Cuckold bi Stories

Cuckold bi Stories – It is interesting to see how sometimes our hobbies and other personal activities that seem to have no tangible benefit, except for our own personal pleasure, can turn into an incredible opportunity. This was the case for me when my secret hobby of writing porn stories allowed my wife and I to enjoy a full and erotic cuckold lifestyle. I’m a middle manager at a small manufacturing company in the Birmingham, Alabama area, and I travel out of town one night an average of four times a month.

I like to get away from the factory rehearsal, and these trips give me a chance to adjust my perspective on things. The only problem is that my wife, Brit, and I are used to having sex every day, even though we have two children and were thirty-two at the beginning of this story. My cock is small to four inches long when it’s hard, but I was the first and only man to fuck Brit, so she didn’t know the difference. I’m always very lonely in hotel rooms, and I usually watch soft-porn channels to masturbate and then go to sleep.

On a trip, I was in an Atlanta hotel for a two-night stay, and while putting my clothes in the drawer, I came across a tattered copy of an old Penthouse Letters paperback. This is essentially a reissue of dozens of stories that had been published in Penthouse Letters magazine, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to read it. A lot of stories were about cuckold couples, and although I heard the term cuckold, I never really knew what it meant. I learned that the simple definition is that a cuckold is a man with an unfaithful woman, but the stories have expanded the definition to include men who have actively participated in their wives by fucking other men, cleaning sperm from their wives ‘ pussies and becoming submissive to the wives and their lovers.

I stayed up most of the night reading half of this book, and then read the other half the next night. I masturbated twice a night just reading these stories. For the first time in my life, the idea of other men fucking Brit was getting very exciting for me, but I knew it would never happen. She was a virgin when we got married, and despite the active sex life we have, she never allowed oral sex or even used profanity or talked about sexual situations, let alone maintained a conversation about fucking other men.

When I got home, I searched the Internet for porn story sites that included the cuckold genre. I found a few pretty good sites and learned that the quality and eroticism of the stories depended on finding the best authors. I settled on a few favorites that I went back to read each time, but many other stories disappointed me. I was looking for realistic and attractive plots that allowed me to explore my fantasies about other men fucking Brit.

Many of them rushed to very boring and sterile fuck scenes that left me wanting more. I wanted to be able to feel, taste and feel the action through the words of the author. After several months of reading these stories, it appeared to me that I was trying to write about them myself. Most Story sites encouraged amateur authors like me to write, so I thought I should try. I wanted to write about my favorite fantasies to get sexually aroused and I used a ghost name as an author.

I had the opportunity to write at home and outside the city, and I even tried to write in my office for lunch and after work. The first two stories I wrote were very mechanical and forced, and I received a lot of critical and valuable feedback from other members of the site. The main thing I learned was that I had to provide abundant descriptive details so that my desires, passions and even perversions would manifest to readers. They said it would give readers an emotional attachment to the characters and allow them to experience the evolutionary action as if they were one of the characters. I continued to write and publish stories and discovered how difficult it was to write in a way that others would find readable and challenging.

I was writing mainly to explore my own passions and fantasies, but it’s a great thrill when readers give me good feedback on my work. It usually takes me a whole day to write my plots and another day to edit the text to make it more sensual. I like to allow the reader to feel the emotional tension while the characters explore their feelings and learn that they have sexual desires with other lovers. Sex scenes can get a little redundant and stale, so I like to focus on the emotional journey of the characters, and then make the sex scenes steamy if history allows. The software helps a lot with spelling, but a good flow of words and connective material also help to keep the reader’s interest and excite them.

One of the Keys is to put the story away for a day, then read it several times with a clear head, to identify and correct errors or flow problems. By the time I was thirty-five, I had published dozens of stories on various sites and received quite good reviews. About half of them were cuckold stories, but I also wrote a lot about bisexual cock sucking, and I only started writing about incest recently.

Incest stories were just for a change of pace, and bisexual cock sucking stories were kind of a cuckold shoot in my mind. I usually had the character of cuckold husband (whom I fantasized to be me), sucking the cocks of his wives ‘ lovers. My cock is four and a half inches long and thin, and most of the lovers I’m talking about have much bigger cocks. Brit and I always had frequent and enjoyable sex, and I sometimes feel like a real asshole and a pervert to get extra sexual pleasure from writing my stories. I judge my own stories by the ease with which they make me cum and I almost always masturbate while writing them.