ” he is about forty-five years old and you can see that he is a tall man, measuring six feet and four inches and probably two hundred and thirty pounds of solid muscle. He inherited his cabin, which is only a few meters above the normal high water level of the creek. He works as a lumberjack and miner, or whatever he can find to earn some money.

He is quite reclusive and rarely goes to the city. he goes to the tavern in search of women, men usually try to fight with him to show how hard they are. Of course, Jack always breaks his ass, he is above all a sweet and kind guy, until people fuck with him. He paused for a moment and giggled for himself before continuing. “Jack is a mystery to most people simply because he is the only black man in this almost white area.

And the main reason why he is a legend is because of his tail. Rumor has it that he has never been able to satisfactorily fuck strippers at the tavern, because his cock is too big. But once he enters the room and gets excited, he finds it hard to calm down and leave them alone. I heard he nearly hurt a few girls with this thing.

“. I must confess that I am more than interested in The Legend of Jack. However, at that time it was important to get him out of the Cold Creek and into our cabin.

So Ed and I struggled to get him out of the water as gently as possible. Then the baby and I stayed with him while Ed went home to get the wheelbarrow. It is impossible to bring his dead weight home without rolling it. We finally brought it home and placed it in the bathtub. Thanks to my nurse’s training, I knew to keep it dry and warm.