Cuckold Life stories

Cuckold Life stories – After ten years of marriage, things had become obsolete. It was so bad that if I made bread, I would not make a decent bread pudding. It was always the same in the bedroom area and it was getting really boring. Mike, my husband, was so predictable. When it came to sex, he was a typical man, wanting things his way or not.

The adventure in the bedroom was a no no. We were married when I was eighteen, and Mike was my first and only one. I wanted to find out what it could be like with another guy. Although I really loved him, I needed something more.

It was time to fight back and hopefully find out if I was missing something. “Look, Mike, it’s time for us to spice things up with our sex life, if we don’t, I want a divorce.””What? Are you serious, are you really serious? You mean, right?”I could see that I had upset him with the lowered expression. “It’s been coming for a while now,” I replied quickly. We sat down and discussed how to spice things up.

We talked about bondage and spanking but he said he could never hurt me because he loved me so much, I even suggested having sex in public. “What if we had an open marriage? Let’s say a year, ” I suggested next. Again Mike asked how this could work and it was a wise thing to do, he just didn’t want to lose me. I then explained how things could work, suggesting that we take turns every two weeks to find someone for sex.

Adding that we would always have sex at home and the other would be present in case of problems. “Are you sure it would work? Mike Asked. “I don’t see why it wouldn’t be like cheating. After all, we would always be in the house while the other would be with someone.”After a few moments, Mike had agreed. I finally had my own way, as I always have.

We decided that Friday nights would be reserved for our fun evenings. We would go out together but we would sit apart, letting the other chat with whoever he wanted. The person who was not trying to pick someone else had to stay sober as a driver and presented as the tenant.

Friday arrived, I decided to let Mike spend the first night. We went to a nightclub in the nearby town, not wanting to meet people from our area. I sat down at the bar to order an orange juice while Mike was down in the bar and drinking his beer.Soon I noticed him starting to flirt with a girl.

I’d say she was about two years younger than me. Soon after, they headed to the dance floor soon approaching, his hands soon wandered over his buttocks. To be honest, I thought it was a turn to look at them both, even finding myself wet in my panties. They eventually returned to Mike’s bar to buy him drinks the flirtation so obvious.

Soon laughing and laughing as they got steamy. Mike was talking in his ear, I guessed because the music was so loud. Before long, the club had to close.

As he whispered in his ear, his knee went up to the groin, dropping him on his knees. “You fucking pervert, why are you taking me,” she screamed out of her voice. The eyes of everyone in the club looked at Mike on his knees. A few seconds later, the door staff was on him, throwing him out, his arm bent in half in his back.I quickly finished my drink and went out.Mike was just far enough down the road for me to catch up with him without anyone noticing.

we had been together. “What happened?”I asked while catching up with him. “She thought I was offering a threesome,” he replied shyly.

We headed to the car, I told her how I had wet my panties looking at them both. I always felt horny as we walked past a row of shops when I dragged him through a door. “Make love to me now.

I want you in me! “I quickly pulled down my panties putting it in my pocket, Mike looked around me before lifting up my skirt and putting his sex in me. He fucked me hard, driving his cock in and out of my soaked pussy, he was so close to making cum. The store alarm suddenly rang! We ran a few hundred yards down the road before Mike needed to rest.A police car approached and an officer lowered his window, asking if we had seen anyone near the store down the road. them that a few guys with their hoods up had run away in the opposite direction. They quickly thanked us, quickly leaving in the direction indicated by Mike.

“It was close,” Mike said as we picked up the pace back to our car. We finally went home with no more worries before getting a night cap and then going to bed.Mike was now a man on a mission fucking me like never before, his cock felt even bigger as I stood up to meet his thrusts. “Damn yes it’s much harder even more I want you so much!”I gasped as my body stretched. “Yesssss oh my God Yesssss,” I cried out from the top of my voice. I had lost all control with such an intense beautiful orgasm, because almost at the same time he shot his sperm deep inside me.

that was what I wanted that was what was lacking in steamy sex! After a while, he retreated by rolling beside me before cuddling me. “It was great.”It may not have worked at this club, but it was worth it,” Mike gasped. He just couldn’t believe how wet I’d wet his hand playing with my pussy while we chatted. He soon ended up not wanting to be hit between the legs like that.

My face collapsed on hearing those words that he had visibly noticed. “Don’t worry, I won’t ruin anything for you,” he said. “I think I could get used to seeing others, I liked what it did to you Denise.””Is it if you still want to continue?”He always said I was his one and only.

“Only if you’re sure,” I replied quickly. “Oh yes, I’m sure, my dear,” we soon fell asleep. Mike was just a night guy. I dreamed of having sex with a inconnu.La week couldn’t go slower before Friday was finally upon us.I spent hours preparing for that night, picking a petrol blue dress from my wardrobe that had never been worn. I bought it to try to get a reaction from Mike but he never got to see it on me, he told me it looked tart when I showed him.

The sides of the dress were laced, you could not wear underwear as they would show. My nails were color coordinated to match, as were my four-inch strappy sandals and purse. I removed my wedding ring by putting it on my dresser, before applying my makeup and admiring myself in the mirror. Mike was right, it looked dirty! But that was exactly the look I wanted if I wanted to find a guy for sex. We chose another club.

Mike was worried about going back to last week’s one, I couldn’t blame him. We parked and went to the club making sure to keep a distance, he entered first in order to see how the guys could react. I went to the bar and ordered my usual vodka and tonic water. It seemed that I was soon surrounded by guys who came to the bar to order drinks, most said hello while chatting with me.

It didn’t take long for a very handsome guy to come in and ask me if I was alone.I explained that my tenant was there and we were together even if we were not in a relationship, it was more convenient that he could drive me . We chatted for a while as he made me drink more before finally asking me to dance. I quickly accepted and he led me by the hand to the floor.As we danced, his hands wandered over my ass, as he tried to guess if I had panties on.My body was now tingling with its soft touches. “Wow no panties,” he whispered in my ear while squeezing his leg between mine. “My Name Is David.”Denise,” I whispered as I munched the lobe of her ear.

“If you don’t mind me saying you’re beautiful,” he joked. I smiled before realizing that I could now feel a bulge in his pants. We talked more openly, becoming more intimate, with a sensation of his cock giving him a bit of teasing like I did.We came back to the bar with him and bought me more drinks.

I quickly skipped the step and kissed him passionately, my tongue exploring every part of his mouth. The club was about to close. “Want a night cap at my place?”I winked at him when I said it. “And your tenant? He asked.

“Oh he’s fine, he won’t bother us, he’s a guy who doesn’t pay attention to what I do.”If you are sure, then yes,” he nodded. I introduced Mike as my tenant before we all went back to the car, I climbed in the back with David. On the way home, we were both kissing and touching each other, and I noticed that Mike was looking in his mirror. Of course, I played even more knowing he was watching.

We arrived at the house and entered the living room with me asking Mike to make us a drink before bed. Mike soon brought our drinks and then made his excuse to go to bed, saying goodnight to both of us as we left. I was just hoping that he had entered the guest room and not our room. We drank our drinks more in a hurry, both knowing what the other wanted.

I knelt right in front of him, unzipping his pants and pulling him down with his boxer shorts. Finally, I could see her rabid sex so much bigger than Mike’s. I licked her length several times before lowering my head while swinging at a steady pace. I sucked and teased his cock enjoying the different taste compared to Mike’s, as he reached out to me to unzip my dress as best he could.

I stopped sucking her sex one last little lick on the tip, before getting up dropping my dress and getting out. “Wow, you’re even better naked baby, that’s for sure. I want to lick your shaved pussy right now, ” David said expectantly. “So what are you waiting for, Let’s go to bed.”David followed me down the stairs, patting my butt on the way. I took a deep breath as I opened the bedroom door hoping Mike wasn’t there.

Thank God there was no longer a relieved smile on my face. I got on the bed without even removing my shoes. I really wanted it! He stood at the foot of the bed so hard, his cock, before kissing my feet and licking the inside of his legs. I separated them further as he rose towards my thighs, I trembled with excitement and desire. He passed his tongue over my pussy, as I opened up.

He licked me deeply before pushing my hands away and using his. His tongue licked my lips and I began to moan which seemed to make him lick harder, the odd little bang reaching my clit. I was in heaven as my moans got louder. My body quickly stretched as I screamed with joy as my pussy exploded my intense orgasm, my juice flowing to my ass. David has now moved my body up without rushing his kisses and licks, my whole body trembled in the tingling state I was in.

He stopped to nibble on my very straight nipples that he had me in such a state, I wanted it in me. He worked up my lips kissing me deeply and I could feel his cock probing at the entrance to my pussy. “Please, please, fuck me,” I begged. He crept into me before picking up a good rhythm, my nails sinking straight into my back. He pumped me hard as I lifted my hips, wanting more encounter with each push.

My pussy was more stretched than it was with Mike’s, it was also much wider. My juice flowed freely, my whole body trembled with pleasure. We fucked for no reason, my obvious joy could be heard as I screamed in total ecstasy. This guy was good.

David suddenly stopped deep inside me saying, ” No-no-no not yet, turn around.”He withdrew his sex and got up, as I knelt on the bed. He was soon behind me, once again shoving his huge cock deep inside me. I pushed him back by meeting his thrusts as often as possible, he would penetrate me quickly.

His hand reached around me as his fingers penetrated my pussy before he played with my clit. As he pumped, his moans were now as loud as mine. I screamed once more as I felt the spurts of cum in me as he shot jet after jet. Another orgasm had totally taken me. We lay down and cuddled on the bed for a while before David announced that he was to leave, he had started early in the morning at work.

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement! We went back downstairs so he could get dressed, with him handing me his business card telling me to call him and soon. I let him out the front door still naked, before apologizing again for having to leave. We kissed passionately again, before he disappeared down the road to a taxi office a few blocks away. As I walked back into the room, Mike was already on the bed, his cock stiff. “I loved listening to this baby tell me what you did?”I explained to him in detail all the things we had done.

Mike couldn’t do it anymore, fucking me hard. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long before pulling his load into my soaked pussy. He retreated a short time later before turning around again, quickly falling asleep cuddling me. The next morning Mike had an idea, why didn’t I search the Internet and try to find someone to join us for sex, he wanted to watch me fuck.During the week I went through the many sites trying to find someone many seemed to be total perverts just by reading some of the posts.

Eventually I came across a website, but it was all couples who wanted to meet other couples. I mentioned it to Mike and I said it when he said, “okay, but I just want to watch, I don’t want to be involved.”But what about women,” I asked. “Well, how about finding a girl who wants to please you? After all, it would be something different for you to try. Is that if you want? Be careful, just the thought makes me difficult.”I looked through the couples and wrote to a few, explaining that Mike only wanted to watch and that I had never had sex with another woman before. After I finished, I started working on Mike’s stiff cock by giving him a blowjob again.

With him, he soon shoots his cum after a short while, leaving me once again frustrated by his neglect. A few days later, I started getting answers as well as photos of the couples. Most were naked and asked for mine in return. I read the mails until the one that stands out from the others he reads, Hi Denise, Thanks for your response to our post, we both find you intriguing, is your husband your cuckold? We are both the same age and I am the same size as you.

My husband likes to watch me dominate a girl before making her fuck. Nothing too heavy just a little bondage with me maybe some toys used, lots of orgasms first and maybe some light spanking. But that’s before I allow my husband to fuck you with his eight inch cock, of course we keep everything light as we can and it wouldn’t be bound.

Please let us know if you are interested. Mistress Carol and slave Bill, I naively sent back an answer asking what a cuckold was, soon receiving an answer telling me more. I also asked other questions about any meeting and for it to explain to me more about its dominant side and how it would affect me.

Over the next few days we discussed more about their relationship and ours, she gave me some suggestions on what I could do with Mike to keep him.We finally agreed to a meeting the following weekend, with the two of us staying from Friday night to Sunday night, I told Mike that we were going to meet a couple and stay with them. As I suspected, he was immediately ready. He tried to ask for more, but I just told him he should wait, as it was going to be special for him. On Thursday of this week, I did a little more shopping than usual. Friday night arrived and we went to our destination, surprisingly Mike didn’t even lose us on the way.

We had stopped at a florist on the way so we could buy flowers for our guests.I also had a gift wrapped.Mike knocked on the door and we were greeted by Bill who showed us in the living room, taking our bags to our room. “Hello both of you, welcome to our house. Carol looked up and down at us with a twinkle in her eyes. “There is one rule that I ask you to observe, which is that you address me as a mistress at all times.”Yes, Mistress,” we both replied in harmony.

I had decided to travel in a new black straight dress with four and a half inch black heeled sandals, at the request of the mistresses, I did not wear panties or bra for our first night. “Ah a good dinner is served.”Mistress smiled as she introduced us into the dining room. Bill also served us to get us some wine to drink with our meal. After finishing, we returned to the living room, chatting for a while until our meal fell.

About an hour later, mistress announced that she was going to prepare and disappeared from the room. I was a little tense now about how things were going to go, but also excited at the idea! Mistress entered the room in a latex jumpsuit, the pumps on her feet had to be at least six inches, so she dominated us all. I had a hard time not taking my eyes off her curvy body, she looked perfect. “I want you to undress now please Mike, I know you only want to watch but it’s for your own good.”Mike got up taking off his clothes as fast as he could, surprisingly his cock was still flabby, just like my mistress had told me. As he stood naked in front of all of us, she quickly grabbed his balls, before placing a cage around his sex and balls.

Mike was aware of how quickly she had done it by looking at the expression on her face. She then clicked on a lock in his place so that he could not remove it. “This must remain until Denise needs your services from now on. We’ll give you the key when you leave.

You can now dress up or stay naked, it does not do anything. Mike gasped when he realized his fate, deciding to stay naked. The mistress came to me as I got up as she had already told me in an email. She inspected me closely, lifting up my dress and smiling as she did. Then came a necklace that she closed around my neck.

“That’s My Bitch Mike, I’m going to do things to her that you could never do. She giggled loudly, saying sternly, ” and one of these things is to make her cum.”She tied a leash to the collar before leading me into her playroom, Mike and Bill following us behind. “You can both kneel,” she barked. She unzipped my dress by dropping it to the floor, leaving me naked except for my heels. I got out of it before she picked it up and put it on Bill’s head. “Savor the smell of a slave.”If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll let you have it after you’re done with it.”Bill was openly sniffing my dress, also trying to look at me like a dog with a new bone.

Mistress raised her head as she inspected me further, her hands exploring my body taking her time at my breasts before checking if I was wet. She drew me to an X-shaped cross, raising each arm and tying my wrists in front of her. She then spread my legs by locking my ankles in place, taking time to pass her hands inside my thighs. It was now that I began to worry more, here I was locked on an exposed cross so that everyone could see it, without any chance of breaking free.

She walked to a shelf coming back with a blindfold and a gag. Tightly tying the gag around my mouth, another strap under my chin and over my head. Then came a blindfold over my eyes. There was more traction on my nipples because something was attached, the longer it was on both my nipples the more it hurt, I tried to scream.

I could now hear a buzzing sound knowing exactly what it was, as my inner thighs were tickled by what sounded like a big vibrator. My nipples were burning everything that was attached seemed to tighten, but at the same time my body was trying to arch as the vibrator teased all around my mound. My God made me a jelly, I felt like I was passing out at any moment! She teased me for what seemed like hours with the vibrator, without so far doing pushing it into me. Every time I got closer to cumming, she would stop, letting my nipples take the pain by suppressing any thought of being able to cum. As the pain took over, she laughed once more.

Eventually she stopped and the clip-type objects were removed from my nipples, a huge tingling sensation running through my breasts as I felt the blood supply rushing into them. Her fingers probed at the entrance of my pussy opening me little by little, she stroked the lengths of my lips changing from one side to the other. I arched one more time because I knew I was going to cum, I bit into the ball gag making a strange type of scream from the sides of my mouth. I almost collapsed with the intensity of my orgasm my wrists holding my weight. I half-slouched as best I could for a while.