A cuckold wedding night

A cuckold wedding night – Carol hugged him and kissed him. She could see he was nervous. “It’ll be okay,” she told him. “I’m scared,” Noel confessed.

“Me too, “she told him,” but that’s what we both want, right? A knock on the door interrupted them. Christmas heart jumped a beat as Carol went to open it. He breathed a sigh of relief when a tall black man entered the room behind her pushing a cart with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket on it and a silver tray containing three glasses. Carol stood by him as the man opened the bottle and then filled a glass.

Once filled, he handed it to Carol. He then filled a second glass and handed it out at Christmas. Christmas was surprised to see him fill the third glass and even more shocked when he raised the glass and offered a toast to the bride and groom.

“May your marriage be long, happy and healthy,” he said. “Thank you,” Carol said. “And hopefully I can make it even happier.”The man said. Carol smiled and Christmas seemed perplexed for a while until he suddenly realized that the man was standing in front of him; the tall, well-built, middle-aged black male was the man who was going to fuck Carol tonight.

It was the man who was going cuckold. Carol could feel Noel’s revelation. “It’s Rufus, Darling by the way.”The man reached out and reached out,” delighted to finally meet you Noel. Christmas automatically reached out and took his hand before realizing that he was shaking the hand of the man who was going to fuck his wife. Carol eased the mounting tension that they all sit down. There was a small suite next to the bedroom with a few sofas and armchairs and it paved the way for a large sofa.

Noel sat next to her and Rufus pulled a chair to face them. For a few moments, there was silence between them as they sipped their champagne. Christmas had had more than his fair share of champagne that day, but he welcomed another drink.

“So Noel, would you like me to help make your wife Carol have a good wedding night?”Rufus said to break the silence and increase the tension. Noel opened his mouth to speak but was also unable. Carol put her hand on Noel’s leg.

“That’s good honey,” she said softly. “I explained to Rufus that sometimes you have a problem with premature ejaculation. He understands very well.”Christmas swallows with difficulty. They had talked about this scenario a few times during their cuckold fantasy playtime. Carol would tell her future lover that her husband had an erection problem, a lack of resistance and the inability to fully satisfy her.

It was a lie of course, but her lover would not know. To the lover, her husband was useless in bed; to the lover who was missing her husband and she needed a real man in bed to satisfy her. For the lover, he would be humiliated. “I can easily see how you could get excited with such a beautiful and sexy woman,” Rufus tells her,” she almost made me come in my pants the second time we met.”Christmas looked up. Carol smiled, ” I was touching him while we were kissing,” she explained.

“Touch it?”Carol gave him a slight pressure on that thigh. “I had to be sure that……… well……. that he had the equipment to satisfy me. Christmas felt the steel of the cock cage against the tip of his sex. He wanted her released.

He was desperate for his release now, but he also knew that the moment he came off, his cock would gush and probably burst with cum at the same time. “It’s good that I take your place on your wife’s wedding night, isn’t it Christmas? Rufus asked him. Christmas looked up again.

He didn’t expect it. He didn’t expect this other man to ask her permission to fuck his wife but then again, what did he expect? It was unknown territory for him. It was one thing to fantasize about it; in fact, it was easy to dream about it, but it was reality.

“That’s good honey,” Carol says, squeezing her thigh once more. “Rufus will not think of anything less from you for asking.””Ask? Noel exclaimed. “Yes, asking darling,” she replied.

“I asked him, of course, but I think he would also like to hear it from you.”Noël knew that Rufus would think less of him for asking for such a thing, any man would. It was a humiliating thing to do, but then again humiliation is part of what the cuckold is. Rufus suddenly got up from his chair and sat on the couch next to Carol.

Noël noticed his bulge when he got up. Carol too. It was a bulge that he was unable to produce.

Rufus was sitting from the edge of the couch with one hand on the back, he put his other hand on Carol’s knee. He was making a statement. Rufus’s hand rested on his wife’s knee. A big black hand on a white low knee. He was making a statement.

He told her that even if she was his wife, he had the right to touch her in this way. Carol’s other hand moved to her side and rested on Rufus ‘ knee. She, too, was making a statement.

She confirmed that she wanted her hand on her knee; that she welcomed her hand on her knee. Carol was telling her she wanted Rufus. Noel could feel a dampness in his pants, a sticky dampness. He was leaking cum with the excitement of watching another man touch his wife. Carol broke the silence and tension.

“It’s good that Rufus is fucking me tonight isn’t it my darling? She asked him, squeezing his thigh again. “It’s good that I’m sleeping with Rufus isn’t it? She added as her hand moved towards her caged sex. Christmas moaned at the same time as he said something inaudible.

“What was it, Noel? Rufus asked him. “Yes.”Said Christmas looking at the floor. Carol’s hand raised Rufus ‘ leg as she leaned over and kissed Noel on the lips. “Thank you. She told him that her hand found Rufus’s bulge.

Noel looked at him in horror as his hand gripped the huge mass of flesh that disguised itself as a male penis. It looked more like a big piece of thick rubber hose than a penis, but it wasn’t. It was a penis; an erect penis and its destination was his wife’s pussy. Rufus responded in the same way as any red-blooded male. Noel watched in horror as his hand raised his leg as he pulled her away from him and kissed her.

His jaw fell as he watched the big black hand slowly rise up on his leg. Her dress rose with as her fingers went up inside her thighs. His garter then appeared the lace top of his stockings. Then his flesh appeared, the soft white flesh from the inside of his thighs.

Rufus’s hand stopped momentarily and his long black fingers stroked his flesh. Her fingers were slow and enticing and she responded to her thighs. His fingers moved higher as they stroked. A moan suddenly came out of Carol’s mouth and her fingers moved. There was only one destination now.

Noel gasped as her spread thighs widened and her white silk panties appeared. She was opening up to him now. Offering him unfettered access to his most private parts.

Noel growled as Rufus’s fingers landed on the fragile fabric that covered her pussy; Virgin and white material that separated the flesh from her fingers and the flesh from her pussy. It was almost as if he could feel the experience for himself. The next loud moan came from Carol as Rufus’s fingers slid under their Elastic Edge and found their way into his opening.

“Fuck me Rufus, “she yelled,” Please fuck me Rufus.”Christmas gasped. He had rarely heard Carol say this to him in the heat of passion. He had rarely heard her beg him to fuck her and he was her husband.

She begged now but she begged a stranger and begged him on the night of her wedding. Rufus stepped back and stood up, ” come on Noel, let’s put your wife in bed.””He added, grabbing Carol’s hand. Carol eagerly took him and led him into the room. Noel stood there for a moment wondering what to do next but Rufus shouted at her: “I need a hand to get her out of that Christmas dress.”He would. Carol’s wedding dress was tied at the back by a series of hooks and eyes.

Someone at the wedding reception had joked with him that he’d better relax because he couldn’t handle all those attachments. Rufus was trying to untie the ties but as soon as Noel got closer, Carol turned her back on him, ” please do it honey. Noel had managed to get down half his back with his loss when it suddenly occurred to him that he was stripping his wife for another man. He turned for a moment to look at Rufus but he had walked away. Rufus was busy taking off his own clothes. Noel’s fingers began to grope.

Here he was undressing his wife and another man was also in the room, undressing, undressing to fuck her. Carol held the top of the dress against her tits, ” is everything okay honey? She asked him. Of course not.

Nothing was right about what was going on but what could he say. Christmas calmed down and continued to undo her dress. When he reached the last binding, Rufus appeared at his side. He was completely naked.

“Shit. Noel mumbled when he saw the size of his sex. Rufus said nothing as his hands lay on Carols ‘ bare shoulders. He pushed his hands against the straps of her dress and Carol’s hands released the front of her dress.

Noel watched her slide along her body and onto the floor, then watched her come out and turn to face them both. She was dressed only in a white garter belt, White Stockings and white silk panties. There was, of course, the garter belt: a white and pink lace garter belt that belonged to her mother. It was something borrowed. She too.

His wife was something borrowed; borrowed by Rufus; loaned to Rufus by him, her husband. Rufus passed him and took his wife in his hands and kissed her. “I have to kiss the bride.”He said. Noel could only stand up and watch their passionate kisses. As a husband, he could only stand up and watch another man kiss his wife with the passion he had for her.

He was excited; so excited that his underpants, wet from his secretions, felt uncomfortable now. Yet, although he was excited, he also experienced strong pains of jealousy that only a real cuckold could explain. These pains hurt her even more watching how Carol handled Rufus ‘ manhood. She held it in her hand like a precious commodity; stroking and caressing it and occasionally interrupting herself to cut off her huge hanging testicles.

Noel had heard the term “Bull” used in the cuckold. This man was living proof of their existence. He had heard of cuckolds allowing these so-called” bulls ” to raise their wives.

Rufus was a prize specimen of a man cut for this task. He had also heard of cuckolds experiencing great heights of ecstasy as they watched their wives being raised by such bulls. Christmas was beginning to understand this now. Her thoughts were shattered when Carol interrupted their kisses and whispered something to Rufus. Rufus turned and looked at him.

The two now stood side by side and looked at him; Carol with her hand still holding Rufus’s sex and Rufus with her arm around her waist. Noel had an air of despondency on his face as he realized his wedding night cuckold was only moments away..